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“— — INDEED, is that one of your Earth superstitions?  Because it’s utterly ridiculous,” she runs the pad of a slender finger along the rim of his hat, head tilted, “What do you reckon, then? A little much? Perhaps I ought to stick to top hats.”

His lips slowly pull into a smile – he is reminded of a time long past, people long gone, but he shrugs it away as he hikes a shoulder in response.   ❝ Well, now. I wouldn’t go so far as THAT. I suspect any hat’d look mighty fine, perched as it is, ❞   he concedes, voice as soft as his grin as he lays on his Southern drawl extra thick.

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Traumatic: I'll write my or your characters going through a traumatic experience.

To preface…IF this sucks, it is completely all my fault and I hope Romana won’t hate me. This is my first time playing with someone’s character besides DrThetaSigma10 so please be gentle. XD

Nimue was contentedly napping in the branches above her companion, Kimber Mac. Kimber was contentedly watching the sunset over London after a long day in her deep, dark office. At some point she would walk down and catch the public transport home, but she was in no great hurry. It was quite lovely right where she was.

Which made the sudden jolt in her perception all that much more disturbing as it hit. She saw an ovoid object burning through the atmosphere, felt fear/pain/confusion and a tremendous impact. She tried to look around within the vision, get an idea where the craft was going to come down. Her hands reached almost of their own volition into her jacket for her tablet, opened a window and typed in the coordinates she saw on the panel.

Snapping back to herself, rather disoriented, she switched on her Bluetooth and scrambled through to Ops. “Code Blue Distress! Repeat: Code Blue Distress!” She lurched to her feet and pelted back toward UNIT HQ. “Get a team to the followin’ coordinates, Hard Down! I’m on me way, but we need a Xeno Specialist!”

A crisp female voice responded. “Copy, McLeod. Do you have a Vitae Status?”

“Live for now. Unstable. Uncertain.”

Kimber grabbed a set of keys as she stumbled into the motor pool and clambered into a Land Rover followed by Nimue, who dug her talons into the back of the passenger seat.

“En route now, get that specialist! Species not on record!”

Putting the Bluetooth on standby she glanced over at her diminutive owl as she started the vehicle. “Sorry, love. I know me drivin’ sucks, so fly ahead if ya’d like.” Kimber jammed the All Wheel Drive into gear and followed the directions on the SatNav.


“BlooDy ‘Ell.” She murmured as she slid out at the coordinate site. Nimue fluttered to perch on her left shoulder and coo’d in agreement. UNIT had already established a perimeter; floodlights, generators, command center, decon station, isolation units, with squaddies and techs running everywhere.

She approached the watch station and presented her creds, asking where the Site Commander was located. Nodding, she headed toward the tent and took in the organized chaos inside. Captain Magambo stood calmly at the Ops table receiving updates, and passing along orders. Kimber presented herself and waved a salute.

“McLeod reportin’, Ma’am.”

Capt. Magambo dismissed everyone and turned her attention to the archive tech.

“The object appeared on scans approximately 10 minutes after your call. From what we can tell it’s a single occupant craft.” The Captain ushered Kimber outside to the staging area. “We’re setting up the LWR unit now. If the craft maintains course and speed we should be ready to buffer the impact when it hits.”

Kimber nodded. “I’m sure Mr. Stark will appreciate a field report when this is over. I don’t fhink his repulsor tech has ever been used quite like this.” Kimber turned to the Captain. “If I may ask, Ma’am, were you able to find a Xeno Specialist? The contact I ‘ad was no species any of the agencies I work with ‘ave ever encountered before.”

“We were able to reach someone who occasionally does advisory and consultation work with us. Her name is Romana.”

Kimber started a bit. She’d encountered Lady Romana a few times and was always slightly in awe of the Time Lady. OKAY…No pressure then…

“Have you had any other contact with the Incoming since your initial call?”

Kimber’s thoughts snapped back at the Captain’s voice. “No ma’am. Sorry. At this point it’s a matter of proximity. I may not get anyfhin’ until it enters the atmosphere.”

A tech came up, saluted and told Capt. Magambo that the Low Wave Repulsor unit was green to go. Another shouted from the tent to let them know the craft was just making contact with the outer atmosphere.

“Then it appears I’ve arrived just in time.”

Everyone present turned to greet the Time Lady Romana as she approached. Ever elegant in a black, fitted riding suit she nodded to Capt. Magambo.

“We appreciate your coming out on such short notice, ma’am.” The Captain said.

“Of course. Potential first contact with an unknown species requires expertise.” She turned to Kimber who was struggling very hard not to curtsy.

“McLeod, am I to assume you will be assisting me in the endeavor?”

“Yes, m’lady.” Kimber smiled a bit and tried to look professional in her denims & trainers.

The Captain suggested they return to the command tent. As the small group entered, the scanner tech announced the ship hitting the inner atmosphere. Telemetry readings were starting to register and were being relayed to the LWR crew.

Kimber started feeling a small sharp pain that blossomed quickly into a searing rod in her head. Nimue hooted and ruffed in concern as her companion’s legs almost gave out.

“Status, McLeod.” Magambo started moving toward her as she straightened. Kimber adjusted her shielding and Nimue settled.

“They’re still alive, ma’am, but I doubt they’re in control a the ship. Either the ‘eat shieldin’s gone or their not in entry position. They’re broilin’ alive in there.”

“Visual contact.” Someone called from outside.

“See how far those repulsors will reach.” Magambo marched out to the crew chief. “Scan for heat shielding and see if you can rotate the craft.”

“Ma’am, this equipment wasn’t designed for fine manipulation…”

I don’t care, just do it!”

Romana approached the equipment panel, deduced the functions, popped a maintenance hatch and went at the insides with a smallish, noisy pen. Soon, she straightened and turned.

“I think you’ll find it has a bit more flexibility now.”

The technician didn’t question, just began working controls and calling out codes to the other stations.

“That’s better.” Kimber sighed.

They could see it now. The LWR tech began the heavy work of slowing the ship enough to avoid pulverizing the entire area.


The resulting crater only took out one of the repulsor stations, which all in all everyone agreed was a win. Suited techs moved in on the ovoid capsule. They scanned for every type of radiation, biohazard, and emanation they knew of. The craft was white and completely smooth, no hatches or landing gear apparent.

“An escape pod.” Romana stated.

When they determined the craft was safe for contact, Kimber calibrated her tablet to scan the circuitry to try and find a release switch. As she circled the ship, Romana followed. Every so often Kimber’s head would twitch.

“The occupant is awake?” Romana asked quietly.

“Yes, m’lady.”

They came to the side of the ship opposite the command tent.

“The door itself is ‘ere…” Kimber traced a large general area then adjusted some settings and localized the scan “…and the release circuitry is…’ere.” She indicated a small spot on the top left of the door area.

Romana stepped forward and went through a few settings on her sonic pen until a series of clicking noises began.

Capt. Magambo motioned for the med and guard teams to move in. The door of the pod retracted inward and then to the side, revealing the occupant. The best description Kimber could come up with was a humanoid moth. Its wings were scorched and shriveled; and one side of its head was charred black crust. It was shivering and chittering weakly.

Kimber fell to her knees in front of the door. Romana lightly cleared her throat.

“It is from the species known as Zarbi. Insectoid, as you can see. A very long way from their home system.” She stepped back to allow the med techs in.

She glanced down at Kimber. Tears were flowing freely down her freckled cheeks. Nimue was leaning against her head, dark ginger feathers among lighter ginger curls.

The med techs indicated that based on their knowledge of insectoid physiology there wasn’t anything they could do but make the occupant comfortable. It wouldn’t last long. Capt. Magambo nodded and they administered a sedative/analgesic mixture and packed up their kit.

Romana stepped back in when they’d gone and spoke again, quietly. “It may be some comfort to them to feel they are not alone, now.”

Kimber took a deep, shaking breath and nodded. Reaching out a hand she sent calm, peaceful thoughts to the being in the pod. Testing to make sure touch caused no pain, she laid her hand on theirs. She felt the fear/pain/confusion/panic wash over her and kept sending back peace/caring/calm. The Zarbi was shocked then comforted by her presence. Kimber caught glimpses of grassy fields and rocky crags with pools of clear water as if she were flying above them. The sedative was taking effect as the life was passing away.

As she felt it go, Kimber whispered “Blessed Be” and let her hand fall.

Romana closed her eyes for a brief moment and then turned to Capt. Magambo.

“Is there anything else, Captain?”

Magambo told her no and thanked her again for coming out. Romana nodded.

“I will send all the information I have on the Zarbi to McLeod for dissemination.”

She looked at Kimber again, now sitting by the craft hugging her knees, talking to her familiar.

“Please have someone escort her home.”

“Of course, Ma’am.”

Romana turned to leave. A very small part of her very large Time Lady brain remembering a time very long ago when she could feel the loss of a single life.

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