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Ibrahim (Bambi) is the first OCs that I decided I have go as far as drawing his extended family. Just because I want to see what those people would look like, they’re a mixture of Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle East

Kareem (father-deceased) born in Shibam, Yemen. He is mixed of Romanian and predominantly Arabic heritage.  
Tagel (mother- deceased) born in Arava Valley of southern Israel. Tagel is of Yemenite Jewish descent.
Salem (eldest child) and Ibrahim (middle child)  both were born in Louisiana

ladynefertankh  asked:

You've made an interesting case for why Bucky is probably not of Romanian/Jewish heritage (though people are always free to have their headcanons!). What are your thoughts however on Bucky being from an Irish Catholic background, except somewhat more prosperous than Steve's (possibly with more extended family to help during hard times) ? Also while Bucky has probably had an easier life compared to Steve, it seems unlikely the cultural or financial gulf between them would be overwhelming.

For some reason, I’ve always seen Bucky and his family being of the class of people who would be of protestant descent, given how badly Irish Catholics of all varieties were still being treated then.

To put it into a historical context, England had been supressing Ireland for a long time. Specifically the Catholics. The one way you could be allowed some degree of freedom was to reject Catholicism and accept the Church of England and Protestantism as the one true faith. Needless to say this did not go well.

Catholics were basically treated like dirt. Imagine how African Americans were treated during the Civil Rights movement: no voting, no education, no living within 5 miles of a corporate town etc. Meanwhile, their brethren who had turned to Protestantism prospered and thrived. Admittedly only to the degree the English would allow, but they were much further up the social ladder than their Catholic cousins.

So many Irish Catholics took emigration as the only way out. And, as you can imagine, this means that the majority of the Irish migrants leaving for the new world would be poverty-stricken and uneducated because of the restrictions placed on them by law. It started way back in the 18th century, and continued, through the Potato Famine, right through the increasing tensions and republican warfare against the British Crown.

So you can imagine that by the time Steve shows up, there have been nearly two centuries of poor, deprived Irish Catholics showing up. They were often so poor, they had to just settle in the first city they arrived in, because they couldn’t afford to go elsewhere, which is why New York ended up with such a massive Irish population.

Yes, many of them started clawing their way up the social ladder from the very bottom, but I think it’s very telling that to this day, in the country that was technically ‘founded’ by Puritans (aka Protestants who found the Church of England too Catholic), the USA has only had one Catholic President (JFK).

And so, back to the Bucky question, it comes down to the same issues I have with the idea of Bucky being of Jewish descent. He just feels too confident in himself and who he is to come from a background that is still being so actively oppressed. Sure, maybe he’s several generations down the line, come into money, and less pious, but something about it doesn’t feel quite right.

This is a guy so confident in his social standing that he doesn’t care that he’s hanging out with the Irish asshole. He doesn’t have to care about his reputation, because he’s still going to be treated with respect regardless. He is pretty much middle-class white American male. You can see it in the way not!Clara dotes on him. You can see it in the way he dresses and carries himself. You can tell from the way he gets promoted straight to sergeant.

The class difference between Steve and Bucky is massive. Steve has to spend his whole life fighting to be recognised because of his background and his appearance and his health issues, whereas Bucky just walks into a situation and is immediately full-confidence and raised through the ranks.

And Bucky would never even think of it, because it’s never been a problem for him, but for Steve, who is lower, even working-class, he can’t understand it. He sees anything Bucky does for him as pity rather than friendship: oh, help the poor little Irish kid. He doesn’t grasp that Bucky could befriend him because he likes him, because why would someone from further up the social ladder do that? He appreciates it, but he sure as hell doesn’t understand it.

The way I see him is old-fashioned Anglican stock, or perhaps even of Irish Protestant descent, even though the migration of Irish Protestants was less common than Irish Catholics for the simple reason that they didn’t need to leave to have the freedom to live.

He’s not especially religious himself, but it’s a long-standing family tradition, and Bucky is very much about doing what’s expected of him (like signing up for the army. He sure as hell didn’t want to be there, but he knew he had to). He’s the kind who would go to the Church with his family on Sundays, dressed up in his Sunday best (aka the suit from the post-funeral scene). He would know the hymns and recite the scriptures because it makes his mother proud, and as soon as he was done, sneak off to catch Steve coming out of Mass, kicking at a can and grumpy as hell.

But yis. This is all headcanon, and it’s pretty much how I’ve always seen him :)

Sebastian Stan- Short Request

I was wondering if you are taking requests? If you are can you do one where the reader is fluent in Romanian and she is Romanian but Sebastian Dosent know and one day her family comes to visit and start speaking Romanian and he is shocked about how he didn’t know. Thank you!!!

AN: I used google translate so this probably won’t be perfect

“Excited to meet the family,” you asked Sebastian as the two of you put the finishing touches on dinner.

“Very,” he grinned. “When do you think they’ll be here?”

You looked at the clock. “Sound be any second now.” You and Sebastian had been together for 2 months now and you’d decided to host dinner for him to meet your parents. He was especially excited to discuss their Romanian heritage. Although he knew you were Romanian you hadn’t gotten around to telling him the extent of your parents Romanian roots.

There was a knock at your front door and you smiled at him, “Ready?” You and he went to the door and smiled and you opened it and saw your parents. “Mom, Dad,” you let them in and hugged them, “This is Sebastian.”

“Sunteți română, dreapta?” He looked shocked at your father spoke to him.

“Da. Voi doi cunosc limba română?”

“Desigur,” your mother laughed and looked at you. “El nu știe?”

You shrugged, “Niciodată nu a venit.”

“Why didn’t I know you spoke Romanian,” he looked crazed.

“Like I said, it never came up,” you giggled at his expression.

“Her father and I are off the boat, so to speak,” you mother said. “We came over right after we were married, when we were 19.”

“Incredible, I knew you were both Romanian but I didn’t know the extent.”

“Now you know,” you patted his shoulder. “Come on, dinner’s all ready.”

I’m Avi (@aliensexmagic), 20, a trans nonbinary queer of romanian jewish heritage and descendant of holocaust victims. Still discovering my own jewish identity and what that exactly that means. You can see a bit of my (unfinished) holocaust remembrance ink in this pic.

Xi/xir or they/their pronouns plz :)