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Thorns & Roses: Our Thoughts on Season Three

With all eyes on the imminent Season Four premiere, let’s take one last look at Season Three. Blindspot survived its sophomore season and came into its third season with what TPTB called a soft reset. With a brand new set of tattoos, a shiny new villain, and airing on a new night—the often-feared Friday death slot—Blindspot promised a lighter and more fun season and sold that premise by promoting everyone’s favorite Rich Dotcom to a recurring role.

So what was our overall impression this season? How did Blindspot fare in the death slot? Did the fresh new look and feel succeed? Was it as light and humorous as they promised? 

L: I don’t know about the light and humorous part. I mean, should I still feel traumatized by the finale almost four months later? (At what point is it no longer socially acceptable to cry over the death of a fictional character?) But angst aside, I felt this was a pretty solid season. There were some really good plot twists, solid character developments, and interesting, action-packed cases, but there were also some plots that dragged while others felt rushed or inconsistent. If I have one complaint about this season, it would be that there seemed to be too much going on, and trying to keep up with all of the storylines left the pacing of the individual threads rather uneven. I really loved Roman’s storyline this season, but if I had to rank seasons, I would have to put the first two ahead of this one, simply because of the pacing issues.

Y: I agree. It was a very solid season, strengthened by the Roman storyline as its backbone, and with the soft reboot, the characters came back with fresh and interesting new baggage that made getting to know them again all the more exciting. I’m not saying it was flawless—like you said, some plot holes, some dragging plots, and a few questionable character decisions here and there—but it was definitely fun, explosive, and nerve-wracking, and months later I still haven’t stopped using the finale as an excuse to occasionally stuff my face with chocolate. And to answer your question, I don’t think there is a statute of limitation on the whole crying-over-the-death-of-a-fictional-character situation.

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