so i’ve already seen interpretations of this season’s movie references, i just wanted to weigh in and add that even seems to use movies to abstract his emotions into something that is easier for him to handle and that this can be interpreted within the framework of bipolar disorder. the season starts out referencing romeo and juliet and then shifts its focus to pretty woman. one is a tragic, ill-fated romance movie, the other a popular romcom where one lead whisks the other away from a bad life. even goes from keeping isak at a distance and believing their relationship is doomed because of his illness to thinking it’s exactly his relationship with isak that will make all the difference, be the thing to make him better. being “tacky cliché films” (like mikael says) the movies represent two extremes, the low and the high. narratively they were a clever way to hint at bipolar disorder without spelling it out. it also makes sense for even to fall back on these movies and apply them to his own emotional life, to reenact them, to lend some sense of purpose and structure to his depressive and manic episodes.


Movie Night

Arun: Why did you pick this movie?! It’s too sad. He’s a werewolf now? How’s that going to work with his fiance? 

Melanie: Ha I know but I love sappy movies like this. They’re my favorite.

Arun: They’re relationship is very strange. They are together and then they break up. Yet the love each other? What is this madness?

Melanie: That’s a romance movie for ya. Although it does prove an interesting point. Love is never conventional. It always appears when you least expect it. Jesminder told me that your marriage was arranged. Did you at least get to meet her before the ceremony?

Arun: I met her only once before. We were both young. I felt she was insufferable. 

Melanie: Oh she couldn’t be all that bad.

Arun: Her family is quite wealthy and they had many servants. My sāsa and sasura (mother-in-law and father-in-law) were rarely home. Jesminder grew up and only child and was never very kind to her servants. 

Melanie: Is she still this way at home? 

Arun: Life away from her family has taught her much in the way of socialization….but there are times that her previous personality comes forth.

Melanie: I’m sorry to hear that *not sorry at all face*