romanian jokes

ok so y'all probably know by now that i’m obsessed with romanian and i could go on for pages and pages writing about all the stuff i love about it, but i won’t subject you to that, so instead have something i found hilarious:

the word for “ox” is “bou”

which means that “oxen” is “boi”


(enjoy that comically poor-quality meme, took me like 15 minutes to make lmao)

this also means that “the oxen” is “boii”, which is even better XD

Romanian Jokes part 11

Two managers discuss the economic crisis:

- Listen, do you pay your employees?
- No! Do you pay yours?
- No, I don’t pay them either.
- And yours come to work, too, right?
- Yes, mine come to work, too. 
- You know something? I think, in this case, we should charge them a tax for entering the company.