Necropolis of Hierapolis

Hierapolis, Phrygia, Turkey

The necropolis is one of the best preserved and extensive of its kind in the world. This city of the dead contains tumuli, sarcophagi and house shaped tombs lying stretched along both sides of the road extending 2km to the north. Most of about the 1200 tombs were constructed with local varieties of limestone. The extent of this necropolis attests again to the importance Hierapolis had in the Antiquity. It is worth taking one’s time to wander amongst the tombs, that date from antiquity to early Christian times, and marvel at the ostentation that these residents of Heirapolis afforded to their tombs. It has a fairyland quality.

Two Types of Ravenclaws
  • Ravenclaw 1: *chopping up some basil*
  • Ravenclaw 2: Basil is a pretty good name
  • Ravenclaw 1: Like Basil Rathbone, the late English actor
  • Ravenclaw 2: It was also a common name among Eastern Roman Emperors and the source of the name Vasily in Russian
There is something special about being in the very last match on the card. But, you know, for me to be in there with the Deadman… It speaks for itself. His career, his legacy, the things he’s done for the business, the sacrifices he’s made, have all been great. And I just hate to be the guy that has to end that.
—  Roman Reigns, 20 March 2017 (HERE)

Gemini Altar (Altar of the twins)

Ostia, Italy

0.84 x 0.84 m ,  1.10 m high

First day of October, 124 CE

A container for offerings or a statue was fastened on top with lead (the altar is explicitly called “altar” in an inscription, but it may have been re-used as a statue-base). The four corners are decorated with ram’s heads and wreaths. The front has a depiction of Mars, Venus (with goose and Amor), and Hymenaeus (the god of marriage). On the back we see Romulus and Remus, suckled by the she-wolf. They are found by two shepherds, Faustulus and Faustinus. This story is situated near the Palatine (the Lupercal), and the personification of the hill can be seen in the upper left part. In the lower right part is the personification of the Tiber. Jupiter’s eagle is present as well. On the sides of the altar are amorini, hauling the weapons and chariot of Mars. The amorini are moving towards the front side of the altar.


Theater of Agrippa

Ostia Antica, Italy

1st Century BCE

4000 Spectators

Fragments of an inscription tell us that a first theatre was built at the end of the first century BC by Agrippa, the right-hand man of Augustus (opus reticulatum and large tufa blocks). It could hold 3000 spectators. 

The masonry of the present theatre has been dated to the late second century AD. In that period the theatre was enlarged, and could hold 4000 people. A large inscription from 196 AD (originally bronze letters inserted in a marble slab; found on the remains of the stage) tells us that this rebuilding was the work of Septimius Severus and Caracalla. Brick stamps however show that the work had been started by Commodus (176-192 AD).

Perhaps there is a relation with the curious re-founding of Ostia by Commodus as Colonia Felix Commodiana, probably in the years 190-192 AD (he also re-founded, with his own name, Lanuvium - where he was born -, and Rome). The theatre would have been a good location for celebrating the founding of his new colony. Commodus had close ties with gladiators, and he may well have appeared in the theatre as gladiator, or killing wild animals, as he did in Rome and Lanuvium. Commodus associated himself with Hercules, and in the theatre a stucco relief of Hercules, crowned by Victoria, was found. Did Commodus promise the rebuilding of the theatre at this occasion?


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Men with Nice Eyes

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Antonine Gate

Sbeitla, tunisia

139 CE

The arch is leading into the open courtyard of the Forum with its three openings ans was built on 139 according to an inscription on the entrance archway. It is clearly among the finest arches of any site in Tunisia, and adds a dramatic effect to the arrival to the Forum.
Note that it was never finished, to which the rough surface of the four columns in front testifies.