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U.S. Marines with the Combined Arms Company, Black Sea Rotational Force, Bulgarian and Romanian Forces conduct a joint exercise utilizing Bulgarian and U.S. main battle tanks, indirect fire, mechanized infantry, and close air support from U.S. Air Force assets during Platinum Lion 16-2 at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, Jan. 15, 2016. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Justin T. Updegraff/Released)

soliloquy-of-nemo  asked:

Can you please not use Semper Fi in you pointless shipping wars? It's insulting and degrading towards those brave Marines throughout history. You have no idea what it means to serve your country. I'm insulted that I stood up for your freedoms.

In my pointless shipping wars? What shipping wars? The fact that I say Semper Fi to the NaruSaku, NaruSasu and SasuKarin fandoms for still sticking to their own guns? For not caring about the canon status but the values these three ships taught us? No, it’s not insulting, on the contrary! Just because you find it insulting it doesn’t mean it was my intention to be as an insult. On the contrary, like I said! 

It’s out of respect that I use these words. I do understand that indeed, the wars those people go through are real stuff, but you see, the problem here is that I wasn’t using it for any shipping war and that’s where you were wrong in viewing it so. Because you didn’t take the time for a second to think on why I use it and what significance could “Semper Fi” have to me.

The fact that the Marines of the United States of America use it as their slogan, it doesn’t mean it exclusively belongs to them. It is their symbol, yes, but first and foremost, if you’d think for a bit, Semper Fi means Semper Fidelis as in Always faithful/Always loyal which I am sure you already knew this by now, but looking a bit at the etymology of the words, they are first and foremost of Latin origin, you know, the origins I also belong to, due to my history as a Romanian. 

The Marines use it for its beautiful meaning, which is as its name says, being always faithful to your kind, protecting and helping each other, taking no bullshit. 

NCIS is one of my favorite shows, by the way, if you didn’t know by now. You know why? Because in certain parts of the story, I would have wished the morals, teachings and messages that NCIS leaves behind could have been founded in Naruto too, but sadly, it didn’t.

And you know what? Many of the values found in NCIS I found in the NaruSaku, NaruSasu and SasuKarin fandoms, values that will help you in life, even. Why? Because those people stick to their guns and know for what they stick. The fact that people mocks us for our preferences, although we have all the reasons to ship what we ship, says a lot about them and a lot about us.

First and foremost, look who are the fandoms that mind their own business, tag their posts correctly and who crosstags like crazy, stalking blogs, so on and so forth. Keep in mind that indeed every forest has its rotten trees and when I say every I really mean every, but on the overall I think you’ll very much see what I mean.

Therefore, once again allow me to correct you on your assumption that I use Semper Fi for my/our stupid shipping wars. First and foremost, I kept in in the tags I addressed to, didn’t cross-tagged so you could say I was looking for a fight.

Second, excuse me when I say it but I am allowed to have an opinion and express it, in case you have any problem with that part. The fact that some people may not like it, I’m sorry but it’s my opinion, on my blog. I always tag everything so I can avoid the pain in the ass, so to speak, in terms of opinions I have that people might not want to see on their dash, so on and so forth.

But you see, as I said, Semper Fi to me has a meaning, these three fandoms to me have a meaning, they are close to my heart because of a reason. Don’t you just assume i’m in a ship war just because I express my opinions on a matter. The fact that I might defend my opinions from some intruder doesn’t mean I wanted to enter that war. The war comes to me. I never seek war. I love peace too much… But nowadays I can’t even breath before someone tells me how to live my life, so you know what? Excuse me if I really don’t care and I really keep it the way it’s true to my soul. 

The way I use Semper Fi, once again, it’s to no disrespect to those people serving their country. To any people serving their country, having to be dragged in wars they do not seek for but just because they serve bigger powers, all they are in the end are puppets, metaphorically speaking, but you know what’s admirable about them? Their loyalty, their devotion, their human nature. That human nature that shows us that the humanity and values we have inside ourselves as humans can sometimes even cross the borders of war in bonding because of the same suffering. You know, a great teaching Naruto used to have before fucking it up big time.

But those values have stayed in those fandoms that I told you about, those fandoms I addressed and I bowed to them while telling them Semper Fi. Why? Because through all this bullshit, we stick close to each other, protecting each other and true to ourselves. And even despite having our differences in the little details, in the bigger scheme we all agree on the same thing because we’re faithful to the story that has been told for us for 15 years before they masterfully fucked it up!

Therefore, Semper Fi NaruSaku, NaruSasu and SasuKarin fandom!

So catthenookworm, I’m sorry but if you feel insulted for something you don’t even understand, feel free to unfollow me. Plus, I really do not understand what you mean that you stood up for my freedom?
Maybe you can enlighten me on that.

As for anyone in the NS, SNS or SK that might be also offended by me addressing to you, do tell me and if anyone has a problem with that so we can sort this one out.

Maybe other people don’t get it too… or maybe they don’t want to get it…