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The Steel Crown of Romania was forged of the steel of a cannon captured by the Romanian Army from the Ottomans during the War of Independence. King Carol I chose steel, and not gold, to symbolize the bravery of the Romanian soldiers. It was used at the coronation of King Carol I in 1881, King Ferdinand I and King Mihai I. The crown can be seen at the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest.

I was inspired by @fed-ex-official to make some apocalypse wasteland gear. Starting with a leather pouch made in Romania to carry four AK magazines, but it was way to tight. These can be had for 15 bucks and are well worth the money. The leather is thick and very well made and include belt loops on the back.

My goal at first was to tear out and make it hold magazines again. In about 15 minutes I had the insides torn out and cut around the rivets.
Protip: The wire cutter part of a pair of multi-tool pliers works very well to cut leather. 

It will now comfortably fit three magazines and latch, They are held loose enough to wear as a belt rig and draw to load. The project is done, Right? 

wrong. I like options on my gear. 

Now that is Fallout! I can carry a full bottle of wine on my hip comfortably! Carry three magazines! Carry a large book! The options are endless! It rides just below my hands, at perfect height to reach the bottom of the pouch if I put small objects in it. I highly recommend these pouches to anyone who needs a basic belt pouch, it may hold AR mags just right. 

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one that does this?

Me: ahh yes got all my things time to learn Romanian
Me: *begins working*
Me: hmm, how do I say this?
Brain: man sagt ja “tut mir leid”
Me: no that’s German
Brain: oh, すみません。
Me: :/
Brain: lo siento?
Me: stopppppppp

Like because I lack vocabulary my brain is literally just filling in mismatched pieces of EVERY LANGUAGE IVE EVER STUDIED except Romanian like it’s tossing out Spanish, Danish, Swahili (and it’s been years!?!??), Japanese and of course German and I’m like !!!!this!!!isn’t!!!!romanian!!!!

Well I saw you coming- Pietro Maximoff Smut

So it is a smut but more so, what he does for you. Im still working on the other one. 

Also i did Russian for the language cause i see people post Romanian and/or Russian  and I’m really confused  but its basically pronounced the same just spelt different. 

printsessa: princess

Pietro snuck through the tiny gap in the door way trying to be a quiet as possible to avoid waking me up, even though he knew i was awake. Once inside he saw me, in the nest of blankets and pillows, the only light coming from my phone screen.

“Hey baby” I called out to him, looking away from the screen.

I watched as he undressed, groaning as he lifted his shirt over his head. The clicks of his bones did not sound healthy nor were they normal. He was Quicksilver for god’s sake, how did he injure himself.  Watching him get dressed was almost as painful for me as it was for him. His actions were incredibly slow even by my pace which concerned me to no end.

“Baby can you come lie down, i’ll give you a massage” I pushed the sheets aside, making room.

His steps were now heavy, each step straining his body further. He dropped to the bed on his stomach, letting out a deep breath into the mattress. He had taken off his shirt but his pants hung low on his hips exposing his whole back, allowing me to actual get work done. The definition of the muscles in his back was one of the most attractive things in this shit world. The way his skin dipped into each curve then into his muscles that wrapped around to his front.  

“My hands are cold” I warned him even thought he already knew. Iron Man’s apprentice with an iron deficiency, how ironic.

“printsessa, you’re hands are always cold” his voice muffled by the mattress.

Despite his knowledge of my cold hands, he hissed as our skin made contact. His body arched, a normal reaction considering my ice cold hands being pressed against his extremely warm skin.

“Im sorry, I’m sorry” I apologised quickly, leaning over to kiss his shoulder.

I started to move my fingers along his skin, pressing and kneading the knots that seemed to make up his entire back. With each press of my hands, he groaned in pain. The sheets balled up in hands, trying to get through the pain. Kneading out knots sounded like a good idea until it actually happened. My fingers slipped over a knot applying pressure to all the wrong place just below his shoulder blade.

“Oww fuck!! Are you trying to paralyse me?” Pietro’s head turned to face me.

“If i wanted to paralyse you, I would of done it already” Pushing into the muscle while he was distracted, I got the knot loose but it wasn’t a good feeling both under my hands and in his back.

Pietro screamed, grabbing onto the side I had removed the final knot. He swore as he rolled over still clutching his side.

“Why thank you Y/N, you really helped me. You really are the best girlfriend ever” I teased him as he squirmed in pain. “No worries baby, I just love how strong you are to take it like a superhuman and not cry”

“Im not crying, Im just in a lot of pain” He tried to defend himself rolling on his stomach, hiding his face in the sheets.

Seeing the perfect opportunity, I slapped his ass, that looked exceptionally good in his suit.

“Aye, hands off” He laughed, turning onto his back.

“What i can’t touch your butt?”

“You can touch it but don’t slap it” He folded his arms behind his head. “Plus I don’t slap yours”

“Ohh no, but you just grab it.” I laughed, crawling over to him.

His stare on me was intense as I crawled over to him and finally sitting on his lap, my legs on either side of his hips. He had his bottom lip between his teeth, his blue eyes so intense, my skin actually broke out in goosebumps. His hands went straight to my ass, grabbing onto it to prove his point.

“Hey, you can grab all you want as long as you are willing to finish what you start” I rolled my hips into his, giving him an idea to what I wanted him to finish.

He closed his eyes and let his head drop back as I continued to grind into him. Pietro was sensitive when it came to any physical contact because of his insanely quick movement, he never really slowed down and when he did, everything seemed to be on a different level for him.

He used his hands to press me down harder into him, gripping onto my barely clothed body so hard I knew I would have bruises in the shape on his hands.

I still had not kissed him, just watching as he enjoyed the feeling of me on him. His jaw was slack as small moans came out, the veins in his neck were protruding and his chest rising and falling with heavy breaths. His body rolled into mine, the muscles in his abdomen working over time to try to get more friction.

Grabbing onto one of his hands, I brought it around to my front and hooked his fingers into the waistband of my underwear. He caught on easily, his fingers quickly getting to work. I gasped immediately as his now cold fingers came in contact with my very hot skin. His other hand grabbing onto the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. His kiss was hard, a clash on teeth and skin but i wouldn’t have it any other way.  I moaned his name into the kiss,  biting onto his bottom lip as his fingers hit a sweet spot.

“Baby” I whined, knowing he was just teasing me.

“Yes printsessa?” He teased, gripping onto my hair knowing he knew he had complete control over me. My body tensed up as he continued his finger work.

“You are a total ass” I managed to get out before I was sent over the edge, gripping onto his shoulders, my nails digging hard into his skin and his name being rushed out in a battle for air getting into my lungs.  

“Can you warn me before you come again” Pietro joked, running his hands through my hair.

“What, you didn’t see that coming?” I mocked him, accent and everything.

He leaned forward, pressing a hot kiss under my ear. “ No but I saw you coming” his accent so thick it made my heart jump.

Ohh, he’ll see himself coming in a minute.


guuuuyyysss sorry to self promote again but I’m doing this cool on insta where I post pretty Romanian words & their meanings and nobody is appreciating it cause I’m losing followers fast lol, so if you’re interested in this please follow prince.hylas on instagram for more pics + the etymologies and meanings of these words!! pls & thank u

Driving is hard, guys.

I’m 24 and I don’t drive. I’ve always been afraid to drive, actually. But I definitely will have to drive later in my life, because I’m not going to live all my life in a big city with lots of public transportation and cheap taxis.

So I’ve began to take driving lessons. Here in Europe, we only drive stick shifts. And this shit is fucking hard guys. Maybe it’s because I’m not the most coordinated person, but timing your clutch with the gas and the brake pedal is complicated, for me at least. I’ve just had my third lesson, the instructor won’t stop screaming at me (at the point that I, a pretty non confrontational person, looked at him and said that I don’t perform well under pressure and I’m not paying him to scream at me)

I don’t know. You guys make it seem so easy. My boyfriend makes it seem so easy. Maybe I should’ve learnt it when I was younger so I had more mental plasticity. But every fucking time I get back home after driving, I’m exhausted and soon have a migraine. And I still haven’t left the big parking lot I’ve began driving on. 

I hope it’s going to get better… It has to. 

yumgd  asked:

Hi Poca, I've seen your post about Romanian traditional costumes. When you'll like to visit Romania, I could guide you through.

Thank you so much for the offer! I hope I could really come visit :)

OT: I was quite amused by the name you called me (in a cute way though, it´s very nice of you). 

So for all my followers, this is a great time to explain what Pocarovna means and why it´s not possible to shorten it to Poca :)

“pocarovna” is a word in a local language used in the eastern Slovakia. It has no Slovak equivalent as far as I know. 
It is an adjective used for a woman. The meaning is hard to translate. It´s a kind of woman that bewitches you - not intentionally. It´s just something about her that makes you think about her all the time, that makes you behave like a fool around her. You don´t have to love her, it´s more like she has some kind of a charm inside her that works only for you. 
A lot of folk songs mention this word, both in positive and negative way. 
My favourite goes like this: “ You are very beautiful, but you are too much “pocarovna” for me [so that I cannot marry you]”.
I always liked how confusing and two-sided the meaning was so I decided to use it as my name here.

 So that´s it and here´s an embroidery for you :)


Mucenici is a Christian feast of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste, a traditional holiday in Romania and Moldova. It coincides with the start of the agricultural year. Those who observe this holiday clean their households and light fire to garbage collected from their homes, to bring warmth outside.

Some believe that when the Martyrs were drowned, flowers rose to the surface. As a result, for the date of 9 March, every, year, there is a typical dessert with the same name, Mucenici. The desserts are made in the figure 8 to look like garlands. Others believe that the figure 8 denotes a stylized human form of the martyrs themselves.

In Moldova, dough in the shape of the figure 8 is baked, then smeared with honey and walnuts.

In the Muntenia and Dobrogea regions of Romania, the dough is smaller and cooked in water with sugar, cinnamon and crushed nuts, symbolizing the lake where the Martyrs were cast.