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  • America: 9:01! Germany is officially late for the first time ever. All right let's do this, who's got theories?
  • Japan: Uh... his alarm didn't go off.
  • America: All three alarms? All with battery back up? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Russia: Ooh, he was taken in his sleep.
  • America: That's what I'm talking about. Super dark, Russia, but way more plausible than Japan's idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Italy: I bet he tucked himself into bed too tight and got stuck.
  • Romano: Hmm, maybe he fell into another dimension where he’s interesting?
  • [Britain sees the group huddled around the door.]
  • Britain: It's 9:00 AM, why hasn’t the world meeting started?
  • America: Germany is a few minutes late, and we're all trying to guess why.
  • Britain: I'd like to play. I'd say he’s... in line at the bank. This is fun.
  • America: It is fun. But you're all wrong. He clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole man.
  • [Germany runs into the room.]
  • America: There he is! Germany! Where have you been? We've been worried sick, do you care to explain yourself?
  • Germany: I'm just 70 seconds late. It's not a big deal, don't worry about it.
  • Britain: Germany, you will tell us, and you will tell us now.
  • Germany: …There was a problem at the bank.
  • Britain: *claps his hands together* HOT DAMN!

Roman Silver Snake Ring and Bracelet Set, 1st-4th Century AD

Roman Imperial, probably from Roman Britain or another far province.

The snake was one of the most popular motifs in Roman jewelry, symbolizing fertility and used to ward off evil. The simple, flattened style, with round eyes, suggests a Celtic influence, as much Roman art in Britain had.

The so-called “Colchester Vase,” depicting four gladiators named by inscriptions as Secundus, Mario, Memnon, and Valentinus.  Artist unknown; ca. 175 CE.  Found in a Roman grave at West Lodge, Colchester (= ancient Camulodunum), England, UK; now in the Colchester Castle Museum.  Photo credit: Carole Raddato.

How Hetalia characters wake up

Japan: what a peaceful day, I hope today that I can relax and maybe take a nice bath and there’s someone in my house again….why is it always me?

Germany: *wakes up at 5am and goes for a power run*

Italy: Maybe if I just pretend I don’t exist…he won’t wake me up…

Russia: *snaps eyes open* oh, what a nice dream of taking over the world…

France: wait, who’s bed am I in?

China: *also wakes up at 5am* ugh, these stupid young people always wake up so late! They are wasting the whole day that they could use to be working!

England: *opens eyes, winces at light* what’s the point in living?


Romano: God I hate everything, everyone just needs to shut the fuck up, the world needs to shut the fuck up, the sun needs to fuck off, and whoever keeps making that fucking noise I’ll kill them…

Spain: *wakes up at like 3 in the afternoon* oh, I woke up early today…

Canada: *Lays awake staring at the ceiling, contemplating* sleep. Pancakes. Sleep. Pancakes. Sleep……but pancakes though…

Fun fact: Mochitalia, apart from being really gosh darn cute, is an absolute blessing for people like me who want to do fan art but have all the artistic talent of a single squashed apricot

  • [At a World Meeting, everyone is standing around a broken coffee machine]
  • Germany: So, who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Italy: I did. I broke it.
  • Germany: No. No, you didn't. France?
  • France: Don't look at me. Look at Britain.
  • Britain: What?! I didn't break it.
  • France: Oh, that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Britain: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken.
  • France: Suspicious.
  • Britain: No it's not!
  • Canada: If it matters, probably not, but Romano was the last one to use it.
  • Romano: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Canada: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Romano: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Canada!
  • Italy: Okay, let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Germany.
  • Germany: No! Who broke it?!
  • Britain: Germany... China has been awfully quiet.
  • China: REALLY?!
  • [Everyone starts arguing]
  • Germany: [to the camera] I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
  • Germany:
  • Germany: Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
Hetalia fantasy kingdom au

What time is it? Au time! So this idea sort of popped it’s way into my head while binge watching fantasy shows on Netflix.

So it’d take place in this magical, kingdom medievalish place with wizards and royalty and all that good shit. Here’s how I think the characters would be.

America: Alright, what if Alfred was the cocky, arrogant prince who thinks he’s top shit but is actually really afraid of letting people down and has all this responsibility thrown on him since he’s going to be king one day. He acts cocky to hide the fact that he’s actually really scared. He loves his kingdom and would do anything for his people and grows into a better leader as he grows up. He jokes around a lot and has a pretty good sense of humour, and he hates seeing people get hurt on his account.

Denmark: I really want to see Alfred, Matthias and Gilbert as some knight trio who all kick ass but are all huge dorks. Matthias is like the biggest dork out of all of them. He trained to be a knight after living in a northern kingdom for his whole life, he wasn’t born noble like most Knights, he earned it through skill and bravery. He’s a big oaf and tries to get everyone to laugh and just overall have a good time, always the one to lighten the mood but you don’t want to get on his bad side cause he will kick your ass, he’s not one of the top knights for no reason.

Prussia: The last of the knight trio, I want Gilbert to be like that cool, dark knight sort of guy who also thinks he’s top shit but is actually just really lonely and wants friends. He grew up in a noble family and was raised with strict rules of who he can be friends with and who he can’t, and that its Everyman for himself. After Alfred recruits him he realizes the value of working in a team and loves his friends andalsomaybemattiebutshhh.

Canada: I want Matthew to be Alfred’s servant who is pretty much his best friend and who Alfred always comes to for advice. At first, Matthew thinks he’s an arrogant prick and Alfred thinks he’s a wimpy loser but eventually the two grow to be really close. Matthew does all his shit for him and though Alfred pretends he doesn’t appreciate it, he really values Matt and is very protective over him. Also maybe Matthew is secretly his brother, his mother had an affair and if the king knew, he’d sentence both the queen and Matthew to death, so she doesn’t say anything.

England: Arthur is the Prince of the neighbouring kingdom to Alfred’s. Alfred grew up close to Arthur, being the only one he could trust before Matthew and the Knights. Arthur hates the thought of marriage and wasting his time with love. He’s secretly a sorcerer and is very talented in magic. He keeps it hidden because most people believe magic is a silly thing, and is unfitting for a prince.

France: A rich noblemen who is in an arranged marriage with Arthur. At first neither have any interest in each other. Francis is seen as a high honoured, King suck up and Arthur disapproves of him. Francis doesn’t want to be tied down by marriage so he ignores Arthur. He’s actually very sneaky and uses his charisma to help get information for the group. He’s super flirty and all the girls love him. He hits on basically everyone in the castle. He also very smart and knows how to read people well. Eventually him and Arthur warm up to each other.

Norway: I couldn’t not add him. Okay so what if Lukas was some closed off sorcerer who owned a magic shop in the kingdom. Matthias doesn’t know shit about magic, but he loves hearing Lukas talk about the things he passionate about. He’s very talented at taking care of magical creatures and eventually gets a place in the castle as a care taker for creatures. Him and Matthias are childhood friends from the northern kingdom who met each other again.

Hungary: Elizabeta is another servant at the castle, mostly taking care of the Queen. She has always wanted to be a knight but was restricted by gender. She’s very skilled in fighting and teaches Matthew how to fight when they’re both hanging around the castle. She once kicked Gil’s ass, even though he denies it. She’s the mom of the castle and even though she’s a servant, half the castle is scared of her.

Russia: I want Ivan to be a dark wizard from a different kingdom who at first everyone is afraid of, and thinks he’s trying to take over the kingdom, but he’s actually undercover hiding from his sister (Belarus) who is one of the most notorious dark wizards. He and Alfred hate each other and first and fight constantly due to their different views, Ivan grew up as a peasant so he hates how snobby Alfred is.

Belarus: Okay, I know this is over used to make Natalia the bad guy, but she’d make a badass villain. I want her to be like one of the darkest wizards who even though she’s young, every one is afraid of. Thing is she isn’t looking for power or things to take over, she’s looking for her brother because she wants her family to be reunited again, and she’s willing to do anything to do that.

Ukraine: What if Irina gave up on magic along time ago, after Ivan left the family and was now a baker in the village. She makes the money to support Natalia but doesn’t actually use her magic very often, unless she has to, and when she does, all hell breaks loose.

Japan: Mostly because I’m ameripan trash but what if Kiku was the emperor’s son. He’s in an arranged marriage with Alfred, and at first Alfred tries to get him to fall for him with gifts and flowers but kiku’s not interested. He’s more fascinated with the culture of the kingdom. Alfred really likes him because he’s different than the others his fathers tried to marry him to, and he falls in love with him for more than just looks. Kiku teaches him how to be a better leader and person and Alfred teaches him to be himself and smile. Also Kiku is a badass with a sword but everyone already knows that.

China: I want Yao to be a super cool legend known as ‘the dragon tamer’ who lives alone with dragons and knows them better then he knows people. Alfred seeks him out because the kingdom needs his knowledge, but instead of being the legend him predicted, he’s actually just a crabby dude who hates when people come in the house and don’t take their shoes off. He doesn’t really know how to talk to people, and is pretty awkward but warms up to the group eventually. He also really loves his dragons.

Germany: Alright, so imagine Ludwig was part of Gilbert’s family, and he was a rich and spoiled noble, until one day he was kidnapped by a group of bandits and presumed to be dead. He lost his memory after being cursed and grew up as a blacksmiths son in the village. Gilbert was never able to find him after searching the entire kingdom for him. Gilbert finds Ludwig one day and is certain he is his little brother, but Ludwig has no memory of him. His personality had changed from a cunning noble men to a hard working, determined black smith who wants to become a knight and do what he can to protect the kingdom, which is where he reunites with Gilbert.

Italy: Feliciano was the son of the family cook in the old Beilschimdt household. Ludwig fell in love with him as a child, despite being two different social classes. After his disappearance, the family moved around from village to village, opening many restaurants. Feliciano was convinced he was dead until he meets a knight in training named Ludwig, who rescues him in the street.

Romano: Feliciano’s brother who is still his sassy self and a very talented chef. He is known as the ‘tomato master’ and often performs tricks while cooking. He was always protective of his brother since he knew about his love for a noble men, and how dangerous that was. He doesn’t understand the wealthy and seems to have a hatred for them, thinking they’re all selfish snobs.

Spain: Antonio was a peasant for most of his life, then has an Aladdin like story where he finds a magic treasure which gives him fame and wealth. He becomes a well known nobleman from a southern kingdom and when he arrives at Alfred’s kingdom, who does he fall in love with? Royalty? No, he falls for the angry Italian chef who had a hatred for the wealthy. Since he lived most of his life on the streets, he’s very street smart and knows how to make a clean getaway. (Gotta keep one jump ahead of the bread line!)

Austria: Royal musician who’s rich and snobby, but he’s also deaf. No one knows he is since he’s very good and reading lips, the only way he feels like he can hear again is when he plays music, his one passion. He’s a prodigy in the kingdom and has been requested to play for the king himself, which is where he got his position.

I might make a head cannons post along with this because I’ve literally thought about this way too much.

1p & 2p Reaction to American S/O and 2016 Election result
  • 1p & 2p America: So, I've made plans for you to stay in Canada for the next 4 years. He'll keep you safe, babe.
Olympic AU

Alfred - up and coming star swimmer with secret crush on the cute Japanese guy who is staying on the floor under his (freestyle sprint)
Arthur - fencer; Francis’s rival from many an international competition
Francis - secretly in love with his biggest rival and goes to the Olympics with the sole goal of making the angry competitive Brit fall in love with him
Kiku - breastroke swimmer with limited English struggling to communicate with That One Blond American Athlete who he spots in training
Yao - basketball player who gets way too into cheering
Ivan - weight lifter who enjoys attending as many events as he can in his downtime (he doesn’t really get basketball but the forward for Team China is cute so??)
Ludwig - gymnast for Team Germany who is taking this Very Seriously
Feliciano - another breastroke swimmer who befriends Kiku despite speaking neither Japanese nor English
Lovino - Italian gymnast who considers Ludwig his Rival™

anonymous asked:

How would the allies/Spain/Romano cuddle with their s/o?

America/Alfred F. Jones: He likes to hold them close like a teddy bear. 

Britain/Arthur Kirkland: He lightly clings to them and rests his head on their chest. 

China/Yao Wang: He likes to hold them tight from behind as if they were one of his pandas.

Russia/Ivan Braginski: He likes to lay very close to them so they can hold onto him. He doesn’t want to cling to them too tightly so they can get up when they need to.

Canada/Matthew Williams: He loves for his s/o to hold him and bury their face in his chest.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: He loves being the big spoon,he loves holding his s/o really close.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: He loves for his s/o to be the big spoon, it makes him feel safe and comfortable.

Spain/Antonio Fernández Carriedo: Honestly he likes just about any kind of cuddles tbh, he loves being the big spoon or curling up with you the best.