roman scandals (1933)


Happy Birthday ♡ Barbara Pepper ♡ (May 31 1915 - July 18 1969)

Best known for her role as Doris Ziffel in Green Acres, most people are shocked to find out Barbara Pepper was actually a blond bombshell in the 1930s. A former show girl of the Ziegfeld Follies, she started her acting career as a Goldwyn Girl along side Lucille Ball. The two met on the train taking them across country and remained life long friends even making their film debuts together in Roman Scandals (1933). She was considered for the role of Ethel Mertz until Vivian Vance stepped in (You can still see her in 9 episodes of I Love Lucy). Her career lasted for 36 years during which she was in over 100 films and 100 tv episodes playing leading roles in B-movies and small parts in many hit films. She specialized in playing tough broads and wild party girls. In 1949 her husband, fellow actor Craig Reynolds, died tragically in a motorcycle accident which left her severely depressed resulting in weight gain. Even at a larger size she was able to find steady work. Something not many fellow actresses have accomplished.