Good Lord! You bunch of whiny ass babies! Y’all losing your shit over something that hasn’t even happen yet!

Roman got a title shot at Roadblock. And? Y’all ain’t even like the title when it first came out; now it’s like the greatest thing ever. What? Speaking of titles, where is this sudden concern about the US title and especially Rusev? People cared more about Lana (and still do). If Rusev was so popular, why couldn’t the fans show him love when he was carrying the US Title?

Y’all say that Roman’s handed everything? Ok, then explain how KO got the title in the first. Triple H LITERALLY HANDED HIM THE VICTORY to get it. Were y’all even watching the match? But I guess it’s okay since it’s KO. (This ain’t a knock on KO. Mad respect for him. I’m just speaking storyline wise).

Raw needs start power for Roadblock and Roman draws. (and before you come blowing up my post, telling me I’m wrong, that’s your personal opinion. Regardless of you booing or cheering Roman, he’s still draws strong reactions. Plus numbers don’t lie. And on that, take your ass to Google and do your own research. Not my job to educate you.)

Roman should be defending his title but Creative has him playing sidekick and silent background player (AGAIN). Take that up with them instead of trying to clown Roman on his Twitter, only to have the King a-bomb your feelings.

Will Roman win the Universal title? Not sure. So what if he does? What’s the worse that could happen? Seth challenges him for a shot? Kevin Owens invokes his rematch clause? Jericho puts in a challenge? I mean…?????? Oh I know! Butthurt fans will get on social media and whine and trend #CancelWWENetwork and say that they will never watch WWE again only to come back Monday and Tuesday to see the fallout.

But hey…it’s whatever. Y’all say Roman’s predictable, but haters are just as bad. I can literally make a damn drinking game out of the shit you come up with when it comes to Roman Reigns.
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All Dean’s life, he’s never had a proper home. He’s lived places, sure, but never considered them his home.

One fateful day leads him to meet Roman Reigns, a kind of goofy teenager who has a weird habit of talking to himself. Dean gets caught up in more than just looking for a roof over his head.

(wow look another wip how surprising, this metaphorical hole gets bigger by the day)

WWE Raw Preview Dec. 5, 2016:Is this the “End of the Line” for Kevin Owens?

Without Chris Jericho in his corner, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens faced U.S. Champion Roman Reigns unaided this past Monday night, falling victim to a thunderous Spear that earned The Big Dog an opportunity for The Prizefighter’s title at Roadblock: End of the Line on Dec. 18, live on WWE Network.

With his friendship with Jericho on the rocks, Owens could very well be on his own when he battles “The Guy.” Is The Prizefighter getting nervous? Based on what happened last Monday, he probably should be.

Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET on all of WWE’s digital platforms.


If you have to point out that not every person who hates Roman Reigns is male, but literally go on to say that all his fans are “fangirls”, your post instantly loses any and all credibility. Not to mention that you sound stupid because you contradicted yourself.

There was so much wannabe edge in that post, I could almost see clearly.