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God I'm annoying but sorry it's the last one I swear, what if Dick meet a Romani girl from circus (it really doesn't matter who she is there but still), it may be cliche or lame but I really can't get this idea out of my mind. And like she just tell him "go chill womanizer, once you end playing with girls you can look this way". (god I'm so boring haha) But still, thoughts of his reaction?

(no you’re not!)

He’s like taken aback - “thats not me!” He said quickly following, as you walked into the tent “I don’t know where you got that from but, I am not a womanizer.”

“Oh really?” You drawled out with an amused expression. “Because i’ve seen you with my own eyes, circling through woman at the restaurant on fifth in less than a week.”

Dick groaned and a hand ran through his hair.
Oh right, the model, the socialite, the daughter of one of Bruce’s chairman, Barbara and his weekly catch up… And perhaps a few more.

Maybe the Gazette was actually onto something for once.

“Well if it helps, one of them happens to be my closest friends.”

“Oooh - complications.” You chuckled and leant against a crate

“And the others were mostly business.”

“Uh-huh. You don’t need to explain, just let me explain that I’m not going to be one of your rotations - now I need to go get a drink.” You chuckled “send my regards to Thursday’s pick. Come see me when you’re sick of little girls”

He frowned at the insinuation, but he knew that there was no convincing you with his words, so he’d just have to prove it to you.

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I too know the horror of latin homework. We were stuck in the ditch over the summer and didn't get out until the next school year.


       ◈ ║ YOUR GOD HAS SPOKEN:       Quick headcanon post because I’m exhausted. It has taken me quite some time to decide, yet I’ve determined that I’m going to have Gun.dam be fluent in both Latin && Romany. A lover of language, Gundam’s adoration for the art of sermon && oration, would be a leeway into pursuing the knowledge of languages other than his native tongue (Japanese). Many modern day romance languages ( and even English) have root in Latin: an archaic dialect. Gun.dam is a faithful man, an avid reader of the bible its use of Hellenic terminology would encourage him to learn Latin. 

       As far as Romany goes, it is an Indo-European language, made up of three dialects, which are divided into a plethora of sub-groups. Since Tan.aka is half-Romani, I believe his mother comes somewhere from the Baltics region, closer to Turkey: the most common dialect of Roma spoken in this area is known as Valt Romany. From a young age, Gun.dam’s mother learned him in the Roma language, && although he picks up Japanese once he begins to attend school, && uses it more frequently, his Romany is still quite eloquent well into adulthood. 

       Oral representation is deeply important to Gun.dam; he cherishes his knowledge of Romany, often viewing it as a part of his mother once she passes. Sometimes, Tan.aka will slip into speaking Romany or Latin, other times he will add Roma/Latin phrases into his speech (usually as a term of endearment). 

g*psy is a racial slur

g*psy is not a synonym for boho, hippie, fashionable, interesting, wanderlust, or anything else in that vein. 

It is a RACIAL. SLUR. If you are not Rromani, do NOT use it. It’s really that simple. We travel because we are forced to. Not because we want to. Many live in forced poverty. If you are not a member of our race, STOP USING A SLUR THAT IS DIRECTED AT US.

Shoutout to all the beautiful celebrities with Caribbean roots

Nicki Minaj : Trinidad & Tobago

Rihanna : Barbados

Romany Malco : Trinidad & Tobago

Estelle: Grenada

Lenny Kravitz: Bahamas

Kerry Washington: Jamaica

Tia and Tamera Mowry: Bahamas

Derek Luke: Guyana

A$AP Rocky: Barbados

Nia Long: Trinidad & Tobago

Garcelle Beauvais :Haiti

Lewis Hamilton : Grenada

Naomi Campbell :Jamaican

Meagan Good: Barbados

Cicely Tyson: Nevis

And there are so many others(x x x..)!!

the appalling treatment of jewish people and muslims in france and the violence and oppression they face has gotten some more attention these past few months following certain events and i am endlessly glad and grateful about that and support all conversations around it.

but i want you all to know that they are not the only groups that the french government and its people are treating inhumanly. france is one of the worst and most overtly violent countries in its treatment of romani in the entirety of europe.

in 2014 they evicted 13.483 romani from the country. that’s almost three settlements per week. the people evicted were making use of their right to move freely within the EU as citizens of countries like romania and the evictions not only violate EU but also international law.

romani are not allowed to attend school in france either. more than half of romani children surveyed were not attending school and when asked why the parents said they provided all identification and enrolment papers and were rejected anyway on grounds of their ethnicity. this is flat out illegal.

violence and hate crimes against romani are astronomically high in france. reports of romani settlements being burned down or demolished after its inhabitants are forcefully chased out of them are common and the police does nothing about it. in fact, the police is often leading the violence themselves. roma lead the list of hate crimes in europe and france is no exception.

politicians and major public figures often engage in outright hate speech and it’s at best tolerated and at worst encouraged. events like a french mp saying “maybe hitler didn’t kill enough of you” are not isolated incidents.

france isn’t the only perpetrator of violence and oppression of course. romani endure things like forced sterilisation, denial of health care, education or housing and extreme poverty in all of europe. (more sources: 1, 2, 3). but they are definitely among the worst. 

one of the reasons why france is able to get away with this is because almost no one knows or cares about what is happening to france’s romani population. there are no big news articles, no protests, no discussions around this except for very few spaces which don’t have a wide reach. that’s not acceptable at all.

france needs to be held accountable for the violence they perpetrate against the marginalised members of their population and their crimes (because they are crimes!) need to be shared with as many people as possible. if you can, please educate yourself, share information and consider donating to to help them fight for romani rights.
This little girl has an Einstein-like IQ, but her country treats her like a second-class citizen
Nicole Barr, a member of the UK's Roma community, has faced bullying and isolation at school.
By Matt Gibbons

“Remember the name Nicole Barr. The 12-year-old girl scored a 162 on the Mensa Genius test—the highest reportable score—sending the British media into a frenzy last week. Nicole’s score, which is a measure of IQ, puts her in league with some of the greatest minds in history. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are estimated to have IQs around 160.


It remains to be seen, however, whether all the brainpower in the world is enough to cure a persistent form of discrimination in the UK. Nicole lives with her mom in Harlow, Essex, and is a part of the Romani community, according to her father, James Barr.


Buckland, Nicole’s mother, told Quartz that when she was in school she herself experienced discrimination, and many of friends from her community dropped out around age 12 because of vicious bullying. She said it was painful to watch Nicole go through the same thing during primary (elementary) school, where she endured bullying, discrimination, and classroom isolation. Nicole recalled, “I didn’t have any friends there.”

Despite her intelligence, Nicole’s teachers tried to place her in a one-on-one teaching environment focused on very basic skills, Buckland said, adding that she herself was put in a similar program growing up, and found the sessions academically debilitating and socially isolating. “It made me feel so stupid,” Buckland said. The program Nicole was placed in was for “social skill development,” the school told Buckland, but this didn’t ring true, she said: “I couldn’t figure that out, because she’s so social.”

Rromani kids (and especially young girls) being amazing & talented despite being ridiculed and bullied. So proud of her!

it’s international romani day

today is technically a day to celebrate our heritage and our culture, but i want to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of just how bad the situation is when it comes to us.

the oppression of romani people in europe is nothing new. it goes back to the middle ages. romani people have been the victims of ethnic cleansing, slavery, forced labour, child abduction, forced assimilation and eviction from their homes for centuries, with the last genocide happening only 70 years ago during the holocaust in which we were targeted alongside jews as the primary enemy of racial purity. 

romani were legislated against in the same way, branded in the same way, deported in the same way, tortured and abused in the same way and killed en masse in the same way, and yet this is continually erased from the history books or barely worth a footnote. all that despite the fact that more than half of europe’s romani population is estimated to have died in the porajmos.

it took until 1982 for the porajmos to be acknowledged at all and even then it was only in west germany. the entire 40 years before that people told romani our holocaust was “legitimate official measures against persons committing criminal acts, not the result of policy driven by racial prejudice”. the crime was exisiting and the legitimate official measures were genocide. even after it was officially acknowledged we got no reperations and it is still continually swept under the carpet.

some of the legislations against us only became illegal in 2003, forced sterilisation of romani women being one. not that this stops that issue from still being a problem.

nowadays discrimination against romani people is still completely legal in the majority of european countries and even countries in which it’s not legal participate in it either way. this doesn’t extend to only european countries either, the usa and canada are just as guilty of it.

romani people are denied education, health care, housing and service based on our ethnicity and are disproportionate targets of violence and crime. in many countries in europe we are the number one group targeted by hate crimes. often we are not allowed to attend schools or have to go to a special segregated school that is basically useless.

we are 90% more likely than any other citizen in our countries to live in extreme poverty in living conditions which are considered to be violating basic human rights. many romani people have to live without electricity, running water or food. we are consistently illegally evicted in countries we have the right to be in and we face violence and persecution from both the civil public and the police.

there are frequent anti-roma protests in countless countries calling for violence against us and urging the government to deny us asylum and shelter. people burn our camps down after chasing us out of them. frequently romani children are being taken away from their parents for not looking romani enough because of the stereotype that we steal children.

(sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

the situation is dire and we need help. please spread as much awareness of these things as you can and if you even have five bucks to spare, consider donating to to help them fight for romani rights in europe. (or another trustworthy romani charity/rights organisation.) one of the many reasons why this is still going on is because so little people are aware of what’s happening to us. you can change that. 

najis tuke for reading so far and for your support and help.

Today is International Romani Day. 

The Romani are a widely-dispersed ethnic group that lives mostly throughout Europe and the Americas. They face prejudice and bigotry in many nations, much of it government-sanctioned. They were one of the primary groups targeted for genocide by the Nazis

Though many Americans are unaware, the word “gypsy” is a racial slur. Dressing up “as a gypsy” is not appropriate, even in a fantasy setting or for a Renaissance fair. Using the word if you are not actually Romani is not permissible.
Canada is about to deport me and my mother to racist, anti-Roma violence in Hungary
As a Roma family, we always lived in fear, but in the last years, things got worse. On television politicians were saying things like, "Gypsies are parasites we must eliminate."

August 2 is the official date designated by the worldwide Roma community to commemorate the Devouring, the genocide suffered by the Romani people during the Second World War. It is not yet recognized by Canada or the United Nations.

My name is Gilda. I am 17-years old and I am Roma. I came to Canada with my mother, my father, and my brother five years ago. We came here to escape the racism, violence and discrimination we suffered in Hungary.

As a Roma family, we always lived in fear, but in the last years, things got worse. On television politicians were saying things like, “Gypsies are parasites we must eliminate.” Groups of “skinheads” dressed as soldiers with Nazi flags marched around Roma villages. They stopped in front of Roma houses and chanted, “Here you will die.” A family was killed.

I was afraid to walk in the streets by myself, especially after my mother made a complaint against the police after my oldest brother committed suicide. We were threatened and insulted sexually in the streets. These attitudes were everywhere. We couldn’t live a normal life.

In Hungary, school was difficult. Roma kids were separated from non-Roma Hungarian kids. We couldn’t play with the other children. There were special classes just for Roma. Our teachers never came to the class and even when they were there they didn’t answer our questions.

Racism in Hungary is everywhere, even in the hospitals. I was 11 when my other brother got very sick. We went to the hospital, but they didn’t want to help him. The doctors said there was nothing the matter with him and sent us home. Next day, he was even worse, he vomited blood, he had a high fever, and he couldn’t even get out of bed or walk. We called the doctor to come but he said he was too busy.

Next morning, he could hardly breathe, my father carried him to the hospital and the doctors had to send him to Budapest because his life was in danger. In Budapest, his heart stopped and he fell into a coma for five days. It was the second time that I almost lost a brother to racism and discrimination. The doctor told us that it could have been avoided if he had been seen earlier.

In Hungary, Roma are often refused treatment by doctors. For my mother it was even more difficult, just when she had started to feel better she almost lost another son. My parents were both very depressed. We didn’t know what to do, it was just too much. Thank goodness, my brother awoke from the coma but we could no longer put up with it all. We came to Canada.

For five years in Canada, we had a good life. I was in school and was treated like other kids. I did well, there were school activities like a volunteer programme at an old age home for women, I learned to speak French, and to play basketball.

I made lots of friends at school. We went out and did things together. We talk regularly and they support me a lot. They helped me get through my past; gave me hope, they made me feel like everything was possible. This was so important to me, because in Hungary, I didn’t have non-Roma friends, nobody would talk to us because we are Roma. They would say, “we don’t talk to Gypsies.” I don’t want to lose my Canadian friends.

I feel hopeless when I think of my future. I don’t understand why we were refused, why they want to send us back to Hungary.

In April 2015, our refugee claim was refused. In September we put in an application for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds. In October we asked to be able to stay in Canada until there was a response on our humanitarian application. We felt terrible when they refused to allow us to wait for a response.

This was one of the most difficult times for my family. For five years, we had been able to live a normal life. We were like others for the first time, we were safe. We had such hope. The idea of returning to Hungary brings back all these memories; the slogans, the constant discrimination in all parts of our lives - school, work, hospital, in the streets. There is no escaping it, anywhere.

They ordered us to leave Canada on October 30. We stayed and became “non status” – at risk of being arrested and deported at any time.

Because of this, I couldn’t finish high school. After the deportation order, I was afraid of continuing school. My classmates asked what was going on with me and my family and it was humiliating to have to explain my story and why I had to stop school.

In March, my father and brother were arrested during a routine police check of the car they were traveling in. After they were detained, my mother and I turned ourselves in to Immigration on March 8. We were put in detention in Laval. We were in a kind of prison for 10 days. This was very hard on my mother and me. We were placed in a segregated section. We were alone with our thoughts and had nothing to do except think about all that had happened to us and what would happen to us back in Hungary.

My brother and father were deported a few days after we were put in detention. Now they are living in a lot of insecurity in Hungary. I am worried about my father. He tells me that he can’t sleep or eat. My mother and I are always worried about something happening to them.

I am also worried for my mother; her health is not good. The death of my oldest brother was very hard on her. Since his death she has suffered from depression a lot of the time. The uncertainty we have been living since our refugee claim was refused in April 2015 really affected her, and almost every difficulty has become too much for her. After we got out of the Laval detention centre, she didn’t get out of bed for three days. She hardly talked for those three days. I didn’t know what to do.

I am trying really hard but it is not easy. All these things have left a mark on me, forever. When I think about it, I become very stressed, I am afraid.

It is hard for me to even think about going back to Hungary. In Canada, I can live a normal life. I have dreams for the future, for my life in Canada. I want to continue school, finish high school, go to CEGEP and then university. I would like to work as a manager in a business or become a lawyer.

On May 12, we were supposed to be deported to Hungary but we appealed to the minister to stay. With the help of friends and organizations who are supporting us, we got a temporary permit to stay until July 16. I was relieved but also disappointed because we could still be deported. We were still in complete uncertainty.

And now we have been asked once again to leave, this time August 11.

I am doing my best to not think about it. I am doing my best to be positive, help my family and others in similar situations, and to do everything possible to be able to stay here in Canada permanently.

These are the reasons that I am appealing to be given the chance to stay. With my family, I want to continue to build my future here, in Canada, which is also my country.

For more information on how to help Gilda and her mother Katalin, see here.

Hydra aren’t Nazis & Avengers isn’t racist

As an actual person of Romani/Jewish extraction…ffs, while I appreciate the problems with whitewashing characters, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are not the two whose hill you want to die on.

They were raised by a cow-woman named Bova on Wudagore mountain and the Romani stuff was there just to pull in the “dark magic” stuff for Scarlet Witch, and the Magneto stuff was shoe-horned in when they were making him into a hero.

And as to getting a PoC to play the characters…no. I have no idea what some people seem to think a Romani person (or a Jew) looks like, but most of us look like whatever country’s host population looks like. There are plenty of blond haired, blue eyed Romani, and the fact that people don’t know that is more disheartening than making a couple of characters into generic Eastern European rather than go through the headache of bovine midwives and licensing headaches.

Romani aren’t some sort of weird Other that doesn’t look or talk like you. Most Romani would pass for generic white or…well, “generic eastern European”, and whatever image people have in their heads of my people are about a 100x more offensive than Elizabeth Olsen playing either a Romani or a person of generic Eastern European heritage.

And…god, both sides of my family suffered horrifically at the hands of Nazis. HYDRA are not Nazis. They worked with the Nazis because they’re a fascist cult. Red Skull is a Nazi. Hydra has had heads and splinter groups all over the globe encompassing all sorts of backgrounds, many of which comprised of members of the untermensch races that Hitler hated. 

In Marvel comics they have long gone out of their way to make it clear that HYDRA =/= Nazi, only that some members of Hydra worked for the Nazis, and Hydra itself goes back centuries and spans the globe.

I’ve love to see a Romani superhero…but, to be honest, he’d just look like me, and I just look like a guy you’d pass on the street. One of the benefits or being my flavour of Romani and Jew in America is that I don’t stand out, I’m just another generic white guy, but I actually grew up in an area that had Neo-Nazis who would have gladly murdered me if they knew what I was.

Please, I can understand and appreciate that some of you are trying to be helpful, but as a person who actually belongs to both ethnic groups you’re championing…stop, because you’re wrong about Hydra (because I’ve read Marvel since I was a boy, and they really are NOT Nazis), and please stop assuming that Romani are some weird ethnic other.

And, btw, Romani are NOT the same as Irish Travellers, which are often the focus of TV shows like “My G**** Wedding” and such. 

Oh, and as to the G-word, I bear no ill will to Elizabeth Olsen for using it and being corrected because she STOPPED using it. It’s hard for Americans and even some other people across the world to realize it’s considered a slur when TV shows use it as their titles.

It is International Rromani Day.

Today many of us will be posting about our lives, our families, and Rroma issues. Some of us will be tagging posts with the g-slur in order to flood that racist tag with REAL rroma instead of white hipsters. 

other tags to check out: 



#internationalromaniday (these two are spelled differently)

Najis tuke for your support and understanding. OPRE ROMA!!


ムジュラの仮面3D発売!【ネタバレ注意】 by ミャーコ on pixiv

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Rromani FAQ

What’s up, fam? For International Rromani Day this year, I thought it would be a good idea to maybe post some basic info. So here is your IRrD cultural crash-course cheat sheet:

  • The word “G*psy” is an ethnic slur. It comes from the misconception that we originated in Egypt (hint: we did not). Basically, white Europeans were like “hey those guys are brown. They must be Egyptians. lol ‘Gyptians. lol ~G*PSIES~”. AKA, they couldn’t be bothered to ask where we actually came from. Some Rroma have opted to reclaim this word and may use it to refer to themselves. That does not mean that it’s okay for just anybody to use it. Friendly tip: do not use this word unless you are actually Rromani.
  • Rromani people trace their roots back to India and some parts of Pakistan (but mostly India?). While many don’t necessarily consider themselves Indian or even South-Asian, we are also not white.
  • We are a diaspora group. That means we were expelled from the country/left nationless.
  • Rroma come in all colours. Some of us are dark-skinned and some are light-skinned. We are all POC. There are certain physical traits that are common in our ethnic group, but that does not mean that we all have these traits. In fact, many of these traits have been used to stereotype us, which isn’t cool.
  • Our culture involves a lot of dancing and music. And food. And our food is generally pretty spicy.
  • We are not Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). In fact, that book is hella racist and the movie isn’t really much better. In the book, Esmeralda was a gadje (non-Rromani) girl who was kidnapped by Rroma (stereotype) and raised in their community (stereotype). As you will know from the movie, she dressed provocatively (stereotype) and danced for coins (stereotype). Rroma women are often portrayed as sexual objects, which is really gross tbh. Although the cute lil’ goat friend is 110% factual. I mean, not really. But I had a goat friend. Her name was Rochelle. More on that later.
  • Rroma men are often stereotyped as lazy.
  • Other stereotypes include fortune tellers, witches, thieves, beggars, and street performers. I am here to tell you that we are honestly no more likely to do these things than any other cultural group so… yeah? And those that do are often forced into these positions by laws and discrimination in their home countries.
  • Speaking of which, forced eviction, mass deportation, sterilisation, systematic impoverishment and oppression, workplace discrimination, segregated education, and TAKING CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES are problems that Rroma are still facing TODAY.
  • Rroma are sometimes known as Travellers because we have historically been a fairly nomadic group (by necessity). Rromani people would (and many still do) travel from place to place, looking for work, only to be chased away by prejudiced locals. Think old man on a porch shouting “Get off my lawn!” at the paper boy. Dumb, right? Right.
  • We do not want your children. For some reason, gadje think we want to steal their children? Some even think we eat them??? We do not do this.
  • Gadje is not a bad word. It literally means “non-Rromani person”.
  • Our language is called Rromanes or Rromani Chib. There are like a gajillion different dialects. Those of us who actually speak our chib might not be able to understand another Rrom because of dialectical differences. It’s complicated.
  • We are not a costume. A G*psy is not something you can just become. You can’t convert. You either are or you are not. Wearing long skirts does not make you a ~*G*pSy*~. Being a hippie does not make you a ~*G*pSy*~. Pracitising witchcraft does not make you a ~*G*pSy*~. We are not mythical creatures. You cannot become Rromani any more than you can become Black or Asian or Hispanic. It is especially concerning when people act like we are a style instead of an ethnicity because a) it makes a mockery of our culture, and b) makes it seem like we do not actually exist.
  • Bread.