ladyofbarians  asked:

could you do roman? for the three sentence fic:$

Of course. I don’t write enough romanshipping.

IV was whining miserably- about how this wasn’t fair and it really was going to get them into trouble and something about how V’s hand under his shirt was not only cold but tickled- and while IV seemed to find some sort of joy in complaining, III was bored of it and he caught V rolling his eye as he nipped at IV’s neck.

“V, can’t you shut him up?” III sighed, leaning his chin on his palm as he watched his older brothers glaring weakly as if this really was unfair and they hadn’t lost the bet; the had and III had won and that meant they did as he said, so they had to deal with it, even Tron said so.

V sighed and turned his attention from IV’s neck to his lips, effectively silencing his constant stream of complaints so III could return to enjoying the beautiful sight of his bothers tangled up on the bed together, both forced to do whatever he wanted for once.