roman slang

Lud, probably during an argument: “I am an adult”
“Adult my ass” (lit.: “Adult with a dick”)
“So, what exactly does my penis have to do with this…?”
Feli, in the distance, probably cry-laughing: “OH  MY GOOOOD”
Lud, very confused: “Italians…”
(It is actually Roman slang but whatever)
This happened to me today actually, this is not made up.

College Party

So i got this as a prompt from the kinds of kisses thingy i reblogged a little while ago. But somewhere between the app on my phone, the mobile internet version on my ipad, and the regular desktop browser on my laptop… I’ve lost basically all of my asks? So i’m really sorry if i never did something? But… yeah. My asks are pretty much always open for general fluffs and prompts that I promise I will always try my best to do, but won’t always manage all of them. Anyway… Here’s some College AU Analogical with a dash of Royality

“Roman… Must I accompany you to this… Event?” Logan groaned, his arms crossed over his chest. His roommate Roman was running about their dorm, getting ready. The regal teen was dressed.. Logan couldn’t remember the slang term Roman explained to him. Fleep? Something like that.

“You must Lo! I need someone to come with me! I can’t show up to our first college party alone! We are going to be some of the very few freshman invited!” Roman shouted as he ran about, fussing with his hair and makeup every time he caught his reflection.

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