A stunning venue, the Odeon Amphitheatre in Amman, Jordan. The photos show backstage, the get in (with the help of lovely locals), the set up and arrival of the audience, as well as the beginning of the show. 

In the first photo you can see the back of our director, Dominic Dromgoole, who’s joined the company for a while, watching over the team.

Photos by Becky Austin, David McEvoy, Penelope Woods.

lovecrimemp3  asked:

this is totally random but I saw your post about you feeling chatty so here I go; what's it like living in your part of the U.K. 👀

Hey! Living in my part of the UK’s alright. It’s quite pretty. My city’s nice enough, but it isn’t that big, which is fine until you grow up and realise just how little there is to do here. We have a tonne of Roman stuff though (an amphitheatre & city walls, among other bits), and Medieval two tiered rows of shops in the city centre, which is neat. This is all far too easy to google, but oh well. Frustratingly, I went to university down south (I’m in the north west) and so that’s where most of my friends are. It’s a long and expensive train ride to get to any of them. There’s lots of cool places within easy reaching distance though. Manchester and Liverpool, North Wales (pretty as fuck), Anglesey (windy as fuck). Even Ireland’s only a half hour flight away. It’s not a bad spot to be in. And even though it’s right on the bottom edge of what people would classify as northern, I’m from further north, so I still get to be obnoxious about it (is that a thing in every country?). :)

Colosseum lift that carried wild animals into arena rebuilt after 2,000 years

Archaeologists recreate lifts that carried up Roman lions into the Colosseum where they fought to the death with gladiators.

“The number of lifts here was more than in any other Roman amphitheatre and Roman sources talk of 100 lions appearing together,” Rossela Rea, director of the Colosseum told the Times.

“The wooden life we have rebuilt is for the public, but is to be studied, too. This is experimental archaeology that worked brilliantly,” she added.

A million animals are believed to have been killed in the arena, ferried there by 28 timber machines from the hypogeum, the basement where lions, tigers, wild boar and condemned criminals were kept. Read more.