Ship for Anon & Natasha Romanoff

Cute Couple Moments

-Natasha always suggesting cute and crazy dates, surprising you on the brink of the moment.

-Spending ages trying to get you out of your shell,and she loves you even more when she does so.

-Learning how to plait each others hair. It’s the cutest thing ever.

-Natasha being really cuddly with you, but the boys are too scared to take the mickey.

-The boys being scared to tease you both in general.

-Calling you in between missions, making sure you’re okay.

-Spending the time she has off, curled up on Sofa’s, and reading books to each other. 

-Reminding her she is not a monster, and you love her no matter what happens.

-Going to LGBT events together, hand in hand.

pagen-godess asked:

Based on the dragon post. How about something where Tony has a tiny horde of little pet dragons. His friends are used to them. The other avengers are not.

Tiny Hoard

“Honey, no, get out of there…” Tony hefted the little red by her belly, pulling her out of the jam jar and scrambling to get his other hand around her shoulders before she eeled right back in there.

“Steve, get the lid on that, please? I have to go put Jessie in the fire.” He made a kissy face at the dragon, and she craned her head up to lick his face. He stayed just out of reach with an indulgent grin.

“Uh, sure. Sorry for leaving it out, I had no idea,” Steve replied, already putting the lid on his jelly. “I hope it doesn’t make her sick.”

Tony held Jessie away from his body when she wriggled around to start cleaning her jaw against his clothes. “No, no, she’ll be fine. She’ll have more fire than is good for me for a while, but she’ll have a great time.”

He headed towards the fire pit in the living room, Steve trailing after him with his plate of toast. “J, turn the gas on, please.”

The fire belched to life, flames billowing out from between the ceramic gravel and Jessie peeped and squeaked to be let go. Tony tossed her up in the air and she b-lined for the flames, little wings slicing the air for extra speed. She still found the time for an elaborate loop in the thermal current, then dove ignobly into the burning gravel. The jelly caught fire immediately, and she rubbed the sticky flames off on the pebbles, giving off a thick smell of caramelizing sugar.

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