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Body Heat DRABBLE (Newt X Reader)

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Anonymous asks: Can u write a story where it’s winter and really cold and you slip into Newt’s room and ask if you can sleep in his bed with him? You don’t have to ad smut!

Warnings: something cute and warm coming your way.

It was a cold night. Very cold. Not to mention your so-called-heater sucked at its job and so you were left under a pile of what felt like twenty blankets.

You were currently in bed, your teeth chattering, at 1 AM, trying not to die from the cold. You grimaced as you heard the wind shrieking outside your window. A single glass window. That’s all that protected you from the unforgiving wind. Well, there was the wall, but a thin window separating you from the outside seemed more dramatic.

But that’s beside the point. The point was you were cold. Very. Cold. You sat up in be, and almost swore you saw your breath as you exhaled.

You then decided to do something very brave or very stupid. First of all, he wasn’t even your boyfriend. Next of all you weren’t sure if he even liked you. Either way, if he was a true friend, he’d surely let you slip into his bed maybe? You didn’t want to seem like a total slut crawling into bed with another man, but Queenie and Tina were off on a trip and wouldn’t be back for a couple of days and you were getting desperate!

So you slipped out of your bed and walked on the floor of eyes, trying not to freeze any faster. You hobbled over to Newt’s room and quietly snuck in without a single noise.

You held your breath, you felt kinda creepy just watching Newt asleep. But you also couldn’t help but notice how absolutely innocent his face looked and how he was all wrapped up in blankets.

“Uh, Newt,” you finally whispered, so you’d stop being a complete creep. “Newt?” You shook him gently and brushed his hair out of his eyes.

Newt’s eyes fluttered over, blinking several times before groaning, “Y/N? It’s the middle of the night. Is something wrong?”

You began to blush a little. Luckily it was fairly dark in the room. “Um… yeah, it’s really, uh, cold.” No duh. Amusingly your face decided to heat up pretty well, as your embarrassment started to rise.

“I can’t do anything about that,” Newt murmured, snuggling deeper into his blankets.

“Well I was thinking maybe I could join you? Please I’m really cold!” As you stood there you began to shiver a little. Half of it was forced and on purpose to prove your point.

Newt opened his eyes again and looked at you with a more awakes look. “Y/N, my bed isn’t that big, you do realize?” Newt started slowly.

“Your right, I should go back to bed sorry to bother you,” you garbled up at once, feeling like a complete idiot.

You were about to turn around and make a b-line back to your room, but Newt hastily said, “I mean, are you alright with sharing a bed with me?”

You turned back to Newt and nodded. Newt shifted around and then patted the bed, his face slightly apprehensive. You did a little squeal of gratitude and quickly jumped into the bed. “Are you sure you’re alright with sleep in the same bed as me?” Newt asked one more time, scooting to make more room. He threw over the blankets onto you making sure you were snug.

“I am but are YOU alright with it?” You returned coyly, giving him a slight smirk of amusement.

“I suppose,” Newt tried to say airily, but he stuttered slightly. “Blimey! Are those your feet?! They’re like bricks of ice!”

You guiltily scooted away from Newt. “Sorry, I told you I was cold!” You were starting to regret this. But the bed was warm. And nice.

Newt was quiet but he scooted to the middle of the bed and beckoned you. “Come here…” He murmured quietly.

You looked at Newt shyly and inched your way closer to him. He wrapped his blanket around you, his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “Warmed up?” Newt whispered into your ear.

You couldn’t help but smile, as you tangled your legs up with Newt and snuggled against his chest. “Warmed up,” you echoed, slowly drifting to a peaceful sleep.

“Well golly! Take a look at this, Tina!” A voice said, startling you from your sleep.

You were groggy and still half asleep, but you were aware of something pink looming over you.

“Too bad we don’t have a camera,” You heard Tina say, her voice full of mockery and amusement.

You realized that Newt was still holding onto you and you were tangled up with him. Shooting upwards you flipped out, causing Newt to wake up. “Oh my gosh, what are you guys doing back so early? I thought you came back tomorrow! We didn’t do anything, I swear! I was just cold and miserable! I’m not a horrible woman!” You began defensively, talking at 90 mph trying to save yourself, or that you were just digging your own grave.

Newt sat up, his face full of guilt. “She was cold, and I could let her freeze to death! I’m her mummy, I needed to protect her from the cold! I would have done it to any of my beasts!” Newt paused realizing that he basically implied that you were one of his creatures. “I mean, she’s not mine, I just wanted her to be warm!”

Tina and Queenie laughed with amusement. “Queenie, let’s leave them alone. We came back a day earlier than expected. We’ll be unpacking, and it is cold here. What’d you do, break the heater?”

You were now burning, your face a deep red. “I dunno!” Was all you could force out. You could feel your heart in your throat.

Luckily Tina forced the grinning Queenie out of the room and closed the door on the two of you. You sat there, running your fingers through your hair and sighed. “That was embarrassing…”

It was still fairly early in the morning and Newt full of exhaustion laid down again. “You might as well stay for a couple more hours. And keep me warm…” Newt suggested, his face looked like a puppy, his eyes pleading slightly.

A small smile tugged at the corner of your mouth, as you eagerly dove back under the bed. “It is pretty cold…” You agreed. “I guess I could stay.”

Newt rolled over next to you to get closer. He buried his face in your neck, giving a small kiss on your collar bone. You laughed out loud and snuggled up against Newt again. “You should keep me warm more often!”


Just Mcr Things

*90 seconds of silence* *piano* “WELL THEY”

Someone: are you okay?

“That’s not a _______ it’s an idea”


Weekend pancake report (not mcr but still including it)

Skipping destroya in front of your friends so they don’t think you are insane for listening to UHUHUHUHUHUHHHH

Frank Iero’s lip and nose piercing


I just got so emo I fell apart

*g note*

You better stay on that side of the street, mother fucker. I’ll knock you out.

March 22

Fuck you, it’s meese

Gerard’s pinky

Gerard’s lip



You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. You can’t swim, you can’t dance, and you don’t know karate. Face it. You’re never gonna make it.
I don’t wanna make it. I just wanna- NEOENOENOENOENOENOEO

Look alive sunshine


These are my “shut-the-fuck-ups”

Gourmet fuckin fruit gels bro

We’ll carry on


Things are better if I stay


Breaking up and then releasing a song titled fucking “fake your death” I mean come on


“Do you remember the flowers of Tenebrae? It seems so long ago.
You’ll find they await you still, blooming from hill to vale”.

“Will you be there?”


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Happy Valentines everyone!

I love Noctis and Luna so much. I really wish they could have been together more in the game, breaks my heart…



ongoing ✕


Y/N is Jimin’s younger sister, and remains blissfully unaware of his criminal lifestyle, until it’s too late. 
(warnings! violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse)





When Y/N gets a job at the Jeon law firm downtown, her life gets turned upside down, but is it for better, or worse?
(warnings! mature themes, swearing, eluded smut and HEAVY SMUT)


PART 1,  PART 2,  PART 3,  PART 4,  PART 5,  PART 6,  PART 7,  PART 8,  PART 9,  PART 10


With no recollection of what actually happened, only a ghastly bite mark on your leg, you’re left to fit the pieces of the puzzle together yourself. Until you meet some very interesting individuals.
(warnings! mature themes, violence, kidnapping, non-con, mental breakdowns, blood, please do not read if you’re uncomfortable with supernatural/scifi themes)

PART 1,  PART 2,  PART 3,  PART 4,  PART 5,  PART 6,  PART 7,  PART 8,  PART 9,  PART 10


After attending your best friend’s birthday party you decided to walk home, but what happened along the way and after that night, nobody was prepared for.
(warnings! very mature themes, violence, smut at some point, weapons, drugs, mentions of non-con. do not read if uncomfortable with NSFW themes)

PART 1,  PART 2,  PART 3,  PART 4,  PART 5,  PART 6,  PART 7,  PART 8