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Nirvana in Fire Episode 2 Reaction

(Hello, yes, it’s me again, the person who said she’d write a reaction post for every episode she watched and then went and watched SEVEN EPISODES IN THREE DAYS. I have regrets. I actually didn’t even want to stop watching long enough to write this, but I have to before I get too much deeper in. Everything below is written from my episode notes I made while watching episode 2 for the first time, so none of my later knowledge applies, here. I actually know names much better now, obviously. Also I continue to do really badly at not getting attached to anyone. Comically badly, really. I’m setting myself up for a lot of grief, I can tell.)

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Age of Ultron initially left me with some very mixed feelings–namely, frustration about the Bruce/Nat romance. It seemed random, and I was upset that the female character who has been doing a lot for lady superheroes had been given a romantic subplot. And I know I wasn’t alone in these sentiments.

I’ve read and heard a lot about this for the past few weeks, with opinions from both sides–some well-thought-out, some not so much–and it’s given me a lot to think about in terms of what I expect from female characters. I put a lot of pressure on them to be exceptional in every way, usually because there’s only one of them–but at the same time, I cannot stand the two-dimensionality that comes with unparalleled exceptionalism. That’s one of the reasons I don’t care for how Avengers Assemble writes Black Widow–she seems perpetually cold, always in control of herself but also stagnant. She’s there to be superior to her messy, emotional male peers, not to grow and change.

Black Widow has been in four movies so far, and Scarlett Johansson has done an admirable job of fleshing the character out into something more than the sexy killing machine that she was in Iron Man 2. Black Widow has displayed enormous vulnerability, courage, camaraderie, and insecurity alongside her ability to kill a man with her thighs. I don’t feel that it’s fair to ask a character to be vulnerable–to ask her to connect with her friends, struggle with her past, and question her abilities–and then demand that she shut down and go back to being cold and ruthlessly efficient when romance looms on the proverbial horizon.

The problem isn’t that Black Widow got a romantic subplot; the problem is that there are so few female superheroes, or even characters, in the franchise that each one is basically required to shy away from romance for fear of appearing weak or lessened. (Which is bullshit, of course, but that’s a different conversation.) Were there more women in these movies–women as main characters, with big speaking roles and plenty of chances to flaunt their different personalities and abilities–I suspect that the Bruce/Nat subplot would not have caused so much controversy.

I’m hoping that the next time something like this happens, I’ll have a better reaction to it. Because aside from the fact that the amount of vitriol in this conversation got way out of hand…once I had calmed down a bit, I actually found the ship rather cute.

Daryl Dixon Romance Soon

So, up until now in the show it has been IMPOSSIBLE for Carol & Daryl to get together. At the beginning of the show Daryl was too immature & by the time he grew up (4x16) Carol was already in a downward spiral.

We are getting into the end of that downward spiral & that should mean it’s time for Caryl.

Now, I’ve used this graphic before, I find it useful when illustrating the typical love story arc, and we are definitely in the depths of despair. Also, in the slow burn plot arc they almost always introduce a random love interest right before the big show (Tobin) to make the emotional payoff that much greater.

So, let’s recap why a Daryl Dixon romance looms on the horizon:

1. Abraham pointedly asks Daryl if he would think of settling down.

2. Denise’s speech before she died to Daryl.

3. Everyone else is coupling up including Daryl’s best Bro Rick.

All 3 of these things point to Caryl & here’s why.

I don’t think ANY of these things are coincidence. Daryl is thinking about romance, and I believe a Daryl Dixon romance looms for season 7.  Abraham asking Daryl about settling down was a pointed question.  He was with him when Daryl abandoned him & Sasha to go back to Alexandria (back to Carol) and everyone knew that he would go & why he would go. No one was even particularly surprised by it…in fact Rick knew before he even said anything.

In Consumed he tells Carol that he’s Tryin’, and again when they get to Alexandria, but somewhere along the way he has stopped trying, probably due to Carol’s breakdown. Denise points this out in her speech. She tells him how stupid it was that she never told Tara that she loved her, and that he’s not even trying. Then she gets shot. I think the dialogue here points exactly to Consumed which is the #1 Caryl episode.  I think it is a huge hint that Daryl is a good person and deserves love. He needs to tell someone he loves them.

Rick getting with Michonne is the last evidence pointing to Caryl. First of all, Richonne was another slow burn that was even more subtle than Caryl, and it has happened folks. Never forget! Norman Reedus pointed out in old interviews that his character kind of looked to Rick & Lori to see what the romance thing was about so I definitely think Daryl will be thinking of it simply because Rick is in a relationship. Daryl & Rick’s bottle episode was the same as when Richonne happened and i don’t think that’s a coincidence, then the next morning when they are together there is a nod to Carol at the breakfast table and later Abe asks Daryl about Rick & Michonne & then pointed question.

So, a Daryl Dixon romance is DEFINITELY being set up for season 7. I think it’s with Carol…she’s the only one who makes sense.  There have been no other romantic connections set up with Daryl in the entire show.  He brought her a flower, he massaged her shoulder, he hugged her twice, and he stares at her longingly all the time. It’s time that he tells her.

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