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... And Action! (Bill Skarsgard X Reader)

anonymous requested: Oi ! i really like ur writings and was wondering if you do bill skarsgard/pennywise stuff ? if you do can you write a oneshot where Y/N plays the older sister (like shes in her twenties or smth) of beverly and pennywise kills her ? but Bill Skarsgard (he plays Pennywise) has a thing for Y/N and really hopes to impress her but it kinda goes wrong in someway ? idek but it’s been a idea i’ve had for ages ! thankss !  

Warnings: Spoilers -? Maybe? IT is a horror movie so, murder and choking. Also brief brief brief topics of vomit.

Word Count: 1880

A/N: I’m fully aware this is one shot is a bit bizarre and definitely a specific niche (not one that I share necessarily) but I feel like I need to preface this by saying this is simply just for fun. PSA Bev Marsh doesn’t have an older sister Y/N’s role is purely for this work

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Ever since Y/N got the call telling her she, Y/N L/N, was to play the part of Laura Marsh, her stomach still hasn’t unfolded itself. It was still all balled up in the pit of her lower abdomen, like she could hurl at any time. It had been there through the three months of filming they had done and she concluded that it would probably never leave.

Her character didn’t play much of a part in the loser’s club, but Y/N’s character was given her own story in the film. She was Laura Marsh, the real town ‘slut’  even though she often used her little sister Bev as a scapegoat. She hung out with Patrick Hocksetter and Henry Bower, and was usually one of Bev and the loser’s tormentors. Laura was a bitch by all standards of convention, even Y/N could admit, which was her death scene was supposed to be simultaneously terrifying and reliving.  

Y/N watched as the loser’s from her black chair as they played hand games and laughed together on the pavement. The blacktop was so hot! She thought, how the hell did they stand it? Y/N technically had only stopped being a kid three years ago (she was 21 now) but she still could never remember a time where she was so uncaring.

“Do ya’ know when they’re gonna start already? Jesus lets just get on with the scene already!” The slightly squeaky voice of Nicholas Hamilton (Henry Bowers) abruptly asked beside her. Three months ago she would’ve jumped, but now she didn’t even think about it. She heard a chair scraping against the ground and it groaned with the weight of Nick’s body. She turned and smiled at him, placing her thick and annotated script onto her lap. He was wearing an orange wife beater tanktop and Y/N could see redness on his shoulders beginning to form.

“Whoa I die in this scene! You want me gone that much, huh?” Y/N asked, feigning hurt as she chuckled lightly. It was the most unfortunate death for poor Laura Marsh, first she was kissed and then left by her boyfriend (which just so happened to be Henry Bowers) in the sewers of all places, then she was brutally ripped apart by a clown wearing his face. Y/N knew that the younger actor was anxious for his first on-screen make out (he had told her so time and time again) but she hoped the playful conversation would calm his nerves.  

Y/N was nervous too but for a different reason entirely. She was an experience actress, she had crossed all the necessary rights of passage, yet she was so nervous. Y/N had talked to Bill Skarsgard twice and she couldn’t shake her stupid, girlish crush. She hardly knew the guy for fuck’s sake! She had wanted so much to come from this movie, It was her first big production movie, but now she was most certainly gonna screw up. How the hell could she pretend to be terrified of the guy when she was secretly thinking ‘I want you to rub my mouth on your mouth’?

“No! No!” Nick assured, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “It’s not the death I’m looking forward to,” he whispered under his breath not so subtly. A few moments of hot silence followed before he reached over and grabbed the script from Y/N’s lap. He lazily fanned himself with it boyishly.

“You’ve got another coupla scenes after this so it’s not like you’re not going anywhere!” He joked as he tried in vain to cool himself off. His voice was shaking slightly and his laughs were constrained, like he wasn’t breathing in enough. Y/N cocked her eyebrow and waited for a few seconds before she made a lunge for her script. She, of course, missed it and hit her elbow on the wooden arm rest of his chair.

“C’mon why do you carry this thing anyhow? Everyone knows you memorized this thing cover to cover the instant you got it.” Nick teased stretching his arm away from Y/N as he peered at all of her highlights and somewhat embarrassing notes.

Y/N tried to crack a smile, but it was true, she did take it everywhere. How could she not? How else could she ensure she’d pull through? Besides was it so wrong for her to make sure everything went perfectly?

Nevertheless, she was beginning to suspect that Nick knew something that he shouldn’t, that sneaky little son of a bitch. She was about to reply with a typical snarky remark but she was interrupted by Andy (the director) shouting, “Y/N, Nick, and Bill - Scene 6 please!” Her heart sank as her body began to move without her brain’s consent. Nick had already jumped up and ran over to Andy enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Y/N’s thighs peeled up from her chair and she awkwardly waddled over to join them.

Andy took one glance at her before waving a makeup artist down and whispering in her ear. How ironic that this makeup artist looked like a scary clown herself, what with all that highlighter. The girl took a dry rag and began to dab Y/N’s face a bit, before she was pulled onto set by someone’s face she didn’t even get to see.

Nick grabbed Y/N’s hand and lightly guided her into position, awaiting Andy to shout “Action!” Y/N could still see the kids offscreen playing their hand games, but now one of them had begun throwing little balls of mud.  

“Alright! Is everyone in position?!” Andy asked looking around as if he were waiting for someone to point out a problem. He nodding to the man holding the slate, before loudly shouting “AND ACTION!”

Nick immediately pushed Y/N’s hips up against the walls of the sewers and she giggled obnoxiously. His lips roughly greeted hers in a strained, but very teenager, kiss. The kiss lasted only for a couple of seconds before he pulled away and wiped his mouth, following the script to a tee.

“You’re getting better.” He commented rudely and went back to give her another kiss. But Y/N’s character, Laura pushed his chest back, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Henry?” Y/N made sure to smack her lips together, to cock her head, and roll her eyes.

“It means that I thought sluts like you were supposedta’ be good at kissin’. But I guess sluts aren’t really known for their kissin’ anyways.” Again, Nick went in for a kiss, but Y/N pushed him back and feigned disbelief.  

Only open your mouth slightly, stop cocking your head, frown, stare, make your eyes water Y/N went through exactly what she had to do in the mirror time and time again, perfecting every part of her express- Crap, lower your chin and …. cry!

Nick glanced at her, though by now her character was balling. “You’re a fucking crazy bitch. You know that right? How much do you charge again?” He asked so sourly the words curdled in his mouth.

“Just get the fuck outta here!” Y/N yelled and she could see, out of her peripheral vision, Andy mouthing along to the words. Nick smirked evilly, before exiting the set and giving her an encouraging off screen thumbs up. Y/N slumped down and cried pathetically, just as it was written. But eventually she stood and stumbled around in the sewers, crying all the way. She could feel the presence of the camera over her shoulder as it followed her like a ghost. Abruptly, the sound of demonic laughter reverberated around the metal of the sewer hitting Y/N’s ears. Bill was too good at that. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand. Her character stopped walking and wiped her nose with the back of her cranberry colored sweatshirt.

A floating red balloon bobbed through the air as it came softly down to where Y/N was standing. It bobbed so peacefully (like the script had said), so her character tried to reach out to get it like a  young child. Perhaps poor slut Laura Marsh needed comfort too, Y/N pondered.

“AND PENNYWISE GO!” Andy shouted, marking where CGI would be used to create a horrifying, deformed hell version of Bill’s beautiful face. Y/N jumped and let out a throaty, raspy scream, the same scream she was hired for. She felt cold hands on her sweatshirt before she saw Bill, but once she did she couldn’t help to scream again. It was nightmarish, with his enlarged forehead and pointed smile.

The clown pinned Y/N up against the wall, which would’ve actually choked her if it had not been for the slight incline that let her tiptoes hang on. She gasped and sputtered, still crying and struggling pathetically. “HO HO HEHEHE!” The clown laughed in her ear and the sound shocked her so much that Y/N lost her footing, her toes couldn’t get a grip on the wet floor of the sewer. Bill was already so much taller than her at 6’4” that in order to deliver the lines properly, he had begun brought her up to his face. She gripped tightly onto his gloved hands as she coughed and began to feel a bit light headed as he continued to laugh maniacally.

Just kill me already! Y/N painfully thought, she would hate to be the reason for the failed take. But Pennywise, or Bill, never seemed to talk fast enough and Y/N was really beginning to feel the effects as she tried desperately to gulp in air.

“I - I,” Wheeze. “C-c-can’t-t,” Wheeze.  

Immediately like a switch had been pulled, she felt the pressure on her throat release as she fell to the ground into the disgusting water. She gulped in sweet air like she had never breathed before and Andy, god bless him, finally shouted “Cut!”

“Y/N! Are you alright!? I really didn’t mean to! I mean I thought maybe - but - I’m so sorry!” Pennywi- Bill shouted, helping her up by placing his hand on the small of her back. It was so odd hearing him be so gentle and polite while wearing such a terrifying costume. His eyes, which five seconds ago where full of such rage, now were softened and sad. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice,” Bill said exasperatedly and guided her over to where Andy sat, all the while she was still breathing in and out deeply.

“Y/N! Y/N! What happened!” Y/N heard the voices of the child actors as they ran over to inspect the situation.

“It was the heat you dufas!” One of the kids proclaimed obviously, as they patted her shoulder. But all Y/N could focus on was the sound of her heart beating as she panted heavily.

“I’m …  fine guys.” Y/N confirmed as she rubbed her neck tenderly. Now that she finally had air in her lungs, the pain of where Bill’s fingers had wrapped around her throat set in.

“I’m so sorry,” Bill repeated as he tried to give her kindest smile he could, buck tooth, blood drenched and everything.

Roman Godfrey Headcannons

Roman Godfrey in a stable relationship is a sight to behold; here are some head cannons for him when he’s off the market.


  • Due to his troubled upbringing, Roman has difficulty with expressing his emotions. His significant other should not expect him to be declaring his love for them from the onset and throughout their relationship, although that does not mean that he won’t warm up to the idea. Just give the guy some time; he’ll come around in his own way.

  • Roman is very protective of his partner, sometimes so much that it could become a little too unbearable which could potentially cause problems for the two of them if his significant other is not aware of the supernatural. An example of this would be that he would want / need to know how long for, whom with, and where his partner is if they are out and about, especially at night, without him.

  • He doesn’t have malicious intent, its common knowledge that Hemlock Grove doesn’t have the lowest mortality rate when compared to other towns; he just wants to keep his significant other safe.

  • With keeping that in mind, he’s definitely the type of boyfriend who will tell his partner “text me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”

  • Roman’s one of those tall guys that will use his significant other’s head as an armrest.

  • Green eyes are very fitting for Roman due to how easy it is for him to become jealous. He doesn’t come across as it, but he can be a little insecure and sensitive at times. If he just so happened to catch his partner talking to another guy then he’d be all clenched fists and staring the offending person down.

  • He’d then traipse on over and put his arm around his significant other, pulling them close and making it very obvious that they were his and most definitely off the market.

  • “Hey, babe, who’s this?”

  • It’s not that Roman doesn’t trust his partner, he does, he just doesn’t trust everyone else.

  • Roman takes on the position of the big spoon in the relationship but he isn’t against being the little spoon once in a while. If he’s had a bad day and is feeling down, he’d find comfort lying in his partner’s arms.

  • Even though it doesn’t seem like he listens most of the time, he does. If his significant other mentioned in passing that they had seen a particular dress or piece of jewellery that they liked, but couldn’t afford, then he’d surprise them by leaving the dress on their bed with a handwritten note or gift the necklace to them in the midst of one of their dates. He can be quite romantic when he wants to be.


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The Quirky Witch

Reader x Roman

“Go and see (Y/N).” Destiny sighed and shooed the boys out of her apartment, shutting the door on their heels.

“Whose (Y/N)?” Roman asked curiously.

“Another witch, basically a younger Destiny but kind of, uses a different kind of magic and we don’t normally ask her she’s a little off.” Peter muttered the word magic with such sarcasm Roman wondered how his eyes hadn’t rolled out of his head.

“So… werewolves and witches is that a thing?” Roman asked curiously.

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Just Say It (Bill Skarsgard x Reader)

requested: Hi! Could you please do a Bill Skarsgard X Reader imagine? So (Y/N) played Roman’s (Bill’s character) best friend / crush in Hemlock Grove and after the show ends, they see each other in IT premiere because (Y/N) is accompanying her brother Jackson (Who plays Georgie). Just fluff and Bill and (Y/N) are in love but they don’t know and Jackson spills that they like each other. Thanks! Your works are amazing!

Word Count: 1576

Warnings: some mature language ?

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, this is such a good idea!

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There’s something scarily intoxicating about the acting industry. It’s like a siren beautifully singing to lure you closer and closer to the cliffs, waiting for a fatal collision. Yet (to her family’s dismay) it had affected Y/N - and now her little brother, Jackson. Their father had been a lawyer and their mother a teacher; both reliable jobs meant to procure a salary and stability. They had tried so hard to instill the idea of the American Dream and all that nonsense into their children.

Self-destruction must skip a generation, Y/N supposed.

Y/N had spent most of her acting career twiddling her thumbs as she waited for auditions and call backs that never came. She did her best to present everything good and unique about herself on resumes, but (nine times out of ten) not even that was good enough. It was disappointing to say the least and depressing to say the most. Initially, she didn’t want Jackson to pursue acting either. All the experiences he’d miss, like all the experiences she missed, could never be replaced. All the self deprecation and angst and the thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’ - how in God’s name could she wish that upon her baby brother? But, as she sat in the backseat of a white limo, little Jackson sitting across from her, she acknowledged how wrong she had been. He was wearing such an expensive tuxedo, yet he was still pressing his nose to the window’s glass and making patterns with the fog. He wasn’t missing experiences - he was making them. Like a kid should.

It was her mother who first brought it all to light one evening over dinner, It wasn’t all bad, she had said after shoveling runny mashed potatoes onto her plate. And that was true; Y/N had played Odette Polinsky on Hemlock Grove. She was barely eighteen when she got the role and, though job single-handedly saved her career, yet it wasn’t even a completely positive memory.

Y/N was the youngest cast member on Hemlock Grove, and was completely (and pathetically) infatuated with a boy who saw her as nothing more as a friend. She had to witness the endless stream of girls come and go, as he conquered them and moved on.

“Did you talk to Ellie?” He whispered in Y/N’s ear during the show’s second season. He was leaning on his chair, with his elbow propping up his chin as he smiled boyishly. She tried to ignore the tingles as they ran down her spine, swallowing thickly. Ellie was his latest prize and she was constantly prancing around set in tube tops and denim short shorts. He followed her like a moth to a flame.

“Ya, I - I did. She really - likes you.” She managed to splutter out. Sometimes, when she was concentrating and focused, she could pretend conversations with him where just a scene. Their interactions all had a script, she would tell herself, therefore there’s no reason to panic. But this was not one of those days.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed as he scratched his chin with his thumb and index finger. He cocked his eyebrow at her and smiled, his lips slightly parted. He was so close to her, that she could smell his cologne - oranges and mint. Y/N had to stop herself from closing her eyes and leaning in.

“Well, catch you later Oddi!” He said quickly, as he briskly stood up from his chair and cracked his knuckles.

“See you Roman.” She replied quietly to herself.

Said boy just so happens to star alongside Jackson. She wondered if he still smelt the same like oranges and mint, maybe he even was -

Y/N shook her head, her curls bouncing around her shoulders. She couldn’t think about him today, today was Jackson’s day. Besides he had every other damn day to consume her thoughts. She would avoid him and that was that.

“Y/N! Y/N! Look! Look!” Jackson was pointing as he stared at all the flashing cameras and interviewers with microphones stood at the ready. His eyes lit up as he spoke and he smiled that dimpled smile of pure joy. Make those experiences, Jackson, thought Y/N as she smiled and stared with him. Soon enough they were parked and helped out of a limo by a wide shouldered man who fistbumped Jackson. Y/N smoothed out her silver dress (hoping to God, there were no wrinkles) and touched the earrings on her ears (those bad boys cost as much as a mortgage).

The boy bounded outside of the limo and was immediately bombarded by interviewers and questions (“How was working with older actors?” “We’re you scared?” “Are you going to see the movie?”).

Y/N stifled a laugh as she caught up to Jackson, making sure to look more confident than she really was in her black pumps. She subtly pointed in attempts to direct his attention to an interview who looked kind enough. Immediately the young boy caught on, at seven years old he was more aware of social cues then Y/N. Y/N went off to stand next to her parents, making sure to stay in direct earshot.

“Hello!” Jackson exclaimed happily, interlocking his fingers and letting his arms go slack. He looked so professional and gentlemanly, Y/N could’ve sang.

“Hello there Jackson! It’s so great to talk to you!” The interview knelt a bit, getting down to his level. She was tilting the microphone towards his mouth as she smiled genuinely.

“And you!”

“Thank you very much! Anyway, so both you and your sister have both worked with Bill Skarsgard right?”

Oh boy here it is.

“Yep!” Jackson said just as happily.

“How did you like it?!”

“Well, his costume is kinda scary but I saw him - em - get ready and stuff so - so it wasn’t too bad. I mean, eating me was kinda scary but not too too bad. He’s actually really nice and a really good actor and he told me a lot of stories about my sister and a lot of them were really funny but some of them weren’t really funny.” Jackson rambled, his tongue was officially detached from his brain. Now it wagged along in his jaw.

“What were the not so funny stories?” The interviewer asked puzzled, as she tried to reposition herself so the microphone was right underneath Jackson.

C’mon kid. I love ya. I care for ya. I support ya in all aspects of life. But if you say some of those not so funny stories, you better hope to God you - Y/N’s mind was in complete freefall, every secret fantasy, dream, and hope was currently abandoning ship.

Jackson, giddy as ever, had no problem wagging his tongue some more. He took a deep breath of air before saying, “Well, he told me about how sometimes on the show he would try to - um - get her attention and it never really worked and she never liked him. He told me that she thought he was, well, I dunno what it means so it could be a bad word … ”

“Go on, I’ll make sure it isn’t a bad word.” The interviewer egged on. Y/N was starting to like this woman less and less.

“He said that she thought he was a player.” The interviewer just laughed and assured him that ‘player’ was not in fact a bad word before asking him other questions about the movie.

Y/N looked around her as if to say, Did anyone else just hear that? Her jaw was now completely slack as she hung it open stupidly. Her shoulders unstraightened, her back slouched, and she had to check to make sure that the earrings were still hanging from her ears.

“Did you hear that?” A familiar voice asked in her ear as tingles shot down her spine. Y/N looked up at the tall god that was Bill Skarsgard and nodded fiercely, as she felt her forehead with the back of her hand. Was she ill? Because now she was feeling a bit feverish in this dress.

“Did you really?” He asked again, looking down at his shoes and smirking, his lips just parted. She just nodded again. “Well, I suppose the truth is out there.” His slight accent on the word ‘there’ caused Y/N to smile widely.

“I never thought you were a player. I thought you were …  popular.” Y/N finally said, breaking the tension. Bill tipped his head back, his hands in the pockets of his tailored trousers, and gave the heartiest laugh. The breeze caught his hair and Y/N could smell oranges and mint on the wind.

Once he had stopped laughing, all Y/N could think was just say it, just say it.

“I - uh - I well I was trying as much as - I - well wanted your attention too.” Y/N finally spoke out, raising her voice to make sure he heard it too. “Wow - I always thought you didn’t like me and I want you to kno-”

“HEY CAN WE GET A PHOTO OF YOU GUYS?!” A photographer interjected the sweet moment much to Y/N’s dismay. But Bill snaked his hand on her waist and softly pulled her into him, so she was pressed into his long torso. She smiled at the small gesture, looking down at his hand as she felt him smile down on her.

Break Me Down

Requested: Yep
Pairing: You and (Dominant) Billie Boi
Prompt: Bill’s brother flirts with you to piss off his brother and Bill gets jealous and you have angry sex. 
A/n: These are actually 2 very similar requests put together so here ye go my little lambs. This gif makes me uncomfortable because this is a rape scene but I used it so you guys could have a visual anyways Im sorry.
I don’t know how to writeimsorry.

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You couldn’t have been more fed up with Bill at the moment. You were sat down looking like an entire fucking meal. Hair done up, make up on point, a cream colored dress that showed off your fantastic legs and cleavage. You’d only dolled yourself up for the purpose to catch bills attention and he’d hardly looked your way all night. 

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Roman Godfrey X Shy!Reader

Anonymous said:

Love your work! Could you maybe find the time to do a short headcannon of Roman with an unusually shy girl? Thanks, love!

A/N : Thank you, darling! I hope you enjoy this!

Originally posted by adoresfandoms

  • When Roman first sees you, he knew he had to get your attention.
  • But, for the first time ever, he had no idea how to do that.
  • He didn’t know that you would glance at him out of the corner of your eyes.
  • He couldn’t see that anything he did would catch your attention.
  • You barely spoke in English class, only making you more intriguing to Roman.
  • “Find a partner and discuss the last five chapters.”
  • Roman immediately walked over to you, planting himself in the desk next to yours.
  • “Hi,” he said, that charming smile glued on his face.
  • You just nodded at him, too scared to utter a word.
  • “I haven’t read a single chapter so I have no idea what she’s talking about. With the tones or whatever,” Roman admitted, hoping he could coax you into talking.
  • You only pressed your lips together and flipped through your book.
  • “Are you okay?” He placed his hand on yours gently.
  • Roman Godfrey was touching you.
  • You looked up and met his eyes.
  • A calming blueish-green.
  • “I’m f-fine,” you squeaked out.
  • Roman smiled, your voice being the softest thing had ever heard.
  • Since then, you and Roman would partner up in English class.
  • You were still the quietest person he had ever met, but you were starting to speak up more.
  • In the hallways, he would wink at you and grin when you blushed.
  • Your eyes would find the floor as the people around the two of you would stare in confusion.
  • Why did the most popular, rich boy in school want you, the girl that barely said a word.
  • Sometimes, on the day’s you were more talkative, he’d throw an arm around you shoulders.
  • “Roman, people are staring.”
  • “Let them, you’re beautiful.”
  • “They’re staring at you,” you said sadly, trying to hide your blush.
  • “No,” Roman said with a smile, “I’m nothing compared to you.”
  • You quickly learned that, due to your immense shiness, Roman made it his life’s goal to make you blush.
  • The two of you were in this type of limbo when it came to your relationship.
  • Roman was very forward with his affections.
  • You tried to be but your timid nature would take over.
  • One day, when you were feeling very brave out of the blue, you grabbed in his hand.
  • Roman didn’t say a word when your finger’s entangled with his own, he only smiled.
  • The next day, in English class, Roman dared to take it a step further.
  • “I say we go out for coffee after school and not read this boring-ass book.”
  • “I don’t know Roman,” you said quietly, not meeting his eyes.
  • “I know,” Roman said with a grin.
  • He pulled the book from your hands and you reluctantly met his gaze.
  • You knew as soon as you met his eyes, you’d give in.
  • “Alright,” you said, feeling a heat rush to your cheeks as Roman licked his lips.
  • The coffee date went smoothly for the most part.
  • The caffeine in your system made you really open.
  • “Do you drink coffee often?”
  • “No, not with that much sugar! This is fun!!”
  • “This is the loudest I’ve ever heard you.”
  • He walked you home as you both chatted about school.
  • “I’ve never really had a friend like you, Roman.” You admitted.
  • “Huh?”
  • “I’ve always been really shy,” you said, stressing the ‘really’.
  • “That doesn’t mean you can’t have friends, I’m your friend.” Although he wanted to be more.
  • His arm tightened around your waist, pulling you closer to his side.
  • “I just never made any,” you said sadly, leaning into his warmth.
  • “Well you have me,” Roman said, looking down at you.
  • For what was the first time maybe, your eyes were already on his and holding his gaze.
  • You both stopped walking, staring at eachother.
  • Soon his arm snaked away from your waist and his hands went to you cheeks.
  • His lips were on yours, softly at first, as if scared he’d break you.
  • He didn’t want to push you too far and have you crawl back into your shell.
  • Roman had waited too long for this moment to have you leave.
  • After a moment, you pulled away from his lips.
  • Your face was beet red, making Roman grin.
  • “Thank God for coffee,” he said, before pressing his lips to yours again.
  • Since that first date, Romna had hardly left your side.
  • Whenever someone gave you a look in the hallway, he’d glare at them.
  • Through your relationship with him, you grew a little more confident each day.
  • You now had friends: Peter, Letha, and Shelley.
  • They all ship you and Roman.
  • “They’re perfect for each other. Roman is no-nonsense and impulsive while Y/N is shy and tries to keep him reined in.” Letha would claim, making Shelley nod in agreement.
  • Peter and Roman being your defense squad and Shelley’s too.
  • If anyone mocks you for being shy, Roman will have them bloodied in an instant.
  • “Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way. Next time, you won’t be able to walk away.”
  • Hugs all the time, so you’re blushing all the time.
  • You’re timid when it comes to PDA but Roman is all for it.
  • He leaved kissing for private time, however.
  • He knows how much you love to kiss him but he also knows that doing so in public is too much for you at times.
  • You both even each other out in the perfect way.
  • “I love you, Y/N.”

Vampires and humans are forced to mate with the intention of making a superior society. Roman Godfrey AU + SMUT.


Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I made a one-shot or imagine. I actually had this weird idea in my head for a long time so I’m happy to finally showcase it. It’s currently 4am here because I am on holidays, yay, so apologies for any mistakes! Hope you enjoy; the smut is towards the end but nothing too crazy since I had to get the plot down. Hold on for Part 2 though.

Also since this is an AU (alternate universe), some facts are a bit different or have changed, this is just my own original story so even though I’m using Roman, it’s not related to Hemlock Grove and you don’t need to watch it to understand the story. :)



Turning 18 was a dream for many. In some countries being 18 meant you could have your first alcoholic beverage, you could drive and even get into clubs.

However, turning 18 in Hemlock Grove was a nightmare.

When the prominence of Upirs (vampires) grew, the Government and Hemlock Health Society had become infatuated with the idea of a stronger-superior human; enhanced strength, better tolerance to pain, the ability to heal quickly; all of these traits had humans envious of Upirs.

Which is why the Government and Health Society devised a plan to implement a program; Every time human turns 18 in Hemlock Grove, they are forced to marry and mate with an Upir to breed out the weaker species and create a generation of Upirs.

I was quite a sheltered child; innocent but not naive. I had planned numerous ways to get out of this predicament, however, there was no use.

Now I stand, in a soft yet long white dress, ready to be ‘delivered’ to my husband.

I had no idea who my husband/mate was going to be, I was highly intimidated and the lack of information made me shake in my shoes.

I had endured a long journey up a gravel driveway, the mansion in front of me was marvellous, yet I could not sit in awe for long as I was forced out of the car and guided to the front door.

“Can you please give me some information?” I plead with the man- my guide. He was quiet the whole ride, increasing my anxiety.

“Please be patient, miss.”

I huffed in annoyance, tears forming in the corner of my eyes. I guess the reality of it all hadn’t hit me until now.

“I beg of you… please,” I whispered. I guess my defeated tone had prompted some guilt in the man, finally, he decided to speak.

“Your mate is Roman Godfrey, he is one of the more experienced Upirs, which means he has a lot of self-control. Consider yourself lucky,” he mumbled. I nodded in understanding, registering every piece of information.

“But,” he continued, “Roman has been opposed to the idea of mating for a long time, I am worried your visit will be highly obtrusive for him.”

My heart rate started to accelerate, each step up the stairs to the door felt like a lifetime, was it too late to run?

“Why bring me here then?” I questioned.

“Because Roman is strong and the Government and Health Society wants only the strongest of children; life expectancy rates are expected to increase by 50 years.”

It did seem logical… however, forcing me to mate with a stranger was highly unethical. Hemlock Grove wasn’t one for ethics though…

“Anyway, that’s enough. We are here now so be silent.”

The guide rang the doorbell of the mansion, my body was still yet my heart was beating violently against my ribcage. Once I entered these doors, I would be property of Roman Godfrey. I didn’t know who he was, or what he even looked like. The idea of him being old, or even abusive had me on the verge of fainting, yet each thought was dismissed when the door opened.

Out came a man in his early to mid-20’s; he didn’t seem much older than me at all, however, he was definitely much taller than me. His all-black attire and long coat gave him an essence of mystery and danger; especially in juxtaposition to my pure white dress. His hair was slicked back neatly, and his eyes were a blazing green. He was absolutely gorgeous.

“What do you want?” He spat, eyeing the guide with disgust. He slowly diverted his eyes to me but his expression was indifferent; it seemed like he had no opinion of me at all.

“Sir,” the man started, I could sense how tense he was. “This is your new mate, Y/N”.

“To hell she is!” He spat, eyes widening just a fraction. He was growing livid and I was growing terrified.

“Sir… it’s the rules.”

“Fuck the rules!”

It suddenly became silent. Neither the guide or I had any idea of what to reply. The air was becoming suffocating and Roman’s presence wasn’t making anything easier. I remained in my position, awkwardly fiddling with my fingers, unsure of what the next move would be.

“On second thought,” Roman murmured, walking closer to me and placing a finger under my chin, moving my face till our eyes had contact. “I could use a bit of fun.”

My heart sank lower in my chest, this couldn’t be good.


I was left alone in Roman’s ‘lair’ once the guide left. Roman introduced me to his home, yet he was quick to disappear within the house and I was left to my own devices. Most people would wander the premise and adventure, however, I was too afraid to do that. I wasn’t sure of what Roman wanted from me, were we forced to mate? I wasn’t ready for that. Before the guide left he handed Roman a few papers with details; like my blood type, birth date etc. His eyes widened when he saw that I was marked ‘virgin’, a smirk made its way to his lips and he looked at me, asking if it was true.

I gave him a small nod in response, and his smirk grew wider.

“Guess I’ll have to train you” he replied, and that’s when he left me alone.


I was situated in the library; Roman still nowhere to be seen; the cracks from the blinds were not gleaming anymore and I could tell it was becoming nighttime.

The library was the cosiest place within the house, as I know of, and I found the fireplace relaxing. I felt as if I could let my guard down for a bit.

My eyes slowly began to droop, the room was the right temperature and my body was beginning to sink into the floor. I was so comfortable, and before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleep.


There was a full moon tonight; the only light shining through. I was in a garden, Roman’s garden. I could see the outline of the mansion behind me. Was this a dream? It felt so real, I couldn’t tell…

“Y/N” a husky voice whispered; I turned around and rested my eyes on him. Roman.

My mouth slightly widened as I saw him. He looked so beautiful, especially in the moonlight, his eyes glistened and he looked so… welcoming. I felt safe in his company, even though he was just a stranger.

My white dress blew with the wind, I hadn’t noticed the cold or the goosebumps on my body until Roman brought his fingers to my thigh, touching me lightly, like his hand was a feather.

His hand trailed up my leg, I gasped quietly when his fingers ghosted over my underwear; shivers ricocheted through my body. I was melting in his hands and he had all the power. I gazed up at his tall stature. Our eyes never leaving each others, his eyes holding dominance and control, while mine were furiously examining him. I had slightly slouched forward, my head nearly resting on his chest, I felt like I couldn’t hold myself up, and he only touched me once.

“Relax,” he whispered. “Look at me.”

He brought his hands from underneath the dress and made his way to the straps. He quickly worked on each strap and yet I was frozen in place, no words leaving my mouth. He slowly pulled down my dress until I was left in nothing but my underwear. He maintained contact with my eyes, searching one another. I could feel myself silently pleading for something, was it safety…?

He slightly nodded his head, as if it was confirmation, and I then became compelled to move, my hands immediately reached up to caress his face, feeling his skin in my own hands, I traced my fingers over his soft pink lips and worked my way up to his eyebrows. He was relaxing into my touch and I felt as if we were connected.

He closed his eyes and reopened them with such intensity, I was forced to gasp. He looked so authoritative yet hungry, and I felt willing.

“Close your eyes.” He demanded, and I obliged happily; submitting to any order.

He lowered his head and prepped kisses along my jawline, I titled my head back and sighed, giving him more access to my neck.

“Mmm,” I moan as he begins to kiss down my collarbones, all the way down to where I needed him most. Within seconds, my underwear was removed and I was left naked in front of him.

I have no idea what spell he had over me because if this was any other circumstance, I would be screaming. I had never been naked in front of a boy before.

“Oh my…” I gasped as I felt his hand begin to teasingly rub my throbbing clit, my body shivered in response and I brought my hands to his shoulders, trying to steady myself.

“I want you… so bad.” I whispered, so quietly that I wasn’t sure if the words had even left my mouth.

instantly, I was on the floor of the soft grass, the sensation was so comfortable and nice, I felt so… warm despite the cold. Roman made his way on top of me, this time he was naked. He leaned in, kissing me hard on the lips as his hands trailed down my body, grasping each breast in his hand, rubbing circles around my nipples.

I didn’t know any of this could feel so good, I was gasping silently as my head rolled from one side to another.

“You’re mine now,” He whispered, and I nodded in agreement.

He positioned himself at my entrance, pushing his member into me. I reached out and intertwined my arms behind his head. The feeling was so foreign and unfamiliar yet I felt so whole.

“Do you want this?” He questioned, and I nodded again.

The world had suddenly faded to black and my arms were empty. What? I leaned my head back into the grass and felt my eyelids droop.


I blinked, absorbing my surroundings. I was back in the library. It was all just a dream, but it felt so real. I slowly sat up and looked down at my attire, I was still in my dress and it was still dark outside. It was just a dream… I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not about it.

“Enjoyed yourself?” A voice questioned, and I stood up startled.

I slowly turned around and saw Roman standing there nonchalantly, a hint of a smirk on his face. He was wearing all black again, however, this time he had on a black dress suit, buttoned all the way to the top. His hands were in his pockets and he looked so tall and intimidating. The fact that I had a sex dream about him caused me to go all red, oh god, does he know?

“I asked you a question and I expect you to answer.” He repeated, and I was instantly knocked out of my trance.

“I was… I was sleeping.” I replied timidly.

“I know,” he smiled, “I compelled you to.”


“I told you I was going to train you… get you accustomed to my touch, I had to start slow, so I sent you into a dream.”

I didn’t know how to reply, he forced my mind into a sex dream so he could train me to grow an insatiable attraction towards him. I wasn’t sure how to feel, and I felt ashamed that apart of me liked it.

He stalked closer, the height difference becoming increasingly prominent within proximity. He was so calm, yet I was so shaken.

“Just you wait till the real thing.” He smirked. “I’ll have you when I know you’re ready.”

To be continued…

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway (Bill Skarsgard X Reader)

Requested: Hello!! :) hope you’re having a great day! I was wondering if you could make an imagine where you are watching ‘IT’ for the first time with Bill but you hate clowns. Kept up the good work!

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1665

A/N: Thanks for requesting hopefully this is what you wanted - I know it is a bit different, but I really enjoyed writing this!

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

All her life, Y/N saw herself as a coward. She was a coward during the first grade spelling bee, during every exam or test, during her first date, during college tours, during everything. During every somewhat challenging situation her heart would begin to race, her hands would become clammy, and her mouth would become ickily dry. No matter how much she recited ‘this too shall pass’ to herself, the mantra never seemed to stick.

A few years back, Y/N decided to make peace with her cowardice and therefore come to terms that she was just destined to lead a boring, dull life. No airplanes (it could crash!), no public-speaking (what would everyone think of her?!), no walking atop the space needle (heights!). Which was fine. It was fine with her.

This epiphany (as it was just her luck) took place a year before Bill entered her life. A daring and fearless character, hell, the man was a regular Nik Wallenda. While she spent her days alone answering phones in a cubicle, he was out pursing his dream in one of the most difficult industries out there. If she ever asked him about it, she knew he’d laugh. He’d clutch his stomach and laugh aloud and say, “Yes how courageous of me to go to forty auditions a week and get none of them”. She wouldn’t reply, but in her head she would think, that is exactly my point.

Her cowardice was even the root of most of their arguments. Even though the majority of their disagreements dealt with silly things like forgetting to buy Bill’s peach smelling soap or printer ink, some, however, were very much real. Those debates could be so loud it rattled the ceiling above them and quaked the floor beneath them.

When Bill got the role of Pennywise the argument they had was earth shattering.

“I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU’RE TELLING ME NOT TO TAKE THIS! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR MY ENTIRE CAREER!” Bill yelled, he was blue in the face already from screaming and he had stretched to his full height of 6’4. He was still dressed in his plaid yellow pajama pants and an old t-shirt from Y/N’s cousin’s wedding (‘Laura and Tom Forever’ was hardly visible now that he had worn it and washed it countless times). He reached over Y/N’s shoulder and roughly poured coffee into his mug. The hot coffee splashed all over the floor, burning the tips of Y/N’s toes.

“I’M NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE IT, BILL!” Y/N countered, ignoring the dull pain in her toes. “I’M SAYING THAT MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK TWICE ABOUT HOW GREAT THIS IS! HOW OFTEN DO YOU THINK WE’LL SEE EACH OTHER ONCE FILMING STARTS HM? ONCE A WEEK? THAT - IS - NOT - GOOD - ENOUGH!” The thing about Y/N (and most cowards for that matter) was that she could never let an argument go. Once she started she was like a ball rolling down a hill. She couldn’t ever walk away for fear of what might happen if she did; would he walk away too?

“I THINK WE’LL WORK IT OUT! HONESTLY YOU’RE JUST BEING SELFISH AS ALWAYS!” Bill screeched back, but as he used his arms to gesture the rest of the coffee in the mug spilt onto the floor. Y/N jumped and retreated but, if she were to be honest, she wasn’t quite sure if it was because of the coffee or because of the vile in Bill’s words. Selfish as always, he had said. Though they had made up eventually, after cleaning the coffee and apologizing to one another profusely, she couldn’t get those words out of the back of her mind. Like a ghost they followed her, when Bill came home for the first time since filming started, Selfish as always, when she met the cast of the Loser’s Club, Selfish as always, when Y/N went to set to see Bill, Selfish as always. Perhaps it was in the nature of the cowards, to be selfish, always fearing the ultimate thing as they watched their own backs.

So Y/N tried to make peace with that development too.

“Hey honey,” Bill murmured as he leant down to peck Y/N’s buttery lips. She had just gotten off the plane, her pillow still hanging around her neck and headphones spilling from her ears, she lugged a heavy carry on bag. “Let me get that for you,” Bill said, still just as quiet as he attempted to grab the handle of the case but Y/N immediately used her right hand to pull it away from his helpful grasp.

“I got it babe,” Y/N replied, rubbing her boyfriend’s shoulder comfortingly with her free hand. He looked at her, eyebrows furrowed, lips apart for only a moment, before shaking it off and telling her all about his day (“I told you about how I was nervous for that scene but Andy said to just…”). Y/N listened carefully, trying to hang onto every word to ask him about later. As Bill spoke on and on and on, Y/N nodded, laughed, smiled at what she hoped were all appropriate times. She dragged her suitcase along the cold floor of the airport, finally reaching the sliding glass entrance doors which revealed a cloudy scene. There were plenty of places she would’ve rather been then cloudy and rainy Vancouver (take for example sunny California), but Bill had wanted her here to experience the full screening of IT with the rest of the cast and crew. Therefore here she was.

Once they reached Bill’s car, Bill, helpful bugger that he was, took Y/N’s suitcase, opened the car door for her, and buckled her seatbelt. Selfish as al-. She stopped herself from thinking the rest, breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. She had been concentrating so much so on her breathing that, before she could realize it, she was sitting in front of a big blank movie screen in a small, freezing theater. She could slightly remember going to bed the night before, being pulled by the waist into Bill’s long and strong arms. She could slightly remember getting dressed this morning, being prepped on what she could and could not reveal to the public about the movie (like she’d be able to talk to any sort of media).

As the introduction music played and the screen blinked to life, Bill wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into him like he had done last night. He looked at her, smile wider than Y/N had ever seen before and whispered in her ear (as to not to disturb anyone else in the theater), “Are you excited?” Y/N quickly nodded back, smiling just as wide (but not nearly as genuine), before motioning for him to hush.

As the movie rolled on, the happiness from the cast and crew was palpable, which was ironic considering the dark subject of the film. Bill kept on leaning in to whisper things in her ear and nudge her to let her know to pay attention at certain bits. Y/N was so proud of him. It was truly beautiful to know how talented the person one loves is, but as the scenes played on she couldn’t help herself but tear a bit. She was not necessarily afraid of the movie. Pennywise, for all intents and purposes was her boyfriend, she had seen him in and out of costume a number of times. Regardless, by the time Bill was on screen climbing out from a refrigerator, Y/N couldn’t help but silently sob. Wet, full, heavy tears rolled down her cheeks and pooled into her lap. Selfish as always, Y/N remembered as she rubbed her nose with the back of her sweater, creating a pitiful sniffle that alerted Bill to look at her.

“Y/N, ar-are you crying?” Bill asked, reaching up to touch her cheek with pads of his fingertips. She looked away from him, causing his arm to fall from her face. “Y/N?” He repeated, and she could feel his looming figure ghost over her shoulder. She took a shaky breath in, letting it rattle her rib cage, before grabbing her coat and leaving the small cinema entirely. She pushed her way out of the double doors, and covered her face with her hands, as tears after tears pour from her ducts.

“Y/N! Y/N WHAT THE HELL!” She could hear her boyfriend shout from in the theater, but she ignored it. She simply leant against the wall and sank. Sank to the floor.

“Y/N WHAT - WHAT - oh.” He stopped as he saw her state. Sunken. “What happened? What - is- is it movie?” He didn’t crouch on his knees to comfort her like she had expected him to, rather he just stood aloof.

She wiped tears from her soft cheek and laughed sardonically. “No n-.”

“Then what is it? Why are you -?” Bill asked, Y/N could sense the strain and panic rising in his voice. He waited for a few moments shuffling back and forth on his heels awkwardly as he awaited a response.

“BECAUSE!” She finally yelled, cutting the tension, causing more wet hot drops to squeeze out. “I’m TRYING NOT to be ‘selfish as always’ and I’m TRYING to brave, because I can see how much you love this but - but..” She trailed off, to have the things she have been thinking about over the course of the last year finally vocalize was a relief but she couldn’t help but to stop once she saw Bill crestfallen.

“But what?” Bill whimpered so quietly Y/N wasn’t sure she had actually heard it.

“But I can’t.” She said, pushing herself off the wall and standing up. Tears still streamed down her face and she could tell that her eyes were red and puffy, but she got up anyhow and left.

Roman Godfrey x Reader (Wuthering Tension)

Request: Roman fic where the reader is the quiet and super smart kid that no one really pays attention to. In class roman makes a remark that annoys the reader so she calls him out and he finds her after school.

WARNINGS: none :)

Word Count: 747

Tag List: @barbedwireandbubblegum, @bellasett

sorry ahead of time for any grammar/spelling mistakes

Originally posted by rainmustfall

“’She was much too fond of Heathcliff’,” the teacher recited from a battered copy of Wuthering Heights. Only a handful of students actually bothered to follow along in their own copies. The others blankly stared off into space, following dust particles through the air and counting down the seconds until the class ended. You, however, read along with the teacher enthusiastically. Wuthering Heights was one of your favorite books, after all. 

The teacher continued, “’The greatest punishment we could invent for her was to keep her separate from him: yet she got chided more than any of us on his account.’” The teacher clapped her book closed, commanding the attention of the students whose minds were somewhere else. “Now,” she began, “what does this passage tell us about Catherine and Heathcliff’s relationship?”

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Imagine Roman killing all the boys who have a crush on you

Peter: Roman we need to- Are you fucking kidding me? You killed another one of Y/N’s admirers?

Roman: Yeah, and I don’t regret it either.

Peter: You can’t kill all of them.

Roman: Yeah? Try to stop me. 

Peter: Just get the balls to tell her you love her, fuck. I swear Shelley has more guts than you.

Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Female Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mild sexual content, angst

Description: Roman is captivated by an Stranger in town. He thinks of ways to get over her.

A/N: This is literal trash, I’m sorry you have to read this. I was pressured into posting this instead of deleting it.

Roman Godfrey did not fall in love. Roman Godfrey did not fall in love and he definitely did not plan to. Roman was notorious for using girls and tossing them to the side like a used tissue. He didn’t like relationships, he believed they were complicated and boring. Roman’s ideal relationship would have no strings attached, a friends with benefits agreement if you will. Roman liked one night stands and blow jobs in back alleys and quick and meaningless sex in his car. This all changed when he met her. 

She worked in the local café, that’s where Roman had first seen her. She offered him a bright yet forced smile whilst taking down Shelley’s order of a milkshake. She had left Roman in a state of awe. She was not conventionally beautiful, she didn’t have perfectly straight teeth nor perfectly straight hair. She was fairly average, Roman could think of at least five girls in his year alone who were far prettier than her. But something about her, it peaked his interest, maybe it was the way she innocently nibbled on her lower lip when concentrating or the way she tucked her hair behind her ear when he spoke to her. 

At first, Roman believed she was into him, maybe she acted this way with him and him only. However, on the second time he visited, he watched her and she had done the same thing to every other customer. Something inside him ignited, he didn’t like it, jealousy erupted inside in - that’s what it was - jealousy. 

And as summer dragged to an end, he stopped seeing her in the café, she no longer did her usual shifts. ‘This is perfect’, Roman thought, ‘I won’t see her anymore. I can get over this infatuation’. 

Then school came back round and in first lesson English, he saw her again. Sitting just two seats to the right of him. Inwardly, he groaned. He never wanted to see her again, he hated the way she made him feel inside. He didn’t even know her name yet he pined after her. 

Roman spent most of then lesson with his vibrant green eyes fixated on her, watching her take notes about the literature they were reading and occasionally mumble under her breath the answer. She was intelligent, Roman knew that much. 

Roman smirked to himself, constructing the perfect plan to get in her pants and get her off his mind. He’d ask her to tutor him, pretend as though he had no clue about the book they were studying. Invite her to his house and seduce her, ruin her innocence. Then the infatuation would be over. He wouldn’t think about her again after that, he was sure. He was impressed with himself, the plan was pretty good. After-all, who could resist Roman Godfrey?

Y/N could sense a pair of eyes on her the whole lesson, however she did not have the courage to look up and see who it was. Towards the end of the lesson, she took a quick peek to her left, locking brief eye contact with a green eyed boy. He licked his lips and smirked, winking at her. Her eyes widened and she frowned deeper, her head tilting slightly to the side. Her cheeks warmed up and she looked away, not meeting his eyes again. Why was someone like him looking at someone like her? 

Embarrassed too, Roman lowered his gaze back to his book. He picked up his pen and continued with his mindless sketches.  Roman Godfrey did not get embarrassed and flustered, especially not over a girl. He needed to get her out of his head. Desperately. ‘A quick fuck would do the trick’, he thought. 

The thought of using her pained him, strangely. He had never felt this way before. Usually, he had no issue with fucking a girl and leaving her unsatisfied and upset, but he didn’t want to imagine her like that. But what other choice did he have? He didn’t want to fall in love with her and he was already infatuated after seeing her a few times. 

He decided his best option was to fuck some stranger, at least that way he wouldn’t feel guilty. So he went to the café Y/N worked at, he was familiar with one of the other waitresses there, very familiar. 

Roman exhaled the thick grey smoke, running his fingers through his gelled hair. With a wiggle of his index and middle finger, the slim yet busty waitress glided over to him. Her red lips pulled back into a sweet yet sultry smile. 

“What can I get you, sugar?” She purred. 

Roman thought back to when Y/N had answered to her name on the register,  Y/N sounded like how Roman imagined heaven to be like, and this waitress sounded like a 70 year old smoker in comparison. In the past, Roman had found her voice quite attractive, but now it didn’t sound appealing at all.  Y/N wasn’t even trying to be sexy when she answered to her name. Roman tried to imagine what Y/N would sound like when she was trying to be sexy and in a moment, his jeans tightened. He choked on air, momentarily squeezing his eyes shut. It shouldn’t be this easy for her to effect him.

Roman sighed. “Want to suck my dick?” He asked the waitress and with that, her eyes seemed to light up and she eagerly nodded her head. 

Roman staggering out of his seat and turned around with speed, his eyes falling on Y/N who had been walking towards him. She stopped abruptly, her eyes which had been downcast fluttering up to lock with his own. Then, she pushed past him and towards the barricade, she lifted it up, holding it long enough for the waitress to also go through before letting it thud shut. 

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” The waitress hissed, her eyes glaring at Y/N. 

Y/N bounced on her heels nervously, “Paula said Max was ill and asked if I could cover his s-shifts.” Y/N replied, stuttering occasionally under the busty waitress’ harsh stare. 

“Do you mind watching the front for about 30 minutes? I have some business to attend to.” The waitress smirked, eyes flickering back to Roman, who’s eyes were planted on Y/N. 

Y/N bit her lower lip, hesitantly nodding. 

“Thanks, Doll.” The waitress grinned, causing Y/N to sheepishly smile. 

She glanced back at Roman and offered a tight smile, before disappearing out back. 

Roman detached his eyes from the retreating girl and back to his companion for the night. Something inside him stirred and he no longer wanted her anywhere near him. 

“Maybe another time, I best be getting off home.” Roman lied through his teeth.

“Since when did Roman Godfrey have a curfew?” The waitress frowned, picking up his lie immediately. 

“Since when was it any of your business? Maybe another time.” Roman seethed, turning on his heels and barging out of the cafe. 

The waitress was left, aghast by what had just happened. Y/N came back out from, disappointed to see that Roman had fled. She frowned when she noticed he had left alone, the waitress coming back behind the till. Y/N tightened her small crimson apron around her waist and smiled at the customer, scribbling down his order. 

Somehow, over many months the two formed a sort of friendship, Y/N helped him study the book and understand it, and Roman found her friends. Roman had long abandoned his plan to seduce Y/N, after realising how nice she was and how much he enjoyed her company. He introduced her to Letha and Peter, Letha quickly becoming her best friend. 

Y/N could feel herself falling for Roman, hard. Those countless nights they spend in her bedroom, highlighting quotes from the book and creating revision cards, the nights they spent having fun with their best friends, they made Y/N happier than she had ever been. 

Roman, however, became colder towards Y/N as the weeks went by. He cancelled their study dates last minute and stopped hanging out with her. He cancelled these plans to fuck other girls, Y/N assumed. 

Roman didn’t fall in love, the idea repulsed him. But here he was, confessing how he felt to his closest friend, Peter, for his friend, Y/N. He had fallen, truly, madly, deeply in love with her and he didn’t know how to stop. The idea of using her now repulsed him, he wanted nothing more than to protect her and give her all that she ever wanted. 

His heart broke when he found out that she had nearly died on one of the nights he cancelled on her.

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Roman x Reader

You rolled your eyes when Roman sat at the counter, ducking his head to see you in the back as you begged one of the girls working with you to take his order. When she flirtily skipped over her simply requested that you serve him and shoved a fifty in her hand.

“You know there are other coffee shops.” You sighed and he shrugged leaning forward as you made him his usual drink and set it in front of him.

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Six foot four Swedish boyfriend

Pairing: Bill Skarsgård x reader

Plot: the reader is apart of the avengers cast and dating bill skarsgård and during a panel at a fan convention the person hosting the panel starts flirting with the reader while bill is in the audience and stellan (for people who don’t know stellan is bills dad) is sitting next to her.

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