romanian coven


I have no idea what the context is of this, but it’s Carlisle single-handedly stopping the Romanians from charging and it’s from the Target exclusive stuff.   I love how Edward is just standing there doing nothing while everyone else is trying to hold people back.

"Don’t worry son, I’ll just stop two of the oldest and most pissed-off vampires in the world by myself.  Just keep standing there."

And look at how happy Vladimir is! XD

Spoilers: Breaking Dawn

Alright I have come to terms with it now, before going to see it again later today. Beware, spoilers ahead…

I went to see the Midnight showing and I have to say it was worth the wait. I enjoyed the movie completely, I thought that some scenes were rushed and there were pointless elements such as Alistair talking too much and no other nomads besides Garrett having lines (Garrett was perfect but at the same time… there were other people there ya know?) There are many things I could praise, for instance, I loved how they made Bella look, she actually looked beautiful for once. The acting was amazing, they have all improved so much. Alice, Jasper and Emmett steal the show though! Gotta love my Cullens.

Anyway. I could also mention the twist. While at the time I was horrified, afterwards I realized how effective it was. It scared me so much. I was screaming my head off and crying like a bitch when it began and just got worse and worse. I mean, I was shocked with Carlisle… but then Jasper?! (God Alice’s cry killed me.) And then they have to put the hurtful cherry on the top with Seth’s death and Leah’s? My heart broke with the snapping sound of Seth’s neck. I mean… ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY KILL SETH CLEARWATER. I cried so fucking much. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick and want to cry.

ANYWAY. I have a few little complaints to make though. A) Alice can not see the wolves. That is something they seemed to forget in the end. B) I was kinda pissed off that we didn’t get to see Seth and Leah’s faces. I mean what the fuck is that? You show us Nomads like Alistair we don’t give a shit about and wordless vampires, made up vampires ect… but you can’t fucking show us the faces of two of the MAIN wolves WHO WERE IN THE FUCKING SCENE. I mean Booboo’s head is sexy still but dammit I wanted to see his FACE. Julia and Booboo got JIPPED. They really did, and all for the stupid fucking hybrid. SO much rage! C) On the same lines, where the fuck were the Quileutes? It was the LAST movie, you couldn’t slip in a few seconds of the pack in human form? Would it kill you that much to cut one of Alistair’s unnecessary speeches? The Quileutes again were Jipped. As were the humans. I was angry. I’m a wolf girl. D) What the fuck was with J.Jenks? I mean… COME ON. He’s meant to be nervous and slimy and pee at Jasper’s name as well as not knowing Alice at all. PISSED. 

It wasn’t a bad movie at all. It was one of the best, it just upset me with some of the changes. I think they should have at least been nice enough to show the wolves. Tell you what though, a reason why this film is worth a watch? One that’s not the Trio or action or anything?

Two words.

Romanian. Coven.

They were fucking hilarious, they brought a playfulness to the characters I ADORED. I thought they were the best cast nomads and I loved every second they were on my screen, they made me laugh so much I can’t even… I am now a Vladimir and Stefan girl. Absolutely love them. 

 Marks out of 10?