morning coffee | roman and anna

The shrill sound of Anna’s alarm clock was not welcome that morning as she reached over and fumbled for her phone, turning the alarm off. A little grumble of disapproval escaped her as she rolled over, tucking her face into Roman’s chest without a second thought. “Good morning.” She mumbled, half asleep. After he’d fallen asleep last night she’d found some pajamas before curling up and drifting off herself. “Thought you weren’t supposed to stay the night..” Anna’s words were half muffled by her face tucked against his chest. Any other morning she’d be getting ready for her run but right now she didn’t feel like moving one bit. 


also known as shoving puns both about other queens names, and the look itself. ALSO Also known as I’m actually tired of Panna Romanna, it sounds meh. TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

I loved Laveau’s look. People Harp ‘er for some illumi-naughty lighting tricks, but I loved it.

Melee’s dragon just a step behind though! Omahyra look! the loooook! 

Harper’s look sure showed Black and white and green all over, but she won’t leaf the top for a pair of mehpants

Opulence really went Var. Ney should be proud and not bear ill will towards other queens.

Antonina’s look might’ve scored a bit Laveau-er than I’d hoped, but she did the best and for her I say gras-ias.

In a nutshell, Omahyra’s look really broke some walls on what I thought she was capable of.

Why was Lynnae Low! For real she should get an award for not going the easy route. Harley anyone realizes she’s quinn it to win it!

Illuminatrix! girl you rose to the challenge with a simplistic makeup look, and you didn’t take the connor pros of the look deter you 

Toni, Mcqueeeen. I loved your look, but I’m not going to be sheepish. Y’all could do better.

Aaand Indigo. This really Illuminat-ed that your creativity and Nerve could rainblow the other girls outta the water. I’d make more puns but my mind’s blury

Possible Drag Names, and Reasons for.

Aura L Fixation: Aura for magic-stuff, L for Aural/Oral, Fixation for Obsessions

Aurrey Voir: Au Revoir [bye] in french, Voir from Gardevoir.

Panna Romanna: Panromantic. Nuff said.

Tarot Way: Tarot, Tearaway

Roma Ni Wallis:  Romani heritage Quvenzhane Wallis

Abby David: NCIS characters Abby Scutio and Ziva David

Major R. Cana: Major Arcana [tarot]