romance tour


a little prep work for the upcoming one shot Vive Le Tour. Things to know (which will be explained in the story, but if you have present curiosities):

  • The tour is 21 stages, aka 21 days of racing
  • The jerseys awarded are as follows:
    • Yellow Jersey, for the winner of the tour, who has the best combined time; the person who rides the whole thing the fastest
    • Green Jersey, for the winner of the points competition, who wins the most points for sprints throughout the tour
    • Polka Dot Jersey, for the winner of the mountains points competition; the person who climbs the mountains the fastest, usually the smallest person in the race
    • White Jersey, which is the same as the yellow except it’s for the best young rider, meaning under age 26
  • Each team has a leader who the others rally around as their candidate most likely to win the yellow jersey
    • A ‘domestique’ is someone on the team whose job it is to help the team leader
    • In cycling this means that the domestique is usually around to give the leader a break, or help them gain speed; they will lead into the wind until the leader is ready to break away, and then usually the domestique will fall behind. it’s all v selfless (and romantic, she says, giggling)
  • Darian Mulciber is based EXTREMELY LOOSELY on the riding style/personality of Chris Froome, while Caleb Avery is based EVEN MORE LOOSELY on Richie Porte. 
    • Richie Porte was Chris Froome’s domestique for a long time, but is now one of his rivals
  • The sprinters, who compete for the green jersey, also have a backstory. Harry Potter is based on Peter Sagan, and Theo Nott on Marcel Kittel (though Marcel much more accurately resembles Draco Malfoy, but we don’t have all day to spend on this insanely niche AU)
  • This one shot will be narrated by Lee Jordan, but the real narration can be heard in the highlights video by two hilarious Australians