romance tour


Lot’s of coffee, like, a lot. There wouldn’t be much to eat, so you would kind of just manage on whatever you had. However, there’s always coffee in the tour bus and when they run out, somebody (nobody really specifies) gets some.

Constant attacks of the sort.

Gerard - Sass attacks. 24/7. Just, you spin around and he’s standing there with his hip popped out like ‘Sugar, you’re going on stage like that?”

Frank - Physical attacks. Just you know, sleeping at three in the morning when suddenly a midget man is sitting on your chest.

Mikey - Jumpscare attacks. He would probably just psychologically torture you, jumping out from behind corners at midnight when you left for food.

Ray - The grammar attacks, i.e ‘It’s whom, not who.’ ‘Uh, that’s spelled their, not they’re’. ‘The proper formatting of that sentence would actually be, Frank enjoys Gerard’s dick up his own ass, not Gerard puts his dick up Frank’ss ass and Frank likes it.’

Smelly bunkers. Just imagine the smell of old condoms and dirty socks wrapped in band tee shirts that hadn’t been changed in two weeks.

Midnight truth or dare. Frank is all up in your business like ‘So, (Y/N), you a virgin or not?’ and you freeze up and try to avoid the question, but all at once the entire tour bus turns to you and Ray just pops out from behind the curtain and they all have this look on their face.

Early mornings. Having to wake up at 5:00 to get ready, and Gerard just always complaining because you never learn and always think that it’s a good idea to stay up till midnight.

Stealing Gerard’s corn flakes. And then when you told him that you found it he would be all happy for a moment and then you would tell him that you ate it all and he would just look really depressed for a while.

And then you buy him mixed nuts because you feel bad about the cereal.

Really, really, really terrible puns either towards song lyrics or Gerard/Mikey’s last name, i.e, ‘I don’t think you’re doing that the right WAAAAAAAAY’ or people being like ‘I’m going to bed’ and some doofus (probably Frank) being like ‘So long.’ and then someone else being like. ‘And goodnight.’ and then just violent laughter.


Kellin….you are killing me. 😂😂😂😂