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The Alt Right blame SJWs, Mexicans, Polish people, Romanians, Jews, liberals and Muslims for everything. But, um, isn’t that what Nazis do, though? Blame everyone else for their problems?

Isn’t that the whole point of being a Nazi or a racist or a sexist?

It’s always a non-white female person’s fault for how sad you are.

Because José the nice, helpful plumber who fixed your kitchen was the one that was out to get you in life. Sure. 

Get over yourself.   

Superheroes: Another thing we wouldn’t have if not for Jewish people
  • Stan Lee: A Romanian Jew, born Stanley Lieber, founder of Marvel Comics
  • Jack Kirby: Born Jacob Kurtzberg to Austrian Jewish immigrants on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He worked with…
  • Joe Simon: Born Hymie Simon


  • Steve Ditko: A first generation American of Slovak descent who studied with…
  • Jerry Robinson: Batman artist and American Jew
  • Jerry Siegel: The co-creator of Superman and an Jew of Lithuanian descent
  • Joe Schuster: The co-creator of Superman and a Jew of Dutch descent
  • Will Eisner: Author of The Spirit and comic publishing giant. You may have heard of a little thing called  the Eisner Awards.

So again…you’re welcome

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name: Lucy

nicknames: none

zodiac sign: Libra

height: 5′ 9″ 

orientation: bi

ethnicity: Well obvs I’m incredibly white but further back I’m a German, Russian, Romanian Jew!

favorite fruit: raspberries

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favorite book series: lemme get back 2 u

favorite flower: lemme get back 2 u

favorite scent: almond 

favorite color: pink/purple

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coffee tea or hot chocolate: mochas…. mmm….

average sleep hours: 6-8

cat or dog person: BOTH MY GUY

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My great-grandfather Hy Rubin was a Romanian Jew who immigrated here during the Russian Revolution of 1917, fleeing religious persecution. He came here when he was 12 years old. If he and his parents had not been allowed entry into the United States due to the fact that they were Jewish, who knows what may have become of him? 
Donald Trump’s ban on people coming in from Muslim countries is unethical, racist, and immoral. By putting what he believes is “in the country’s best interest” in order, he is putting thousands of lives at risk in Syria, and separating families who may be overseas, but here on visa.
And the fact that he introduced this ban on the day of Holocaust Remembrance Day - a day on which we must remember that the US denied entry to many people, causing them to perish in Auschwitz and other concentration camps - proves to be a grim reminder that we are still not done fighting for freedom from religious persecution.
To my Muslim and immigrant friends, I have said it before and I will say it a million and one times:
Your voices are being heard. I see you. I will fight for you.