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dude how do you think ace!analogical explaining their relationship to their VERY NOT ACE friend/roommate roman would go? (if you want to imagine that but if not it's aight fam)

I think it would be interesting, but not in a bad way. 

Cause I don’t think Roman would be the type of person to say “You can’t have a real relationship without being intimate.” I think he’d be the person to support them and know that each type of love is unique to the couple. He might be shocked at first though, cause it could of been a case where neither of them were out and Roman knew Logan was dating Virge but they’d never talked about the relationship. I think it would be like 

“Hey Ro, Virgil is going to stay over tonight, we’re working on a presentation.”

“Oh, do you want me to go stay at Pat’s or something so you guys can have the place to yourselves?”

“Why would you need to go to Patton’s if we’re working on homework?”

“I mean for after homework Lo. Ya know, if you two are in the mood for some fun.” and Roman would totally wiggle his eyebrows, fight me.

But Logan would be so confused like “You think we’d make you leave if we decided to play a game after working?”

And at this point Roman is exasperated cause ‘Logan is NOT this dense, there is no way’ and he just comes out and says “Lo, I’m asking if you want me gone so you guys can have sex and not have to worry about me hearing it.”

And Logan goes bright red. He’s opening and closing his mouth but he has no response and Roman is so confused so he just.

“Have you guys not done it yet?”

And Logan clears his throat and is just “No, we haven’t and we may not in the future either. I’m asexual Roman, as is Virgil. And why I am not opposed to sex if he was to want it, I am not sure where he stands and do not want to put him in that situation.”

And it clicks in Roman’s head and he understands now and he’s apologizing and trying to explain that he didn’t know and Lo just brushes it off and tells Roman not to worry about it before going back to setting things up for homework night. 

He does have a funny story to tell Virgil later though. 

Sanders Unsolved - ch. 1

Okay I admit it, I’m trash, but the second I saw the ‘Ghost Hunting’ prompt on @sanderssidesspook ‘s Spooky Month prompt list, I KNEW I had to go with my favourite Sanders Sides AU ever, Logan and Virgil x Buzzfeed Unsolved

Also, as a fun twist, I’m combining two of the prompts and adding ‘Ghost!Sides’ to the mix! So without further ado, Sanders Unsolved!

Word Count: 5,566

Pairings: Romantic Analogical, Romantic Royality

Warnings: talk of major homophobia, talk of murder, swearing, one use of a dated and offensive term for homosexuals, general spookiness

“This week on Sanders Unsolved we’re investigating the remains of the mysterious Lovell manor near what is now Riverside, California as part of our ongoing investigation into the question, are ghosts real?” Virgil recited in his signature rich tones as Logan shook his head beside him, exasperated. However, it was quite difficult to remain straight-faced as he heard the subtle excitement in his husband’s voice. Logan and Virgil began bantering easily as the latter told the story that had led them to visit the supposedly haunted locale.

The manor was built in the early 1800′s and belonged to a wealthy aristocrat named Roman Lovell. Lovell lived his life apparently doing all he could to be as adored as possible, from writing and starring in local theatre productions to donating to practically every existing charity and orphanage in western America at the time. All this philanthropy, however, had disastrous consequences for Lovell. Eyes were on the man at almost all times and people began to notice a strange pattern emerging. Lovell had many servants to maintain his estate including a jovial young man named Patton Woodward, a gardener. Despite his duties assumedly being mainly outdoors, Woodward regularly entered the house and did not leave until hours later. Eventually, a curious reporter trespassed onto Lovell’s grounds and supposedly caught a glimpse of Lovell and Woodward waltzing together through an uncovered window. An article written by that reporter was in a prominent place in the next day’s paper and the rumour quickly spread. Roman Lovell was a sodomite. Tragically, soon after the article was published, both Lovell and Woodward’s bodies were found broken and bloodied in Lovell’s home. Their murderer was never identified.

“The devastating events that took place in this mansion have had many believers wondering if perhaps the disgruntled spirits of Roman Lovell and Patton Woodward remain, desperate for revenge. Tonight, we aim to find out.”

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Logan and Halloween

Imagine if it was Logan who was the biggest fan of Halloween, like none of the sides would ever even know until the first day of October. Up until then, he’s scolded them for attempting to celebrate it too early, with admonishing declarations of “Its September!” Or “It just turned April!” Even his disapproving stare as soon as Patton attempted to bake pumpkin shaped cookies would have them fooled, and if not that then the way he took down the bat cutouts that had somehow become stuck to his door. 

Even if Virgil had said he had nothing to do with it.

None of them would have any idea of that until the night that Logan snuck down into the living room. Just as the clock struck twelve and the first of October had finally arrived, the spooky season at it’s beginning.

They wouldn’t know until they heard the cackling. The cackling that made the hair on the back of their necks stand up at attention.

None of them would know until Roman, fierce, brave, and trembling Roman had peeked from around the corner with Patton and Virgil clinging against his back as he clutched his sword with knuckles that had long since turned white from fear. They wouldn’t know until they saw Logan holding a jack o lantern in one hand, along with some fake cobwebs in the other. They’d see the massive grin spread out on his face like someone had gashed a smile from ear to ear on his face.

How his normally dark blue tie, resembling that of the ocean with black stripes running through it was completely and utterly gone. Instead, it had been replaced with a pitch black tie, that had anatomically correct bones with blood dripping from each one printed on it. 

Entirely different, but still so very Logan.  

As he let loose one bone-chilling laugh after another, all while strewing the Halloween decorations all over the place. From the kitchen that Patton regularly baked in, to Virgil’s little dark corner in the living room was soon to be all covered in decorations so spooky that Patton could already feel a tingle crawling up his spine, that he couldn’t help but to think of spiders. As every square inch of their living quarters was covered they’d know…they’d all he loves Halloween.

Humpty Dumpty

“What if I’m Humpty Dumpty?” Roman’s voice trembled, eyes shut tightly in a pathetic attempt to keep the tears from spilling out, “What if I can’t be put back together again?”

A pair of arms enveloped him, sturdy and strong like an anchor to a ship. He cracked open his eyes and gaped at the sight of a familiar striped blue tie. Was Logan…hugging him?

“Last time I recalled, your name was Roman not Humpty Dumpty. You can be put back together again,” Logan said, his words firm yet gentle in ways Roman never expected of the other.

“Perhaps…you won’t be whole in the same way as before. But that doesn’t mean you are broken. Besides, I am certain that I and the others are far more competent than some kings men and their horses.”

Roman let out a strained laugh, digging his face deeper into the nook of Logan’s shoulder. And if he, the prince and sworn protector, stayed there awhile in the arms of Logan, the quintessential nerd, well–nobody needed to know that.



PROMPT: day 14: pumpkin spice lattes

SUMMARY: logan and virgil enjoy pumpkin spice lattes in secret. roman and patton find out. 


TW: none that i can think of! 

read it on ao3!!! 

Virgil wraps his hands around the paper coffee cup and gently blows on it. Steam wafts across the living room, and he leans as close as he dares to sniff the delectable flavor. As far as he knows, the only other boyfriend in his apartment right now is Logan, and Logan’s not gonna judge him for indulging in a guilty pleasure that they both share.

He closes his eyes, presses his lips to the plastic lid, and very gently tips his head and the cup back to allow the sweet, warm drink to slip down his throat. Pumpkin spice floods his mouth, and he shivers a little. It tastes absolutely amazing, and even though he’ll mock it to hell and back, he can’t deny that he enjoys pumpkin spice lattes.

He hears footsteps and freezes, but it’s only Logan, wearing his unicorn onesie and carrying his own pumpkin spice latte. He sits on the couch and tucks his feet up beneath him, happily and sleepily snuggling into Virgil. “Hey, Virge,” he mumbles.

“Hey there, Lolo,” he replies. Logan tilts his head and gently kisses Virgil’s jaw before sipping at his latte. Virgil takes another sip of his own and leans his head onto Logan’s. Patton and Roman are doing something dramatic and Halloween-themed, which means they have the apartment to themselves and their nap and their pumpkin spice lattes.

Logan makes it about halfway through his drink before he falls asleep, and Virgil (who’s been carefully monitoring him) manages to catch his cup before it falls off his lap and spills all over the carpet. He sets the half-full drink on the coffee table and takes another long, contented sip of his latte.

Virgil’s latte is all but gone, the empty cup on the end table next to him, and he’s falling asleep on a lightly snoring Logan when the door opens. He dimly registers Roman’s and Patton’s voices, but he’s too cozy and warm to want to get up. Logan grumbles sleepily and nuzzles into the curve of Virgil’s neck and shoulder.

“Awww, you two are so cute!” Patton coos. Virgil hears the distinctive sharp click! of Patton’s phone camera, but he can’t bring himself to be too bothered about it. Patton takes photos of a lot of weird shit, but Virgil wouldn’t be surprised if this particular photo happens to end up as Patton’s phone wallpaper.

“Allow me to clear this debris from – well, well, well, what have we here?” Roman drawls. Virgil opens one eye halfway to see Roman holding Logan’s half-empty coffee cup and swishing the liquid back and forth, sniffing at it.

“Roman, stop that!” Patton says disapprovingly. “You don’t know what that is!”

“Oh, but I do know what this is,” Roman says gleefully. “This, Patton, is nothing other than a pumpkin spice latte, with none other than our own dear Logan’s name on it in Sharpie! And would you look at that – a matching empty cup with Virgil’s name on it! Now, what could be the meaning of this, I wonder!”

“Knock it off, Princey,” Virgil mutters. Both of his boyfriends seem surprised that he’s awake, but that doesn’t stop Roman from launching into one of his patented Offended Prince Tirades™.

“You make fun of me for drinking pumpkin spice lattes all the time!” he screeches.

“Ssshhhh, Ro, don’t wake up Logan!” Patton chastises.

“And you have the nerve to go and drink them with Logan behind my back!”

“I’m not making fun of you because you drink pumpkin spice lattes,” Virgil says. “I’m making fun of you because you drink pumpkin spice lattes and you act like a stereotypical teenage white girl. I don’t have an issue with the drinks. You’re just a ridiculous man.”

Roman makes a serious of offended squeaking noises and wild gestures before settling for downing what’s left of Logan’s latte and storming into the kitchen to dispose of the paper cups. “You could be a little nicer, you know,” Patton says.

Virgil grins and curls into Logan, already falling back to sleep. “Yeah, I could, but let’s be honest, Pat – where’s the fun in that?”

Infinitesimal (part 5)

Author’s note: You have no idea how hard it was to actually wait to post this. And I’m still two hours early, but in my defense, it’s Monday in most of the world by now.

Warnings: fear, feeling trapped, reference to injuries

Word count: 1922


“Are you serious?” Roman asked when Logan returned, staring at what he was carrying inside.

“It was the best option I could think of,” Logan sighed. “Unless you have a better alternative.”

Roman just gave him a look, so Logan continued, “We can’t risk him wandering off while we’re gone. You know as well as I do that he wouldn’t make it a day on his own right now. At least this way he’ll be safe, and he can see outside just fine.”

Roman let out a reluctant sigh, looking unhappily down to where the tiny mouse-man slept on, unaware of the conversation taking place above him. “Fine. But this is temporary.”


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