I really feel like some fans just boo Roman Reigns just for the hell of it at this point. 

His promos have gotten much better.

His matches have been consistently good all year long.

He’s not even going after the Universal Championship/WWE Championship anymore!

So why is the hate still here?

Doesn't Make Sense😕

All that hype for Brock’s response and Paul did all the talking while Brock was totally silent.

It was completely boring. A waste of time.

Yet Roman delivers a great promo and people booed him.

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Yet they cheered Brock, chanted “Suplex City and Goldberg Sucks!”

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Roman performs every night, appreciates his fans and respects everyone he works with. Brock works when he feels like it, fails steroid tests while judging others, doesn’t like the people he works with and doesn’t really care about his fans yet some people would rather cheer Brock and boo Roman.

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Horror Movie

for @krystal124

sorry it took me so long to write. :)


The naive girl walked down the dark corridor, calling out for Roman to appear. All the characters so far had all been pretty naive. The frat guy had promised they would all be ok and make it through the weekend. The sorority girl had been flirting with the frat boy died because she had been calling out for him and the killer found her. It had all been pretty cliche but enjoyable. The lead actress was trying to find her romantic interest, Roman. He had disappeared and was most likely the killer. That, or it was the really sweet guy that no one would expect. The girl started to open a bedroom door and it squeaked as she nudged it. The suspense was eating away at anyone who might be watching. The music was drawing you in as the door continued to slowly open. The camera panned back to the girl.


And then out of nowhere, a crash of an instrument appeared and so did the killer. The girl screamed as a knife came at her from the killer’s hand. I jumped and the popcorn went everywhere.

“You ok there?”

I looked at Roman who was slightly laughing at my reaction. Roman had starred in a horror movie and this was my first time watching it. He played the lead and had been amazing so far. He was the leader character, trying to keep the group safe and together. It was all very cliche but as you sat next to him, it didn’t seem so bad.

“I’m fine. I told you, I don’t get scared at horror movies.”

“Yeah, you said that but explain why the popcorn is now all over the floor.”

“I felt something on my leg.”

He rolled his eyes but I saw a hint of a smile playing on his lips. I loved horror movies and rarely got scared. Roman was so smug something finally got to me. I shook my head before cuddling against him. The killer was about to murder the young woman when Roman’s character, Jay, popped up out of nowhere and started fighting the killer. I squealed and I felt the rumble of Roman’s laughter. I playfully hit him before seeing the final moments. Jay beat the killer and they took off his mask. It was revealed to be the nice boy, which was what I was suspecting. The movie ended with Jay and the girl kissing and the credits rolled. I turned to Roman and had a goofy grin on his face.

“Happy? I got scared.”

Roman kissed me and pulled me closer. “I’ll always protect you.” He said, quoting a line straight from the movie.

I laughed and kissed him before falling asleep in his arms.