Ancient Roman gold ring with an amethyst intaglio of Pan playing the pipes as a goat watches. The intaglio dates to the 1st to 2nd centuries CE, while the gold ring likely dates to a later time. Source: Sands of Time Ancient Art. 


Pairing: Prinxiety (platonic or romantic)

Prompt: “I love your laugh.” 

CW: Tiny little bit of insecurity, an almost-fight


Virgil didn’t realize there was an ulterior motive at first. Roman often picked ‘themed’ movie marathons, so by itself, the suggested ‘comedy night’ wasn’t all that suspicious.

What was a little suspicious was the fact that he hadn’t invited the others, too.

“I thought it would be good for us to spend some time together, just you and me,” he’d said, when Virgil had questioned him about it. “You know. Get some bonding time.”

“Uh huh.” Virgil had frowned. “Who put you up to this, Roman? Was it Patton?”

“No, I…”

“Because if so, I can just tell him it happened and you’ll be off the hook without having to actually sit through a movie with me.”

“No!” Roman had looked honestly upset. “Anxiety–Virgil. I…I really…” he slumped. “I misjudged you, before, and I…I really want to make amends. I want to get to know you better.”

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It’s not right!

No one asked for me to write this so I’m sorry but here it is

Roman wanted someone to write this, so i decided to bc why the fuck not its friday and i have nothing better to do

Prompt: ’…about Patton rushing about trying to keep the others from doing morally wrong things like posting butt pics and things of that nature.’ ~ from @what-even-is-thiss 

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Warnings: Swearing and nudes.

Pairings: None for once in my life


“Roman, Thomas can’t post that, it’s not right!” Roman looked up at Patton with a cheeky grin.

“Why not bless the internet with our bare butt? They’ll love it!” Patton was absolutely flabbergasted. How Roman could ever think to do something so against their morals, he would never know. Doing something morally wrong was a completely unfamiliar concept to Morality, to no ones surprise, but it seemed to Patton that killing morals was all Roman wanted to do.

“Roman, it’s morally wrong. Guess what, I know about that stuff! I’m Morality!” Roman let out a sigh of defeat and made Thomas delete the picture completely. Luckily he was easy to persuade. Patton strolled out of the common rooms to go check something, then not even two minutes later he was back. And Roman was doing something that didn’t seem very safe-for-work.

“Roman, what is that?” Patton asked in a scornful tone.

“A dick pic.”


“Roman, why the fuck would you ever think about making Thomas take a dick pic?” Anxiety asked. Patton glared at Virgil, but let his not-very-nice language choices be, considering they were on the same team in this instance.

“Some guy asked if he could have a picture of our… uh.. down there.. so…”

“Uhh, Roman, that’s not the way the world works. You’re an idiot,” Virgil deadpanned. He leaned against a wall, his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. His dark expression matched the words that had just escaped his mouth.

“Also, it’s morally wrong. As in it’s not right. And, you know, i’m Morality. It’s my area, kiddo.” Once again Roman deleted the picture, sighing. Patton kept a close eye on Roman as he continued doing what he was doing, likely daydreaming unrealistic scenarios. Soon Logan came in and took over, odd considering Roman didn’t like Thomas to be ruled completely by logic.

Patton relaxed a bit. At least Logan understood not to take pictures of Thomas’ naked body and post them on the internet.

But of course, Logan doesn’t take other’s feelings into consideration while trying to educate. Of freaking course.

“Logan, that’s not very nice,” Paton scolded, looking over the message he had written in response to a hateful Tumblr ask.

“So? I was simply stating that this person is a blithering idiot and they are completely wrong in everything they’re saying, along with their simply horrific grammar. Where is the punctuation? The internet is deprived of common grammar rules, Patton, and I’m out to fix it.”

“Just another grammar nazi,” Virgil commented, earning a laugh from Roman.

“Logan, it’s not right! You can’t be mean to people!” Patton argued.

“All I’m giving them is the truth, Patton. What’s that thing you reinforce? It’s wrong to lie?”

“But you’re being mean to someone you don’t even know!” Patton cried. Virgil and Roman looked at each other, silently commenting on Patton’s overactive emotions.

“I’m just following your rules, Morality.” Patton frowned and scrunched his eyebrows, trying to think of a way to persuade him. He wiped the small tears that had formed in his eyes and smiled.

“Logan, just like in the English language, there are exceptions to rules, and this is one. While some of the things you say about the person are true, you can’t be rude to them because it makes Thomas just as bad of a person! That’s why I’m here. Go ahead, educate him on what he’s failing to notice, and yes, his grammar too, but don’t be mean about it. Then, hopefully we’re making the world a little bit better while being nice about it too.” Virgil and Roman were both staring at them with their mouths open, while Logan had a sparkle in his eyes.

“Thank you, Patton. That is probably the most intelligent string of words I’ve ever heard you say.” While it was slightly insulting, Patton preferred to see the complimenting side of it, so he grinned.

“You could probably work on your compliments, but thanks Lo.”


Legend of the Four Seasons

Spring, the youngest of the four, had an appearance of lively colors, her touch gave everything around her life and joy. 

Summer was the fierce one. Her body was bright, the representation of fire. Everything in her path was devoured by fire and the surroundings were heated up. 

Fall, the calm one was always there to sooth the temper of Summer. She had a calm appearance, colors of brown, colors of peace. Like a mother, Fall would put the world to sleep and gave the feeling of safety.

Winter, the cold-blooded one, her body covered with frost and spikes, her words spoken of death. With her pale blue and white colors, the world was afraid of her because she had the looks of death.

Breathing Space

Sequel to Brave. 

More installments ahead! Tag list comes mainly from this post, which also includes a rough outline of all the installments in this University!AU series to come!

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Virgil hardly wakes at all, which surprises him. He is usually a notoriously light sleeper, as if some part of his mind is constantly on guard, waiting to hear if something changes during the night. 

But, this time, his mind slips easily into sleep, limbs blissfully heavy. He vaguely remembers stirring at the sound of Roman moving the covers back. He remembers trying to say something, at least, only managing a weak, questioning, “Hmm…?” And then, Roman’s voice drifting through the fog: “Shh, it’s early, still. Go back to sleep.”

And, what’s even more surprising to Virgil is that he apparently does so. The next thing he knows is he’s waking up to the light of day streaming through his curtains. He gets up and stretches. Roman is not there.

Virgil opens his door to meet Logan in the corridor. He’s shutting the kitchen door behind him, balancing a cup of tea in one hand. He nods.

“Good morning, Virgil. Well, almost afternoon.”

“Hey, Teach. Much on today?”

“Not particularly- tutoring one first year in the lab at three, but apart from that… Actually.” Logan jerks his head towards his own room. “May we talk?”

Virgil frowns. “Uh, sure?”

He follows Logan down the corridor into his room. Logan leans on the desk and sips his tea while Virgil stands uncertainly, arms folded. Logan sets the mug down.

“I have been made- ah- aware of the Giant Jerk Number One situation.”

“You’ve- oh. Have- have you seen Roman today?”

“I have.”

Virgil tries to disguise his shoulders tensing with worry, but he can’t help it. Maybe Roman found things too awkward. Maybe he said something wrong, and Roman had to vent to Logan about it and, oh God-

“Virgil. Relax. We just chatted for a little while. He said you were… very kind.”

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