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Many of you claim that Israel “is racist, they mistreat Palestinians because their race, they are the greatest breacher of human rights in the world” and then when someone asks why you demonize Israel but you don’t criticize the many many more countries that actually have infringed on human rights, you fall silent. North Korea aside, let’s focus on another massive breach of human rights, the Pojramos of Rromani in Europe. The Rromani perished in a manner quite similar to the Jewish people during the Holocaust during the same period.

Ok you might say, well that was in the past. However, the suffering of Rromani populations persists even to today. Post- Pojramos, the Rromani received an extremely small amount of reparations from Germany. Still today, Rromani are highly persecuted throughout Europe. Many of whom live on the fringes of society due to persecution, racism, and the lasting scars of the Pojramos. Many live in poverty, and the employment and literacy rates are very low. I know in the Czech republic there was an instance of a hospital or doctor sterilizing Rromani women. The stereotypes of Rroma culture persist in Europe, and it is an absolute shame that the Rromani are basically ignored by both the media and the international community. 

As a Jewish person, I feel a connection with the Rromani community, as both of our ethnic groups have undergone the Spanish Inquisition, the horrors of Nazi Germany, and the alienation and stereotypes pinned on us by European society.

I draw attention to them, not as a tokenization, but as a pressing issue. There are not many non-Rromani people that fight for their rights. They are a very strong people who have gone through so much and are not to be seen as simply victims, but as survivors. They face an incredible amount of persecution and I really have not seen or heard of many international efforts to help their communities. So if you are going to complain about Palestinians being persecuted in Israel, I suggest you educate yourself on the horrible persecution of Rromani in modern Europe, and focus on that instead.

Cause I love asking questions that make people mad

So, earlier we had a discussion about Eugene Hutz and Gogol Bordello, vs. any claim to Romanipen.  Someone mentioned that he had played for some Romani elders and they disapproved, to keep it short.  I tried googling it and found nothing in support of this.  Can someone direct me to an article, youtube video, interview, or something?

There was also some speculation as to his upbringing, and practice of Romaniya.  I have some pretty strong opinions about all this, and it seems I disagree with pretty much everyone I follow, but I’m always open to hearing new evidence.