roman port


Porta Nigra 

Trier, Germany

200 CE

The Porta Nigra was built in grey sandstone between 186 and 200 CE. The original gate consisted of two four-storied towers, projecting as near semicircles on the outer side. A narrow courtyard separated the two gate openings on either side. For unknown reasons, however, the construction of the gate remained unfinished. For example, the stones at the northern (outer) side of the gate were never abraded, and the protruding stones would have made it impossible to install movable gates. Nonetheless, the gate was used for several centuries until the end of the Roman era in Trier. It serves as an entrance to town.

In Roman times, the Porta Nigra was part of a system of four city gates, one of which stood at each side of the roughly rectangular Roman city. The Porta Nigra guarded the northern entry to the Roman city, while the Porta Alba (White Gate) was built in the east, the Porta Media (Middle Gate) in the south, and the Porta Inclyta (Famous Gate) in the west, next to the Roman bridge across the Moselle. The gates stood at the ends of the two main streets of the Roman Trier, one of which led north-south and the other east-west. Of these gates, only the Porta Nigra still exists today.


Chalcedony Statuette of a Herm of Herakles, Roman Imperial, 2nd Century AD

While sculptures of bronze and marble are among the most well-known artistic legacies of Greece and Rome, ancient artists also produced fine works of sculpture in other materials such as terracotta, ivory, gold, silver, glass, and rare or semi-precious stone. Some artists possessed the remarkable skills needed to transform hard stone into miniature sculpture worthy of comparison with the finest works in bronze and marble. This extraordinary and finely made statuette of Herakles is just such an object. It stands out as a masterwork, even when considered among the small number of other stone statuettes that are known, and testifies to the superior talent of artists who created such luxuria during the Roman Imperial Period. This type of herm representing Herakles first appears in the Greek Hellenistic period and becomes prevalent during Roman Imperial times. This herm is supported by a golden pedestal of 18th century date, following a custom of the time for mounting such rare objects.

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“With clacking oars the Phoenicians arrived millennia ago to found their centre of ancient exchange. Under golden Roman yoke the port gained gleaming palaces and mosaics. Ostrogoths, vandals, and Byzantines alternately wrecked and rebuilt. Moorish and Berber emirs dug irrigation and harvested new fruits - the bergamot oranges they planted still grow. Norman kings wrested the island back from the east. Garibaldi’s thousand redshirts galloped through, and Italy was born. All those centuries of interleaved layers, one bled into the other, remain palpable in the air, the water, the art, the architecture, the spirit.”


Antonine Gate

Sbeitla, tunisia

139 CE

The arch is leading into the open courtyard of the Forum with its three openings ans was built on 139 according to an inscription on the entrance archway. It is clearly among the finest arches of any site in Tunisia, and adds a dramatic effect to the arrival to the Forum.
Note that it was never finished, to which the rough surface of the four columns in front testifies.


Arch of Augustus

Fano, Italy

9 CE

it was the principle gate of Colonia Julia Fanestris, a colonia established in the town of Fanum Fortunae (temple of Fortuna) by the Roman architect Vitruvius at the command of the Emperor Augustus, in commemoration of the victory over the Carthaginian general Hasdrubal Barca in the Battle of Metauro during the Second Punic War.

Constructed at the point at which the via Flaminia met the decumanus maximus of the city, the monument is dated to 9 CE by means of an inscription located on the frieze, with large characters carved in the rock which were once gilded in bronze. The inscription reports:


Imperator Caesar Augustus son of a god, Pontifex Maximus, Consul 13 times, recipient of tribunician power 32 times, acclaimed imperator 26 times, father of his country donated this wall.

Faced with opus quadratum from blocks of Istrian stone, the monument consists of two minor lateral arches and a larger central arch: the keystone of the latter is decorated with an image of an animal which is no longer recognisable but which most probably depicted an elephant. The main body, still well preserved, supported a large attic which is now lost, with a Corinthian pseudo-portico, in which there were seven arched windows separated by eight pseudo-columns.

Who Should You Fight: RWBY Edition

Ruby Rose: Don’t fight Ruby Rose.  If she has her scythe, she’ll send you to the morgue.  If she doesn’t, she’ll probably lose soundly, but then you would have to deal with literally every other member of teams RWBY and JNPR getting up in your grill.  Plus, why would you even want to fight her?  She’s just a little girl.  A little girl who can kick your ass.

Weiss Schnee: Fight Weiss Schnee.  She’ll be so offended by the first suckerpunch that you’ll basically be able to steamroll her for free.  Maybe you’ll finally get a message into that thick skull of hers.

Blake Belladonna: DO NOT FIGHT BLAKE.  Blake Belladonna has almost definitely killed before.  She won’t kill again, she’s past all that, but that doesn’t mean you won’t walk away bruised, battered, and utterly humiliated.

Yang Xiao-Long: Do not fight Yang.  Unless you’re Neo.  You will almost certainly die.

Jaune Arc: Do not fight Jaune Arc.  Sure, he looks like a flimsy noodle, but he’s surprisingly stiff.  You’d go for a suckerpunch to his exposed solar plexus, and he’d just be confused.  And then you’d be dead, because Pyrrha.

Nora Valkyrie: This is a viking.  A tiny, cream puff of a viking.  Just run.  Don’t look back.

Pyrrha Nikos: Whether or not you decide to fight her, Pyrrha probably won’t fight you.  She’d just walk around, calm as you like, casually dodging whatever pitiful blows you send her way.  If anything, you might walk away slightly better at fighting, if only because she would give you tips.  Fight Pyrrha.

Lie Ren: Sure, he’s tough.  If he lands even a single blow on you, you’re probably gonna die.  He’ll rip out your skull and beat you to death with it.  If you hit him first?  He’ll go down like a sack of bricks and just meep quietly on the ground in pain.  Doesn’t matter how hard.  You could blow on him and he’d shatter.  50/50 shot, I’d say.

Roman Torchwick: Do not fight Roman Torchwick.  He’s willing to coldly murder a small, innocent child like Ruby and laugh about it.  You’re not Ruby.  You’re not as tough as Ruby.  Do not fight Roman Torchwick.

Cinder Fall: Be careful when fighting Cinder Fall.  She’ll probably kick your ass, but you have a moral obligation to destroy this woman.  You can’t, but still.  Just do it, you coward.  Fight Cinder.

Mercury Black: Pyrrha can’t fight Mercury.  Don’t.

Emerald Sustrai: Probably a bad idea.  She’d probably call in Mercury so that she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty.  See above.

Glynda Goodwitch: Glynda ‘Badbitch’ Goodwitch.  Do not fight Glynda.  Do not fight Glynda. DO NOT FIGHT GLYNDA.  Just apologize and take your damn elbows off the table or whatever you did to make her mad at you to begin with.

Professor Port: Fight Peter Port.  He’s a grody old man and probably has a bum knee.  Knock him on his occasionally misogynistic ass and laugh.

Professor Oobleck: Do it.  Fight Oobleck.  He’ll put up his fisticuffs and nyoom around you, but you can just put your leg out and trip him.  Take that, Green Sanic.  Who even ‘Bartholomew’?

Professor Ozpin: It probably seems like a good idea, but don’t do it.  Ozpin is almost definitely the single best Huntsman at the single most prestigious academy for training Huntsmen.  He’d mop the floor with you without you even being able to tell what’s going on.  And then he’d get Glynda to toss you out the door.  Don’t do it.


Porta Romana (modern name)

Ostia, Italia

81-96 CE

18 m. high

The original gate was at a much lower level than the present level. It was made of large tufa blocks, and consisted of two rooms. Grooves for wooden doors were found on the east side (the outer side). On either side of the gate is a square tower, with sides of six metres.

During the reign of Domitian the level was raised, and the gate rebuilt. Marble architectural decoration was added. Large inscriptions on either side recorded the building history of the gate. A statue of the winged Minerva-Victoria, found on the nearby Piazzale della Vittoria, formed part of the decoration of the upper part. Minerva was the favourite goddess of Domitian.

Introducing my mom’s names for RWBY

Torchlight: Torchwick

Ironforrest: Ironwood

Kitty/Bow girl: Blake

Yaz: Yang

Weess: Wiess

Sam: Sun

Doctor Ozwald: Professor Ozpin

Granny Goodwitch: Glynda Goodwitch

Captain Kangaroo: Professor Port

Professor (Doctor) Oddball: Doctor Oobleck

Conner: Cinder

Chamberlin: Cardin

Heart girl: Nora

Momma Rose: Summer Rose


An AU in which Beacon Academy is now a training school for warriors… that can fly. That’s kinda it for now.

Ruby Rose’s wings are slightly smaller, due to her younger age. Her wings were all black baby feathers when she came to Beacon; due to the baby feathers and current size, she cannot fly yet. As she began to molt, some of her adult feathers began to grow in red.

Weiss Schnee’s wings are whiter than her hair. The unders of her wings are red. She claims it’s natural but many suspect it came from a bottle. She has one of the larger sets of wings at Beacon, but this doesn’t make up for her short stature.

Blake Belladona’s wings are a bit of a special case. Every now and again, a baby is born with featherless wings. Blake is one of those few. She has bat-like wings that she binds to try and hide them. If she ever has to fly, she tries to do so only in the dark, so no one can notice her lack of feathers. When she flies, she is fast and deadly accurate with her movements. If you ever fought her in the dark, you would never see her coming.

Yang Xiao Long’s wings are enormous, but still not the biggest on campus. Rumors have it that her wings are made of gold. They glimmer in the sunlight, almost to the point where one must look away or they’d be blinded. She’s fast, but by no means does that make her a graceful flyer.

Jaune Arc’s wings are small. He barely has enough size to fly, and if he’s holding his sword and shield, he cannot get off the ground. They’re similar to eagle wings with the brown on top and white underneath. His wings are still growing and eventually, he will have wings large enough to go up against the largest wings in Beacon. But, this won’t happen until year four at Beacon Academy.

Nora Valkyire’s wings are adorable, pink, and puffy! Similar to Yang, she’s fast, but not graceful. She loves to play pranks and uses her flight to assist with that. She and Ren have always been friends since childhood and she finds his wings fascinating.

Lie Ren’s wings are one of the rare featherless sets. He has dragon wings. His scales are black, save for the few scattered around that Nora loves to paint pink. The webbing of his wings is a forest green color. He takes great pride in his wings and will spend hours with Nora cleaning every single scale and touching up the paint if need be. If Nora insists on painting them, they might as well look good.

Pyrrha Nikos’s wings are a beautiful red color. Big, but not too big to hinder her. They are incredibly strong, and often, she uses them as a weapon to daze her opponents. In a tournament, she once hit the other fighter with her wings and he was unconscious for around a half hour; it was later discovered he was given a concussion.

Professor Peter Port has a large set of wings, but due to his size, he can no longer get off the ground and fly freely. Although he can glide if there is a large enough breeze. They are graying like his hair, and although he can’t fly, he is adamant about up keeping their looks.

Professor Bartholomew Oobleck’s wings molt. A lot. His green feathers fall everywhere and despite the amount he loses, he can still fly at unthinkable speed. It’s almost like they regrow immediately. Rumor has it that Oobleck has broken the sound barrier without the help of a wind current.

Professor Glynda Goodwitch has a beautiful set of wings. They look just like a hawk and are very strong; stronger than Pyrrha’s. Sometimes it seems like they have a mind of their own. With the help of some dust, she can conjure tornadoes and even lightning storms.

Headmaster Ozpin has the largest wings in Beacon Academy. His wing span holds a Vytal World Record at a colossal forty feet. He cannot open up his wings indoors. They are a beautiful silver color that seemingly glows if they faintest of light hit them.

Velvet Scarlatina has beautiful, soft, brown feathers. Unfortunately, they are normally plucked by Team CRDL when they come terrorize her. When she’s frightened or nervous (which is quite often) her wings tend to wrap around her like a cocoon.

Sun Wukong doesn’t use his wings often. He can fly with his bright yellow wings, but he enjoys the challenge of getting around without the use of flight. Most times, he’ll bind his wings just to avoid leaving any feathers behind and giving the police any indication of where he is or has been.

Penny has very peculiar wings. This is due to the fact that they do not even look like real wings. Now whether that’s because of the metallic “shing” that sounds every time they move, or the tiny rockets near the base of said wings. Despite the questions by many people, Penny seems oblivious and stands by the fact that they’re real.

Roman Torchwick is also featherless. Roman has gargoyle wings that are a strange orange color just like Roman’s hair. The bad thing is, the leathery webbings of Roman’s wings tare easily, and if it’s too big a rip, he must wait a few weeks before flying again.

Cinder Fall has giant black wings. They are just under Ozpin’s forty foot wing span, coming in at an astounding thirty eight feet and three inches. Like her tattoos, there are a few feathers that glow a firey gold when Cinder uses her powers.


Arch of Augustus (Parthian Arch)


20 BCE

he Arch of Augustus was the triumphal arch of Augustus, located in the Roman Forum. It spanned the road between the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Temple of Caesar, near the Temple of Vesta. It commemorated the return of the Parthian standards and replaced the earlier Arch of Octavian built on the same spot in 29 BC, to commemorate the Battle of Actium (31 BC) against Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Signs as RWBY characters
  • (I based this off their personalities the best I could!!)
  • (I also only put down characters that have enough screentime where I could gather some semblance of their personality)
  • Aquarius: Professor Ozpin
  • Pisces: Blake Belladonna, Jaune Arc
  • Cancer: Pyrrha Nikos, Velvet Scarlatina
  • Gemini: Ruby Rose, Nora Valkyrie, Bartholomew Oobleck, Sun Wukong
  • Taurus: Adam Taurus
  • Aries: Cardin Winchester, James Ironwood, Emerald Sustrai, Coco Adel
  • Sagittarius: Yang Xiao Long
  • Virgo: Penny, Lie Ren, Glynda Goodwitch
  • Leo: Cinder Fall, Mercury Black, Peter Port
  • Scorpio: Roman Torchwick, Neo
  • Libra: Neptune Vasilias
  • Capricorn: Weiss Schnee