Greetings in the Graveyard

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Clara was in the graveyard she visited often with a camera balanced on one of the stones as she figured out the shot she was going to take. Behind her, she heard rustling in the grass. “Ah- ah- whoever you are, don’t move. You’re going to mess up my shot.”

But the moment - whatever it was she had wanted to capture - had passed and she sighed before turning around to face whoever had interrupted her.

“So who’re you then? I don’t normally see anyone else passing through here. Most people think it’s creepy.”

     so i’ve got  like fifty million things i  need to  get back  to  so
     everything    i   owe    is    gonna   be    under    the    cut.
     if  one of our things / none of our things  are listed here,  that
     means that i either  never saw your reply or i  had to  drop it
     ( & believe me i didn’T WANT TO DROP ANYTHING BUT
       COULD  N O T  DO IT )

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