romanian military

Illustration of Romanian Army uniforms, 1913. On the foreground (left to right) are: artillerist; light infantryman; militiaman; line infantryman. On the background are: hussar (red); hussar (black); gendarme; officer (holding the flag). The backmost figures on horseback is a general and general staff officer.

From the Le Petit Journal Sunday supplement.


U.S. Marines with the Combined Arms Company, Black Sea Rotational Force, Bulgarian and Romanian Forces conduct a joint exercise utilizing Bulgarian and U.S. main battle tanks, indirect fire, mechanized infantry, and close air support from U.S. Air Force assets during Platinum Lion 16-2 at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, Jan. 15, 2016. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Justin T. Updegraff/Released)


European and U.S. Special Operations Forces gathered at Capu Media Air Force base, Romania, conducting one of the first ever Romania-sponsored international SOF exercise, June 16, 2015. The ROUSOFEX, Operation Junction Strike, brought together SOF Soldiers from Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Georgia, Greece, and the U.S. militaries in order to increase interoperability and cooperation against threats in the region.

Romania as a 10/10 perfect decision for Bucky

Guys, the more I’m thinking about it, the more well-thought and brilliant it is.

We’ve always assumed that Bucky excelled in spy-stuff and espionage but in the movie we’ve seen the living proof of it.

So, first things firs, the US is obivously out of question, too many people knowing his face there, him being a national hero and historical figure and stuff. Would not be a great idea only for that, but other reasons to.

Romania though? It’s perfect for a guy like him to disappear.

Firstly, the language. It’s kinda unlikely, that HYDRA taught him Romanian, isn’t it? It’s not a very widely-spoken, ‘imporant’ Europen language like French, German or Spanish. 

However, after WWI in 1914, a part of Hungary called Transylvania was occupied by the Romanian military, then was added to the country. It’s an area with mixed ethincity, mainly Hungarians and Romanians live there even today.

(Yeah I know it’s a bad map, and from 1940, but you get the idea. btw this is where Dracula’s from)

But, in the turmoil after the war, the destruction and fights and poverty and conflict made a lots of Hungarian and Romanian people to flee the country. And to where? The Unites States, of course!

Therefore, it’s totally possible, that in the melting pot of Brooklyn a kid called Bucky Barnes had once played games and had even learnt the language of the neightboor Transylvanian immigrant kids. They’d tech them Romanian/Hungarian, and he’d help them to perfect their English.

And woudn’t that be perfect? It’s likely that even HYDRA doesn’t know that he speaks it, and he probably trust more a language acquired the ‘traditional’ way than the ones that were put inside his head in god know how violent and invasive way. If I were him, I’m sure a part of me would fear that one day I’ll just wake up realising that I forgot how to speak these ones, for no other goddamn reason whatsoever than my mind trying to get rid of HYDRA’s violation.

Secondly, Romania  being located in the middle of Eastern Eurpoe, the population is like 100% white, obviosuly. Like so much that race doesn’t even register. You don’t walk the streets realising that ‘hmm, this is a white guy there’, because it’s the default, there’re pretty much no other options. You don’t notice race in these countries.
So why is it important? Well, in the USA, for example, if you’re a wanted man, the description starts as ‘white male in his 30s..’. Here? They don’t even put this in the description, just like they woudn’t mention black in Wakanda, for example; it’d be just redundant. And it makes it so much easier to blend in, not just not having a high percent of the population immediatley out of question in case of trouble, but also makes people less wary, paying attention less. I was was in the US while the UN bombing news dropped, then I’m sure as hell I’d look at every white guy twice on the streets. In Romania, well, I can’t keep watching every second people I see right? People are lazy fucks, even ehn it’s about their safety, and Bucky know that perfectly.

But, Bucharest, let’s talk more about it!

It’s the capital city of Romania, but the tourism rate is much smaller than other the other capitals’ in the area. Like, if we’re at middle/eastern Europe, Budapest, Prague or Warsaw; Bucharest has a significantly less touristic appeal and fame as an ideal holiday destination.

And since no one really goes there, there’s a lower chance of tourists getting hurt, therefore attracting the international community’s attention. Nothing really happens there, really.

Isn’t that a perfect place to get off the grid?

The security’s also less strict, there’re less CCTVs than in most advanced countries. For example, while London might sound as a better way to disapper, due to its massive size, but I bet my ass that the facial recognition technology there is more advanced. And if you’re going off the radar, this is a thing you actively look for.

And Bucky, being in the spy-assassion buissness for 70 years, knows that perfectly well.

But, being a captial city still, Bucharest has an international airport.
So in case Bucky needed to get away fast, when the whole word’s not up his ass, he could get away this way. Of course he ended up not just being spooked, but with the whole word looking for him, so he didn’t get the chance to use it, but the possibility was open.

Also, the city’s got a lot of the type of apartmans Bucky used, making the rooftop area as another possivle escape route in case he needed to leave his apartmant very, very quickly. I bet my ass he tried that jump at least once from the roof.

So, I don’t know how many of these things were a conscious decision from the writers, but damn, they’re fucking brilliant. And you know how shows the most competence and ithe ability to plan ntelligently thoguht these decisions?

You can bet it’s Bucky Barnes.