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FC Viitorul, Romania’s League Winner: Why Their Story Matters

Yesterday, May 13th, 2017, FC Viitorul Constanța, secured their league win after a 1-0 win over Universitatea Craiova. 

FC Viitorul, founded in 2009, was created and is owned and currently managed by Gheorge Hagi, Romanian football legend and one of the best attacking midfielder of his time, who lead Romania to glory at the 1994 World Cup by knocking out Argentina. For many, he was the physical embodiment of hope at that time. 

Here is a simplified breakdown Viitorul’s achievements: 

  • 2009: founded
  • 2010: promoted to liga 2
  • 2012: promoted to liga 1
  • 2013: 13th place
  • 2014: 12th place
  • 2015: 11th place
  • 2016: 5th place
  • 2017: champions

They are the youngest champions in Europe. The average age of yesterday’s starting line-up was 24. Not to mention that save for one French defender, the squad is entirely domestic. These are Romanian’s youngest and brightest stars playing for a team fittingly named The Future

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so, something amazing happened in romanian football today so not even our goat anthem can ruin my night. LET THE GOAT GIRL HAVE A GOOD TIME.

borjitamayoral replied to your post “okay, so i don’t know if this will make you or anyone feel better…”

jfc how did u survive this

so, the answer is a complete overhaul of our current football system

and it’s going to hurt, and we will have to say goodbye to a team that has given us a name abroad, a team that went into sevilla in 1986 and beat barcelona to win the champions league despite no one believing in us, a team we all hate to have to love 

but even though it hurts, we have to remember that we deserve better, we deserve a club that doesn’t sell players to whoever pays the highest price, we deserve a club that doesn’t illegally keep players from leaving because they know they can’t survive without them, we deserve a club that doesn’t consider this beautiful game a business 

the holy trinity of romanian football is almost gone - rapid bucuresti was relegated to the 5th league last year, steaua bucuresti just lost its name, and dinamo bucuresti…..the truth of the matter is that they depended on their rivalry with steaua and now that’s gone 

change is terrifying, letting go of the things you love hurts, but i don’t want our children to grow up the way i did, i don’t want them to have to look abroad for success like i had to, i want them to look at their own successful clubs and know that we too can and most importantly,  want them to see themselves represented