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Stefan Dymiter (1938-2002) - Romani street performer, self-taught violin player, one of the most famous street virtuosi of Kraków, Poland. He was performing on the streets of the city for years, and was associated with the famous artistic group Piwnica pod Baranami. His only dream was to perform in a philharmonic hall, what eventually became reality thanks to the Kraków Philharmonic. Reportedly, his play in the philharmonic hall was admired by the critics and was no way inferior to the professional musicians, even though he couldn’t see the notes. His nickname was Kororo/Corroro (from Romani word meaning blind).


Roma Boys, The Love Story

An award-winning Czech film on the dual prejudices faced by LGBT Roma from both outside and within their own community and families. The film follows David, a Prague university student and Roma Rights activist, who meets online and falls in love with Marek, a young Roma man living in the country.When a Roma Rights rally takes David near Marek’s home town, they finally arrange to meet in person. Excited, Marek decides to come out to his family, but the violent reaction from his father and uncles was not what he hoped for. Faced with threats from his own family, he needs to decide whether to stay true to his sexuality or his family’s perception of tradition and community values.