【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - JUNGKOOK’s part

Q1: What’s your childhood dream?
A: In childhood, my dream was to become a badminton player. Then my parents bought me a computer. While playing games, I wanted to get a job that’s to do with eSports.

Q2: How did the members celebrate for your birthday in 2017? 
A: When we were practicing together, the light in the practice room suddenly got turned off. As the door opened, Jimin hyung and Taehyung hyung appeared holding a cake! 

Q3: A moment that you felt you have become an adult?
A: I’m officially 20 years old in September! But I still feel like a child. Uh… Actually, I don’t feel like an adult yet. 

Q4: Then, a moment that you feel you’re still a child?
A: For example, my answers in interviews or m opinions on movies, I’ve seen many comments too. Although it’s the same question, they could think in a deeper perspective. At that time, I feel that my deep thinking is still lacking. 

Q5: Recently, have you felt touched because of a piece of work?
A: Romance movie ‘Love, Rosie’ (2014), it’s sweet but also heartrending. Love stories are so touching.

Q6: Recently, what kind of song are you attempting to make? 
A: I’m trying to make a song with the genre future base, which I often listen to and Chillstep.

Q7: Your favorite dessert?
A: Among Japanese deserts, my favorite is the soft ‘きなこ餅’ (mochi sprinkled with sweetened soy flour) and it melts as soon it enters your mouth. And the cheesecake that I ate before we came to Non-No’s photoshoot, that was delicious too! 

Q8: How do you take care of such beautiful voice?
A: I don’t really take care of it. I just sing with my original voice that I was born with. 

Q9: Do you have any small habits?
A: I cover my nose when I yawn. I don’t know why I don’t cover my mouth but my nose (laughs). And unconsciously I would touch the short hair on my face. Both were pointed out by the fans.  

Q10: Which BTS song do you think can cheer people up the most?
A: ‘Wings’ which has fast beats. And the original Japanese song 'Crystal Snow’ that’s going to be released in December. When I first heard it, it left an impression which matches with my current sensibility and mood. 

Q11: If you could go out with the members in private?
A: If we have the time, I want to travel to Japan. I want to visit and leisurely walk along the streets in Tokyo. 

Q12: Recently, what are you into?
A: As always, it’s producing!

Q13: Do you have something that you’re especially good at? 
A: You’re not asking what I’m not good at but asking what I’m good at?! (laughs) The specialty that I want to learn is producing, Japanese and singing. I want to improve my Japanese! 

Q14: If you were Santa Claus, what would you want to give to members as presents? 
A: I want to give Namjoon hyung, Hoseok hyung, Jimin hyung and Taehyung hyung clothes that suits their style. For Suga hyung, I’d give him equipment for producing music. And give Jin hyung pet supplies because he’s raising sugar gliders. 


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Cuphead - Ghost Blossom Headcannons

I know I’ve already done these two, and that I said I was going to do separate bosses, but I read through my old one and I want to change a few things. I will probably mention a few of the same things from the last one.

• so, starting off, Specter. Can’t. Flirt. Like at all, he is horrible at it, and cagney will just drop off little hints of flattering and specter is like oh my God he loves me so much he won’t stop flirting. Cagney thinks this is Fricking adorable.

• More on that, Specter will watch the “old 80’s Romance movies” and be like, Ooooh! That’s what I’m supposed to do..

• he threw rocks at a tree until cagney woke up at like 4 in the morning, cagney asked what he was doing, and spect. Just responded with, “ I never thought I’d get this far…” Followed by squeal-ly noises while he just kind of floated away.

• Specter randomly told cagney that he had to leave, and that he could never come back, with no explanation he kissed cagney and ran back to the train. A few hours later he came back, reliazing that he didn’t really have anywhere to go.

• He gave Cagney some flowers that he found on his way over, he thought it was a sweet gesture, cagney’s a flower, these are flowers, what could possibly go wrong? Everything. He just tried to give cagney corpses. Cagney was kind of shocked, disguested, and honestly a little frightened, but specter reliazed his mistake after. Cagney explained to him what he just did, specter died a little inside and apologized. (Those are only a few of the things he did)

• Specter loves cagney more than anything in the world.

• The whole ghost train staff (I’m so sorry I can’t remember what they’re called) weren’t really for the whole, specter dating cagney thing. But they were willing to try for specter.

• Specter badically goes around the train talking about what a great boyfriend he has.

• Specter will also talk to cala maria about cagney, while cala can talk about hilda.

• unlike specter and Cala maria, cagney and hilda fight about how has the best girlfriend/boyfriend

• Specter will actively disobey rules and sneak cagney onto the train, although he’ll always take him off before they go into the underworld.

• Cagney almost never let’s anyone garden with him, but he tries to teach specter so he won’t want to murder him if he helps out.

• Specter is pure, and basically thinks that things like neck kisses are the most romantic thing in the world. He gets extremely flustered whenever cagney does this, and the first time it happened specter just started screaming with no explanation, he said that it didn’t hurt or anything and he has no idea why he screamed.

• Cagney is very protective of specter, although the train staff are noticeably way more protective of him.

• Specter is also protective over cagney, and dispite specter making a lot of jokes, somebody could basically make fun of cagney, in friendly banter of course, and specter would yell at them.

• He would basically tell them to apologize, and cagney would say it’s a joke, and then specter would be like, AHHH they’re making fun of you?! And cagney would have to apoligize to the person and explain to spect. What’s happening.

• Cagney tries to not let spect. Buy him gifts because specter is bad at gifts. So he just gets him everything!

• Cagney tries to get to know the train people’s more, in an attempt to befriend them for specter.

• Specter can’t handle being away from cagney for too long.

• Spect. Tried to comfort cagney after the cupbros took his soul contract. Cagney really didn’t take it well. Specter wasn’t taking it well either but he could hide that a bit.


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answer the questions for your muse and tag some people.

  • Muse’s full name: Sirius Black III.
  • Least favorite nickname: Siri, or any other short version of his name.
  • Least favorite color: beige.
  • Least favorite season: none.
  • Least favorite weather: Excessive humidity.
  • Least favorite—hot or cold: Cold.
  • Least favorite holiday: Valentines.
  • Least favorite food: fast food.
  • Least favorite flavor: sweet.
  • Least favorite drink: beer.
  • Least favorite scent: anything cloyingly sweet.
  • Least favorite sound: the crying of a baby.
  • Least favorite book: romance novels.
  • Least favorite movie: romantic comedies.
  • Least favorite tv show: soap operas.
  • Least favorite school subject or area of study: potions.
  • Least favorite aspect of their job: What job? Waiting — back when he was active in the Order, during the first war.
  • Least favorite fictional character: Jesus Christ, although he’s pretty much neutral/indifferent towards Christianity as a religion. 
  • Least favorite person: Voldemort, later Peter Pettigrew.
  • Least favorite trait in others: passive-aggressiveness. 
  • Least favorite place: 12 Grimmauld Place, followed closely by Azkaban.
  • Least favorite thing to talk about: any details on how he feels about his family.
  • Least favorite thing about themselves: his pureblood heritage and how utterly cruel he can be.
  • Least favorite sexual position:  none.
  • Least favorite daily chore: cooking.
  • Least favorite style of clothing: disco.
  • Least favorite activity: Quidditch, or any other team sports.
  • Least favorite superpower: Immortality.
  • Least favorite thing about humanity in general: their quickness to be prejudiced and narrow-minded.
  • Least favorite thing about being in love: Having someone to lose.
  • Least favorite thing about death: Not being around anymore to protect the people he loves.

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+ YOU!!

We got a preview for new matching YOI nendos and I’m so in love because they remind me of those scenes in the ending credits?

AND IT’S SO LOVELY I’m a huge sap for the whole idea of Victor catching up with Yuuri, wrapping his arms around his waist, spinning him around and kissing him like they’re in one of those cliché romance movies <3