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  • 5sos
  • one direction
  • all time low
  • panic!at the disco
  • my chemical romance
  • bring me the horizon
  • thirty seconds to mars
  • bryana holly
  • harry potter
  • halsey
  • twenty one pilots 
  • little mix
  • teen wolf

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Ultimately, a relationship with a bisexual in it isn’t ever really “straight” anyway—by virtue of the fact that there’s at least one person in there queering the whole thing up. At our best, bisexuals are queer ambassadors: We’re out here injecting queer sensibilities into the straight world, one conversation and one relationship at a time.

Tumblr has revealed the lists of bands who dominated the site throughout 2016.

The ‘Year In Review’ takes a look at the acts who have the most posts, re-blogs, likes and searches across Tumblr over the past 12 months.

Unsurprisingly Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low and more have made it onto the lists, with Twenty One Pilots being the only band to feature twice on the albums list.

 See the bands + albums lists below.


01. 5 Seconds of Summer
02. Twenty One Pilots
03. One Direction
04. Fifth Harmony
05. The 1975
06. Fall Out Boy
07. Little Mix
08. My Chemical Romance
09. Panic! at the Disco
10. All Time Low
11. Bring Me the Horizon
12. Arctic Monkeys
13. Black Veil Brides
14. Paramore
15. Pierce the Veil
16. Gorillaz
18. The Front Bottoms
19. Bastille
20. ColdplayALBUMS

01. 'Lemonade’ by Beyonce
02. 'Blurryface’ by Twenty One Pilots
03. 'Blue Neighbourhood’ by Troye Sivan
04. 'Made in the A.M.’ by One Direction
05. 'Anti’ by Rihanna
06. 'Sounds Good Feels Good’ by 5 Seconds of Summer
07. 'The Life of Pablo’ by Kanye West
08. 'Agust D’ by Agust D
09.  'Vessel’ by Twenty One Pilots
10. '1989’ by Taylor Swift
11. 'Cry Baby’ by Melanie Martinez
12.  'Death of a Bachelor’ by Panic! at the Disco
13. 'Views’ by Drake
14. '25’ by Adele
15. 'Badlands’ by Halsey
16. 'Lotto’ by EXO
17. 'Mind of Mine’ by Zayn Malik
18. 'Joanne’ by Lady Gaga
19. 'Purpose’ by Justin Bieber
20. 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’ by My Chemical Romance

Talking about the alternative community, @staff told @billboard, “The alt kids feel at home here. Tumblr is like where you go to share your passions. Usually the kids who are into these bands are going to the shows, buying the merch. They’re the people up in the front. They’re the people making art about the things they love. Music is their life. When you find a space like Tumblr where you can live your life online with the people who feel that same passion, you can share your fan art, you can share your silly fan fiction, just in the same breath that you share these true emotional stories about what happened when you met the band, or the moment you got the album, your reaction.”

Run Away With Me
“It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure!… It’s not like we have somewhere to go.”

Tightrope x Walk The Moon // Take a Walk x Passion Pit // Summertime x My Chemical Romance // Cough Syrup x Young the Giant // Jackrabbit x San Fermin // I Wanna Get Better x Bleachers // Geronimo x Sheppard // Riptide x Vance Joy // Tear in my Heart x Twenty One Pilots // Ways to Go x Grouplove // Pumpin Blood x NONONO // Miss Atomic Bomb x The Killers // Favorite Record x Fall Out Boy // Mr Jones x Counting Crows // What I Got x Sublime // She Will be Loved x Maroon 5 // No Story Time x Smalllpools // Come a Little Closer x Cage The Elephant // Dangerous x Big Data (feat. Joywave) // 1979 x Smashing Pumpkins

{listen here}

anonymous asked:

I know u don't rly do shinee but it's my birthday and it as wondering if you could do headcanons for what the members would be if they weren't idols? With maybe some romance mixed in? Your hcs are just rly good but if you don't want to do them then it's fine!!

hsfdc this is late, but i hope it is still ok!!! 
again, i usually don’t write for shinee but some others actually sent me asks asking for more of these guys and since it is your (quite late) birthday - here you go!!! 

shinee x career!au 


  • emergency room surgeon 
  • is insanely good under pressure and makes quick, good decisions and isn’t afraid of leadership roles. he keeps his whole team well managed and even in life or death situations for his patients - he never gives up on them or jumps to conclusions. if there’s even a one percent chance of surgery saving them, he’s willing to take those odds
  • looks really REALLY good in scrubs and like all the nurses argue over who’s going to work the ER night shift just so they can see doctor onew
  • everyone at the hospital assumes he’s a classic gentleman, and ok sure he might dress like one, but then you go out drinking with him and he’s all dad jokes, messy eating, and totally a goofball 
  • you’re on one of the night shifts at the hospital and it’s pretty dead, just people coming in with the stomach flu and what not so the surgery department is pretty much falling asleep where they stand 
  • and you’re walking by with some snacks that you brought down for them
  • and once you get to Onew you’re like “Doctor, are you hungry?”
  • and Onew gives you this random smile, one that looks way too excited and you’re like ???
  • and Onew shrugs and then goes “How can I be hungry, when I’m Doctor?”
  • and everyone around you groans because god how much more cheesy can you get 
  • but you - you damn near drop all the snacks you’re holding because you laugh so hard you try to use your hand to slap your knee but everything tumbles out of your hands and Onew gives you this shining grin because FINALLY someone has acknowledged his comedian side
  • and he helps you pick up the snacks and he’s like ‘want to hear another good joke?’ and you’re like yes please oh my god
  • and he tells you jokes the whole night because no surgeries come in and you end up in tears at how bad, but funny they all are
  • and when shift changes come along, Onew offers to go buy you breakfast if only so he can tell you more jokes (and you know,,,,,get to know you a little better because hey you think he’s funny and you’re mega cute)  


  • dog show judge 
  • know way too much about dog fashion. like way too much. like no one should have this much knowledge on such an obscure topic
  • is universally feared and respected through the dog show community and anyone who participates is always worried about him because he has the highest standards
  • loves poodles. has a poodle shaped pen that he takes notes with when studying the contestants
  • if Key takes a photo with a dog, that dog becomes internet famous
  • owns 53 different ties all with different breeds of dogs on them
  • you’re a novice when it comes to dog shows, but your friend really wanted to enter her toy poodle in an upcoming event - too bad she got sick the day of and begged you to fill in
  • so you’re standing there in line and being judged by a bunch of well….other people with dogs
  • and your friends dog is dead about to roll over and fall asleep on your shows and you don’t know the first thing about dog show etiquette and you’re just a mess
  • and when you go up you see this handsome man in front of you whose eyes are piercing your soul and you’re like gulping and he’s like
  • “Well, what is your dogs name?” and you almost forget your own name when he speaks to you because wow dear god he’s - stunning but you mumble out the dogs name
  • and Key examines the dog like it’s some invaluable work of art and you see a small smile and you’re like ok ok ok he likes the dog
  • but then the portion where you have to walk the dog around the ring comes and you’re like trying to get the pup to budge but it wont and you can feel all these eyes on you and you’re like c’mon please,,,,,,
  • but then all of a sudden your friends dog bolts and pulls you along with the leash and you lose your footing and almost fall face first to the floor
  • but thankfully someone catches you around the waist, supporting you back to your feet and you look up and Key gives you a chuckle and he’s like
  • “First time?” and you nod your head, looking at him like a lost puppy and he’s like “You’re lucky you and the dog are cute.”
  • and with that he takes a hold of the leash from you, makes a clicking noise and the dog follows his commands perfectly as he walks the ring with it
  • and everyones whispering like oh MY god,,,,Key helped them out,,,, K E Y of all people,,,,
  • and when the show is over, your friends dog manages third place and you’re happy with that but when Key hands you the ribbon he slips in something else before leaving with a sly smile
  • and you look down to see a number on a piece of paper and it says ‘third place for a first timer is ok - but call me, and we’ll make that pup a winner.’
  • is Key asking you out because he thinks you’re adorable or because he thinks your friends dogs is adorable? im sure you’ll find out on your date~


  • movie director 
  • aesthetics, a e s t h e t i c s, A E S T H E T I C S 
  • “how can such a loud voice come from such a tiny body?”
  • gives actors acting advice without ever having acted himself but the advice is actual super good tbh he’s very in demand for movies nowadays
  • loves directing tragedies. he lives for the Drama 
  • will openly criticize bad script writing and will demand changes if he thinks things aren’t working out
  • he basically tries to do 23354 jobs at once, but his passion for good movie making is why any movie he directs ends up being a blockbuster
  • you work on the lighting crew for jonhyun’s latest film and everyone around you is always complaining about him having a ‘stick up his ass’ because he’s a perfectionist 
  • but you always feel uncomfortable talking about him that way because you know how hard he works and how much effort he puts into things and so most of the time you just don’t take part of the conversation
  • until one day one of the interns turns to you during break and is like ‘what’s the directors problem? he keeps badmouthing the male lead - but that actor has like ten years of experience. the director is so damn full of himself’
  • and you want to just keep eating your sandwich but you’re like no Time to Spill the Tea
  • and you’re like “that actor has ten years of experience of bad acting. he debuted with a movie that was a flop and has only starred in flops since. jonghyun is trying to save his ass from another flop so really we all need to shut it and let him do his job because without him - that actor would probably be done for.”
  • and with that you excuse yourself and get up to go get some coffee from the refreshments tent but you walk straight into someones chest and you’re like eep- im sorr-
  • and you look up to see jonghyun and you’re like gfdkhlslfd oh m y god im sorry director-
  • but he just grins and suddenly puts his arm around you and is like “do you mean that? that im that actors saving grace?” and you’re like oH YOU HEARD
  • and jonghyun gives you a toothy grin again and is like “you don’t think i need to get off my high horse?” and you like shake your head like “tbh i dont think you were on a high horse in the first place, that actors just on the floor compared to you.”
  • that makes jonghyun laugh and he ruffles your hair a bit and you blush like,,, what’s he doing,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “it’s nice to have someone on your side in the crew - remind me to hire you again for my next movie.”
  • he gives your hair another ruffle and you’re like omgomomog he likes,,,me,,,enough to want to keep working with me omomomg
  • and tbh you can’t help but do a little victory cheer for yourself and jonghyun’s going back to re-read the script but he can’t stop himself from smiling because he’s like “who knew we had such cute people working for us,,,,,” (you. he’s talking about you)


  • sports broadcaster 
  • everyone loves him because he starts off relatively calm and you know he’s making comments about the teams strategy
  • but halfway into the game he’s pulling his tie loose and yelling into the mic and losing his goddamn mind over a game of soccer
  • and whenever korea gets a goal he belts out like half the national anthem and is like KOREA 4 LYFE
  • and he basically gets super hyped and in turn it gets everyone else super hyped and it becomes a party
  • once ripped his pants jumping up onto the announcers desk and almost mooned every1 on tv,,,,,,beautiful 
  • you’re his makeup artist and every time you’re like ‘Minho if you sweat a lot the concealer might come off-’ and he’s like ‘ok i promise i won’t start getting overworked’
  • but LOL that doesn’t last by the next commercial break you have to run over and wipe the sweat of and touch up his whole face
  • and you’re always grumbling like Minho,,,,you are killing me,,,,,
  • and he’s always apologetic giving you the damn puppy eyes and you’re like thAT DOESNT WORK JUST CALM DOWN AND DONT SMUDGE UR MAKEUP
  • but then the next break comes and you’re back over there to touch him up and one day you’re just like “i swear you’re worse than idols who have to sweat when they’re dancing - you’re just here getting worked up over-”
  • but then you feel his arm come up to touch your cheek gently and he’s like “really, i know it’s hard but im really happy you bare with me.”
  • and you look at him, a small bit of sweat still apparent over his brow and his deep set pretty brown eyes and you swallow like
  • oh,,,,,it’s nothing i was just saying that because,,,
  • and Minho’s lips curl up a bit into a smile and he’s like “after this don’t fix my makeup - just get your things so we can go get dinner.”
  • and your heart jumps but you’re like gflkgljfe ok 
  • and the camera man is like we’re back on in 5 seconds and you need to scramble off the set, but then you catch Minho’s eye and he winks and you’re like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,,
  • and you’re like he really is a sweet perso- and then he starts yelling and you can see him touching his face with his hands and you’re like MINHO YOUR MAKEUP GOD  DAMMIT


  • museum tour guide 
  • “what did you study in college Taemin, art history?”
  • “I studied Egyptology with a minor in mortuary science. Do you want me to tell you exactly how it was that they made mummies? I even know the step-by-step intestines extracti-” 
  • weird facts enthusiast 
  • refuses to wear the ‘suggested uniform’ of the museum staff which is light and friendly colors he’s fine wearing his black eyeliner, black jeans, and black large sweater that swallows him whole
  • tells kids about how the god seth murdered osiris and when parents are like isn’t that a bit explicit Taemin is like ‘death is a part of life, they know that - right kids? we all die, isn’t that fun?’
  • how he hasn’t lost his job is a mystery 
  • you’re at the museum looking for something fun to do for a freelance project and you’re like trying to gain inspiration from all the cool ancient gods but nothing’s coming to mind
  • and Taemin notices how you keep scrunching up your nose and writing things down only to cross them out hastily and curmple the paper
  • so he like comes over and is like ‘Need help? (—-:’ and you’re like sighing like ,,,,, no not re-
  • but then you look up at him and you’re like in your head like o wait no ur hot and so you’re like ‘yeah!! do you know anything cool about the Egyptian gods-’
  • Taemin puts up his hands and is like ‘Say no more. I’m the man you’ve waited for your whole life.’
  • and you’re a bit red like,,, oh,,,w-what and Taemin is like my shift ends in 5 minutes wait here
  • and that’s how you end up in a cafe across the street where Taemin unleashes the longest explanation of ancient gods that you ever thought you’d ever hear in your life
  • but somehow it is super entertaining, maybe because Taemin is so passionate or maybe because the topic is actually much cooler than you expected
  • and Taemin somehow finally stops and you’ve got a whole half book of notes and he’s like hope i helped!!! and you’re like you did more honestly how can i ever repay you 
  • and Taemin scratches the back of his neck and he’s like ahhh,,,wanna go see this new documentary coming out on King Tut with me? Unless that’s bori-
  • but you’re like YES let’s do it it’s a date and Taemin is like cracking out into this big smile because usually people don’t want to be around him when he’s geeking out over stuff he likes but you seem so eager and he’s just like before you leave he’s like 
  • “can i kiss your cheek?” and you’re like omg ,,,sure but why did you ask?? and Taemin is like “Goddess Isis would not be pleased if I didn’t ask you first-” and you’re like hehe cute 
More symbol starters!

☠ : Our muses are at school when slowly classmates start getting murdered! Will they escape? Will they find the killer? Or will one of them die as well?

→: Our muses in the military are sent on a mission to sneak into enemy territory and save hostages! This is a sneaking mission… don’t be seen!

🍁: Our muses are now stranded in a dangerous forest after a tragic plane crash! What do they do to survive? And will they escape?

👫: Our muses are set up on a date… But they’re both blindfolded and cannot see each other! No judging on appearance - only personality. How does this go?

💏: One muse has lost their voice and the only way to get it back is to kiss the other… but the other muse thinks they’re just messing around. How do they get that kiss?

💤: One muse keeps reliving the same day over and over… but when telling the other muse, they think they’re crazy! How do they get them to believe? And does it ever end?

💞: One muse promised their parents they’d bring their partner over to meet them… only problem is - they’re single. So they convince your muse to act the part! How does this go down?

👹: Our muses fall down a rabbit hole! But instead of the happy little land like in the storybook… they end up somewhere much worse.

📺: Our muses figure out they can somehow transport themselves into anything on television! Is it as fun as they thought? Or do they get into a ton of trouble? If they lose the remote, they’re stuck forever.

🌅: One muse tries to hide the fact that every sunset, the turn into something else (whether its a werewolf, vampire, or just a beaver.) The other muse knows they’re hiding something and tries to figure this out.

🔪: Mysterious murders have been happening in town lately. But what happened when one muse finds out that the other muse is the killer? Do they have a reasoning? Or have they gone crazy?

😄: After watching too man superhero movies, one muse gets carried away and wants to be one himself. But what happens when they try saving people who don’t even need saving? Does the other muse try and knock some sense into him? Or do they just enjoy the show.

?: One muse completely forgets who the other is! Doesn’t matter if they’re a lover, a best friend, a family member, or just an acquaintance… they have no clue who you are anymore.

😷: Our muses mess around in the hospital by dressing up as fake-doctors. But what happened when their disguise works a little too well and they’re pulled off to handle a surgery?

👪: A homeless child finds both of your muses and now forcefully declares you as his/her parent. Do they play along? Do they adopt him together? Or do they take him to a shelter?

💕: One muse is blind, and the other is deaf. How do they interact with each other? Does a friendship or something stronger grow? Let your hearts guide you.

Perhaps love at first sight is real? Our muses meet at a masked ball and instantly click! Only problem is, they go home without getting their number or actually seeing their face… do they find each other?

✎ : Both muses are pen-pals. They’ve chatted over the years but never once met in person… but what happens when one muse surprises the other by showing up on their doorstep?

☣:: When the world starts to end, our muses must try and survive during the multiple disasters that begin to happen. Tornado’s, earthquakes, tsunamis, bombings… do they survive? does one die? and does the chaos ever end?

✈: Our muses take a vacation! But during the plane ride, strange paranormal activities begin to happen and people start dying. There’s 13 hours till the plane lands - will they make it?

✿: One muse tries really hard to woo the other! Fancy wine, a picnic under the stars, rose petals leading to the bedroom… does the other muse give in? Or are they not interested?

❥: Both muses are in love with each other… only problem is, one of them in trapped in an arranged married and will be killed if she doesn’t give in.

♚: One muse is royalty, the other is a commoner. Whither its love or simply friendship, they continue to secretly meet up with each other. Wither they get caught or not is up to you.

🎉: Our muses decide to throw a giant house party and invite all their old high-school friends! But people who weren’t invited start showing up, things are broken, drugs and alcohol are brought, and it starts getting way out of hand.

👰: Our muses are now married for a day! Doesn’t matter if they’re friends, enemies or dating… you may now kiss the bride/groom!

🏢: Our muses visit a hotel to stay the night. But they soon find out that everyone who is staying there is dead/spirits. What happens when they’re unable to leave? Will they find a way to escape? Or will they be killed by the other spirits and be forced to stay forever.

✘: Our muses are now put under a spell where they can’t tell a singular lie! Do I look good in this dress? No. No you don’t.

ur gabe/jesse hcs: dark n edgy and canon-wise to the setting, with some added pining romance mixed in
my gabe/jesse hcs: “okay so this one time mccree couldn’t hit a target so reyes refused to call him anything other than ‘joel’ until he hit it and eventually the entire blackwatch ops squad started chanting 'joel, joel, he’s our man’ every single time he missed and to this day it still haunts his nightmares”

Common Days.

Credence Barebone x Reader (Pt.6 of this series “Bonded”, Pt.1, Pt.2 , Pt.3Pt.4, & Pt.5 Here)

Next: Pt.7

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Abuse

A/N: Sixth part of the series! As promised, I have made the next chapter right after I made the fifth, and this should be up the next day IM A BIT LATE OOPS! This one is a bit longer to make up from the short one. This chapter will be kind of like (Y/N)’s normal days and a little bit lot of Credence’s too, a bit of sight into their lives I guess? I hope you guys enjoy!

(if something is in italics its what the person is thinking, OR there is a flashback, if there is a flashback, there will be a little * symbol before and after the flashback)

Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

Once they had separated, (Y/N) picked up her pace, walking quickly to make it to her workplace. She wasn’t exactly happy with her job, she was a tailor, worked at a place not too far from her home.

(Y/N) not only hated her job, but she was also treated very poorly at it. The men that made sure the tailors were working spouted insults at the workers for any ‘mistake’ they may have made.

Not only were they verbal, but they often wouldn’t hesitate to get physical. If someone made a mistake with measurements, or anything else that they didn’t think was good enough, the poor victim often got a good slap, kick, or punch as a reward.

Of course (Y/N) had tried countless times to fight back, and when she didn’t fight physically, she would spout insults or snappy comebacks towards the beasts. It just ended up in threats to fire her and more abuse, so at some point her fighting spirit died down.

She walked into her workplace cautiously, stepping in without making any noise and carefully walking to the are where the tailors worked. It often reeked of sweat due to the fact that nobody was allowed breaks or food until after work hours, leaving everyone famished.

She sat down at her spot and quickly got to work, but just as she thought she managed to come in without complications, she heard a deep voice right behind her, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” was what she heard in a rather accusing tone.

She tensed, “I-I’m sorry-” she was cut off by a sharp tug on the shoulder and as she was forcefully turned around she got a quick slap to the face. The man glared at her with hate-filled Brown eyes, “I don’t give a fuck about some petty apologies,” he practically growled the words out.

The man continued to glare holes into the back of her head as she sat down, working, ignoring the slight stinging on her cheek that she was sure would remain there for a good portion of her workday.

This was an almost everyday thing she put up with, and she usually just felt empty on work days, emptier than she usually did. Her mind wandered a bit and she yelped quietly as she accidentally pricked herself with the sewing machine infront of her.

The sound of footsteps approaching scared her and she ignored the drop of blood on her finger as she continued working. She felt someone standing behind her but ignored it until she heard a gravelly voice, “Why’d you make noise? You better have a damn good reason for it because you annoy me more than anyone else in this shithole.” He said angrily.

(Y/N) knew exactly who stood behind her, Renn Limno. He had expressed his passionate hate towards her on many occasions, and he was one of the few people that terrified her.

She swallowed thickly, and turned around, “N-nothing sir… It was a silly mistake, I-I just pricked my-” She was cut off when Renn shoved her onto the floor and swiftly kicked her in the ribs.

Her eyes watered slightly but she refused to cry, Renn grabbed her arm and forced her up quickly and forcefully, ignoring her gasp of pain. He looked into her eyes, remorseless, “I always knew you were nothing but fucking scum. Ever since you walked in through that door I just knew.” he whispered harshly.

Renn shoved her back into her spot, walking away angrily. (Y/N) quickly got back to work. Renn was always more brutal with her than necessary, he liked to over-exaggerate things with her, he enjoyed it.

Whist all of this was happening with (Y/N), Credence had gone back to Mary Lou. She had wasted no time and immediately shoved leaflets in his hands, luckily not noticing the wounds that she caused the previous night, gone all of a sudden.

Mary Lou looked at him sternly, “Come Credence, we have to go. You’d better be on time today.” she practically snarled. Credence nodded without hesitation, flinching weakly as she walked by.

Credence walked quickly, following Mary Lou as she got Modesty to come with them. The group stepped outside into the cool air, walking down to the spot where the rally would begin.

As they walked, Credence heard murmurs from the people around them as they walked, “Oh look… Isn’t that the freak?” one woman had giggled quietly in her small group of friends, “They’re all fucking insane, stupid freaks don’t know when to stop…” Was harshly muttered by a man nearby.

Credence frowned deeply, most wouldn’t notice murmurs but it seemed to be the only thing Credence heard whenever he stepped outside. He looked around, seeing nothing but judgemental eyes staring at him.

He shrunk in on himself more, making him seem as small as he possibly could, hoping people wouldn’t notice him, but the murmurs continued and Credence could only wince at the insults.

As they got to the location where the rally would take place, Mary Lou began spouting her nonsense, and he found himself frowning more than usual at every negative thing she spewed about witches and wizards.

He thought back to (Y/N) for a moment, someone who seemed to notice him in his darkest times, who trusted him enough to show him magic even though he was a part of these horrible rallies against people like her, and wondered why she did.

He dismissed his thoughts and stood, and finally, after many minutes of Mary Lou spreading her hate towards witches, the rally ended and the small crowd split up as people continued on with their days. Mary Lou looked at Credence, “start handing out those leaflets boy, we wouldn’t want a repeat of yesterday would we?” she said tauntingly, glaring daggers at him.

The boy weakly shook his head, and quickly began walking, handing out leaflets to anyone who would spare him a second glance. Credence was suddenly pulled aside roughly into an alleyway, turning sharply he saw who had grabbed him, it was a man in a dark coat.

The man had dark eyes, short black hair and although Credence had never seen this man before, it seemed as though the man knew him. The stranger smiled faintly, “Hello, Credence” he said, his voice gravelly and low.

Credence looked at the man cautiously, “I-uh… Wh-who are you..?” he mumbled. The man looked at Credence strangely, “I’m Percival Graves, I know all about you though, Credence.” Percival Graved stated boldly.

It was silent for a moment, “Perhaps we should talk, I can get us some tea, don’t worry about your leaflets” Graves said, already walking out of the alley. Credence was hesitant, ‘b-but what if he’s like (Y/N)..? M-maybe I can make another friend…’ he thought to himself, following Graves out of the alley.

As they walked into the shop, Graves turned around, “what do you want?” he said, and Credence frowned, he didn’t really know the name of any tea the shop had, “Hurry up, Credence. Don’t have all day, do we?” Percival Graves said, more forceful than the last time he had asked.

Credence shook his head, “D-don’t want any…” he lied. Graves nodded and ordered some tea for himself, grabbing the cup handed to him and sitting down with Credence, “Now Credence” he said, his voice turning into a whisper, “I’m a wizard” he stated.

Credence stared, wide-eyed, the confession- if it could even be called that, was sudden. “Mr.Graves, sir… why do you trust me with this… when you’ve just met me…?” he mumbled quietly.

The man smiled, “Because Credence, your’e different, you’re special” he said, like a proud parent speaking to their child, it made Credence feel warm inside. Credence, naturally questioned him though, “W-Why sir…?” He whispered, “You are aware about your parents, aren’t you..? They were both wizards.” Graves asked.

Credence frowned, “I thought mother was-was lying when she called them those words…” he pushed out. His mother had gone on tangents during his worst beatings, going on about his parents being unnatural monsters, but he always thought it was just how she talked about them, never did the think they could have actually been magical, he wasn’t even sure wizards existed until he met (Y/N).

Graves chuckled to himself for a moment, although Credence didn’t understand what had been funny. Graves looked at Credence, a strange emotion on his eyes, “Credence, I can teach you magic…” he whispered, Credence’s eyes widened, “B-but Mr.Graves, sir… I’m not a wizard..” he mumbled sadly.

The man laughed, “Credence it’s in your blood. If your parents could do it you can. But, you have to help me first.” he said, almost tauntingly. Credence nodded without hesitation, “a-anything to learn magic, sir” he said eagerly.

The wizard infront of Credence nodded firmly, “there is a child, no older than 10, in Mary Lou’s orphanage. This child is what we wizards call an ‘obscurial’. I need you, to find this child” he stated.

Credence frowned, “W-why do you need the child..?” he asked cautiously, “An obscurial is a very powerful wizard, we need to make sure the child doesn’t… hurt anyone, by accident or on purpose..” he said, almost unsure of himself, but Credence didn’t notice, he was blinded by the fact that he could learn magic.

Credence smiled to himself, a small, barely there smile, ‘oh- I can’t wait to tell (Y/N)! She’ll be so-’ “and one more thing, Credence” said Graves, cutting Credence’s thoughts off, “You cannot tell anyone, anyone, what I have told you.” he stated firmly.

The boy tensed at that, he desperately wanted to tell (Y/N) about his day, and he had an itch that it would’ve been better if he told her, but despite all of this he nodded firmly, a small part of him afraid of Graves.

The tall wizard stood up, “I’ll meet you in the same alley in three days Credence, pay attention and please try to find the child, tell me if you notice anything a bit… off, about a child in the orphanage.” he stated, walking out of the small shop.

Credence quickly stepped outside, and for the remainder of his day he handed out his leaflets, excited at the thought of learning magic and becoming a wizard.

Reblog your Top 5 ships of 2016

Post your Top 5 and give reasons if you want to. Ok so I’ll get ball rolling…

5. Peridot x Lapis Lazuli aka LAPIDOT (Steven Universe)

Damn this show has given us a lot of ships but these 2 aliens have given me the most joy in the show thus far. Both of these characters were technically villains at some point in the series (I mean remember when Lapis tried to drown Connie and Steven?) and I always love a good redemption arc but to add potential romance to the mix is always a winner in my book. When the two become roommates Lapis still holds a grudge towards Peri but our favourite space dorito never gives up in trying to make Lapis her friend. Fast forward a few episodes and they have made a home together, they make art together, they nerd out over a Canadian teen drama and now they even have a pet Pumpkin Dog. Steven Universe already has a canon gay couple with Ruby and Sapphire so why not make Lapidot canon? Come on Cartoon Network make 2017 Lapidot’s year!

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4. Lincoln Loud x Ronnie-Ann Santiago (The Loud House)

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The Loud House was the most pleasant surprise of 2016 for me and a return to form for Nick Toons but this old school peanuts inspired cartoon didn’t just give us a 90s style family sitcom it also gave me one of my favourite ships of the year; Lincoln and Ronnie Ann. Ok so we’ve all seen the school bully likes the protagonist scenario in other shows but it’s rare that the protagonist is so enamoured from the start of the series. The first mention of Ronnie Ann is during a episode when Lincoln is trying to hide the fact that he’s being bullied from his 10 over protective sisters but as soon as they learn it’s a girl they freak out; because everyone knows when a girl bullies a guy she has a crush (Apparently?) and they encourage him to go kiss her which subsequently earns him a black eye from Ronnie Anne (Ah young love) 

Throughout the series from this point they have this strange secret relationship as not to lose face amongst friends but they also have some sweet moments, a nice shipping surprise and well worth your support.

3. Poe Dameron x Finn (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Ok before you jump down my throat yes I know the Force Awakens came out in December 2015 but this ship really didn’t gain any traction until 2016. Let’s think about the 2 parts of this ship on one hand Poe; charismatic, dashing and all round nice guy. And other hand we have Finn; conflicted, brave and wants a new life. True Finn uses Poe to escape the First Order but in the brief time these two share on screen there is great chemistry between these two plus Poe is the one who gave Finn his name instead of a number. And who can forget this…

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2. Mike X Eleven (Stranger Things)

I don’t have a lot a reasons for this one just the fact that they’re cute and if it weren’t for the tremendous performances of these child actors I would never believe in this ship.

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1. Nick x Judy AKA WildeHopps (Zootopia)

Was there ever any doubt to what my number one choice would be? This ship works so well nearly everyone who watched Zootopia wondered what Nick and Judy’s baby would look like…wait was that just me? The endless flirting between the two just blows wind into the sails of this ship and it isn’t just a simple disney romance. Judy messes up and really hurts Nick and are both heartbroken by what happened and it isn’t fixed on the same day, they are apart for months and the emotional fallout can still be felt between them. They care for each other, they save each other on more than one occasion and they compliment one another’s personalities. And even after the bad guy is caught, after the city saved and Nick becomes a cop do we get the fairytale romantic ending…NO! We get a goddamn tease but maybe this tease was a good thing because it forged an entire communty to draw fan art, animate short films, write fan fiction and voice in audio dramas. This is not just the best ship of 2016 because of how amazing Nick and Judy are together but because it was the foundation of a fandom. 

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