notting hill pynch au

- adam is a World Class A List Actor. everyone loves him. everyone wants him. he’s mysterious~ and constantly in the tabloids with questions like ‘Who is Adam Parrish dating?’ ‘Why is he so fashionable even grocery shopping?’ he studied at Yale and he’s up for an academy award and everything.

- ronan runs a little adoption shelter in San Francisco, which is always frequented almost Daily by a little blonde girl who just comes in for hours and pets the puppies

- he lives in an apartment w roommate gansey, and has a collective of good friends (Blue, Henry, Noah, and Orla) who are Obsessed with Adam Parrish films while he is uninterested in anything relevant in pop culture

- one day ronan’s at work and feeding the cats when he hears the front door bell and assumes it’s opal for her nearly daily visit, only to find it’s someone new. someone older and fancy and looking like he’s trying to hide from someone

- he’s like are you here to adopt a pet or what

- and adam is Amused he doesn’t recognize him and they chat and flirt and then the paps come and adam has to go out the back and ronan realizes who he is as he helps him escape them

- then adam calls him up a few weeks later and invites him to set, where he’s mistaken for a makeup person and Hilarity Ensues

- there’s romance and heartbreak and drama and a lot of annoying paparazzi

- anyway i will probably never write this so I wanted to make a post bc it could be so Cute

“romance is gross” I say draped upon a pile of handwritten love letters with little heart doodles in the corners, the scent of dried roses that my partner has given me during our relationship filling the room, heart shaped chocolates in a heart shaped box sitting on my heart patterned comforter, soft sixties love songs drifting through the room, a pile of romance movies and novels stacked on my bedside table, my heart beating fast as I gaze at the picture of my partner on my phone’s lockscreen

Concept: a romance movie where an Attractive White Man shows up unannounced on the doorstep of the first woman he ever loved. It’s been over a decade since he last saw her. He knocks on the door. Her wife opens the door, she invites him in, and sees his First Love.

He hugs her and compliments her home and tells her he’s glad she’s happy, the next 90 minutes are spent watching Attractive White Man fall in love with his Seemingly Heterosexual Man Roommate and in the end they get together and move into a 1 bedroom apartment instead of a 2 bedroom to save on rent.

Who Do You Think Of (The CS Mixtape) Part 107/?

Series of CS oneshots inspired by music. Series on FF Here.

A/N: Short AU prompted by a reader who wanted Emma and Killian as friends who reach the moment that they both admit they like each other. Inspired by the acoustic version of ‘Who Do You Think Of’ by M.O. and my own ridiculous love for sappy romance movies.

Few things in life could ever bring the same sort of comfort as an evening with best friends. After a long week or a trying time in life, even in the midst of her best moments, Emma always loved coming back to these core people. She liked that she never had to go it alone and that at the end of the day she always had someone to fall back on or call when she just needed a breather away from the world.

Tonight was one of those times that Emma needed an escape. She’d known from the moment she woke up this morning that today was going to be one of those days, and after sending out a text promising wine, food, and entertainment, she got three eager invitation acceptances. Knowing that she had this coming got her through her work at the station and now she was home again hoping that her friends could help bolster her mood.

Truth was Emma was currently in a funk. It felt like she was stuck but she couldn’t figure how. Her job at the precinct was going great and she was on the fast track to promotion, her friends were all doing well and things were by all accounts stable which she needed after her rocky childhood. So it struck Emma as odd that she felt like something was just…missing.

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