romania is a man


“Sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back and say, ‘That was cool. That made me feel good.'”


Half Assasin’s Creed, half Pac Man ghost, the monk-like mascot of the Untold festival watched over another four days of international techno DJ-ing furor in Cluj - just like last year, just with different headliners (for connoisseurs: Armin van Buuren, Scooter, Tiësto…). As designated family guard I tried to make the best of my presence there and you know something? It wasn’t even that difficult: enjoying the pleasantly warm weather, being eintertained by a flurry of impressive stage shows, having a few official (yet unimpressive) beers, chatting friendly strangers, waiting in line at food booths from trendy local restaurants and not at least hearing a song here and there that I could actually tune into… I didn’t need to complain at all (not that anybody would have listened). Only about the beer, yeah, so I had to compensate at home with this Black IPA 6.0 treat from the Perfektum brewery, a fresh Romanian concoction coming from Bucharest with a heavy load of dark chocolate and delicioustoffee and well, thoooose hops… can’t wait for the next year!


Dancing goals *__*

This man will be the death of me *swoons*

I don’t care what the context is, I want Krory to celebrate romanian traditions. I want Krory to celebrate “dragobetele” and “mărțișorul”, I want him to eat “mămăligă” and “sarmale”, I want him to tell Timothy stories about “Iliana Cosânzeana” and “zmei” and “balauri”. I want more Krory.

Today is 24 february. So it’s Dragobete in Romania! It’s like Valentine’s day, but Dragobete is the Romanian version. Dragobete traditions vary from region to region, but it’s always a celebration of love. And that’s always good, don’t you think? Show your love, everybody!


20.000 people are screaming in Bucharest… And now the whole of Romania screams: Down with the mafia! Corruption kills! Murderers! Wake up, Romanians! Justice! 

And it helps… Victor Ponta is gone. Fucking finally! One small step for a man, one giant leap for Romania… Now the others!