roman p l s

Standing Cup and Cover. Russia, Moscow 1899-1908

Made by Vasilii Agafonov, the eagle finial maker’s mark P.L. (Roman), St. Petersburg, before 1899. Silver-gilt, opaque and painted filigree enamel, moonstone, green chalcedony and smoky quartz with other semi-precious stones and pastes. A gift from the Empress Maria Feodorovna to Sir Edward Henry, April 1907.


Known superhero Roman ‘Superman’ Reigns teams up with villainess CJ ‘Ice Queen’ Perry in a bid for world domination supremacy!
Join our panel as we discuss the ramifications of this unholy matrimony with an upcoming exclusive interview with Joelle ‘Puppycake’ Anoa’i. 

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That’s my goddamn fiancee.