romanian monarchy

Marie of Romania

Queen Marie of Romania with her daughter in law, Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark and her grandson, Michael of Romania (later King Michael I of Romania)

House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 1/?

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 5/?


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Royal AU)

Summary: Prince James approaches his crown princess girlfriend with hopes of finding out why she still hasn’t accepted his marriage proposal, only to learn about the burdens responsible for the future Queen’s hesitation.

This story was heavily inspired by the following:
- series “By Royal Decree” written by @bovaria
- “The Crown” starring Claire Foy, Matt Smith, etc.
- the 30 page paper I wrote in Year 11 about the queens of England and Britain

A/N: Bucky is a Romanian prince [imagine the Romanian monarchy is still intact for this story], but not the heir apparent (think Prince Harry of Wales). Reader’s nation is purposely not specified.

It’s gloomy outside, the skies painted with gray with the threat of rain. Not much light filters through the window, but she appears to effortlessly attract light as if she’s an elemental force.

She’s a vision in royal blue, the dress specially made for her body proportions. Her back bears the straight posture of a ballerina, her legs elongated by the pearl gray pumps. While he can’t see it, he knows she’s wearing a strand of pearls that’s been passed down generations.

She is (Y/N), the crown princess of her nation and hopefully his future wife.

It felt right to propose, especially with six years of dating under their belt. Their relationship started after college and kept steady, even during his military service. She was his best friend and vice versa. He felt unanchored without her, and she was able to escape through him.

It also worked out perfectly with their royal duties. Bucky had always been one of the few eligible princes for (Y/N) to marry, but both royals weren’t aware of this until two years into their romantic relationship. From the start, Bucky knew he and (Y/N) were endgame, and it was a lucky coincidence that protocol and tradition wanted them to be endgame as well.

The Romanian prince was also aware of (Y/N)’s situation. Due to a series of health problems, her father planned on stepping down from the throne. He and Parliament created a plan of transition, meaning in two years, (Y/N) would be anointed and crowned as Queen.

Bucky watches his woman gaze out the main window of her study, and he can practically see the gears in her head racing. Though she handles everything with grace and resilience, Bucky knows her days are emotionally taxing for her. He can only imagine the irremovable burden she carries on her shoulder as the heir apparent.

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