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This is by far the project I’ve spent the most time on

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How does it feel to be a crumbling empire Karl?? I mean all I can do is hope that I live on when you die. But nothing is guaranteed in this world, is it.

[1785 HRE takeover]

[Roderich gets to deal with the mess.]

I’m taking a lil hiatus to hopefully un-fuck my wrist, but have this old doodle because it’s the most effortlessly on point pre-bbq Josh I’ve ever or will ever draw


The Dead Romans Society - Still exiled

Note: the last page is not just a gag, it’s a reference to one of the many medieval legends about Vergil (and Ovid, in this case): in this one Ovid, according to the anonymous author, was having an affair with Augustus’ wife Livia (note: this did never happen) and one time, wanting to reach her bedroom, used an invisible ladder to climb up to her room; Vergil, (who should have been dead at the time, but medievals don’t care) wanting to prevent that, sneakily steals some steps off the ladder so Ovid just…falls down and breaks his legs. Augustus finds it out and exiles Ovid. In short, a creative interpretation of Ovid’s error featuring a particularly nasty Vergil. (thanks @thoodleoo for letting us all know of this legend)