ok so, i have no idea how this stupid blog i made somehow reached 100+ followers, but here we are! thank you so much guys! how you put up with me and my dumb posts and spiteful remarks directed at simm!master & canon missy i have no idea - but thanks again for sticking around! i never expected this blog to go anywhere. when i first posted ‘k9 was the master all along’ on my death rp blog, poking fun at the idea of fobwatched!companion master i never thought i would actually make a k9!master, let alone that people would like the idea and follow the blog. so the fact that people enjoy this character and silliness of the concept is pretty amazing! and i’m grateful for anyone each and everyone of you!

the actual follow forever / bias list (whatever that means)

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               "You and I exist in a special relationship to time,

                                                       you know.  Perpetual outsiders.“

                                                                           ”– Don’t be  p o r t e n t o u s.“ 
                                                                           Written by Carrie & Dana.