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Casual Classics: Documentaries on Youtube: Rome, Greece, and More

Hey everyone! Here is a brief (as always) list of some documentaries available to all on Youtube with Ancient Greece or Roman Empire related topics. I figured these would come in handy for people who casually like to learn about classics, or those of us who are frustrated by gaps in our own knowledge. Enjoy!

Bonus: I’ve decided to link some playlists from youtube user TheAncientWorlds to other ancient related cultures. I’ve compiled them all for easy viewing purposes. The differ quite vastly in quality and time made. It is a good study to examine a variety and find bias in each. Some are far from being of perfect quality.


The Secret Lives of Rome’s Gladiators

Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Years of Eruption | Order from Chaos | Winds of Change | Years of Trial

Rome: The Ancient Superpower

Foundation of the Roman Empire: Engineering and Empire

What the Ancients Did for Us: Romans

How Christianity Ended the Roman Empire

Sex in Ancient Rome: Pompeii

Contributions to the World: Ancient Rome

The Battles Against Rome: Arminius Barbarians

Pompeii: The Mystery of People Frozen in Time

Ancient Roman Weapons: History of Swords

Spartacus: Behind the Myth

The Gladiator Graveyard: Timewatch

Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier

The True Story of Hannibal

How the Germanic Tribes Beat the Romans

After the Fall of the Romans: The Mysterious Dark Ages


Ancient Greeks: Golden Age of Civilization

Ancient Greeks: Spartan Invasion

Ancient Greeks: The Revolution of Democracy

Ancient Greeks: Victory at Marathon

Who Were the Greeks? [2014]

Ancient Greeks: Crucible Civilization

What the Ancients Did for Us: Greeks

Athens: The Greatest City on Earth (In Ancient Greece)

The Oracle at Delphi

Others: History Documentary Series

Ancient Warriors [Assyrians Masters of War, The Celts, The Normans, Legions of Rome, The Macedonians, Soldiers of the Pharaoh, Spartans, The Janissaries, The Huns, Knights of the Templar, The Vikings, The Highlanders, The Irish Warriors, Maurya Warriors of the Elephant, The Aztecs, Samurai, Shaolin Monks, Hawaiians, Ninja Warriors of the Night, The Sioux

Barbarians [The Vikings, The Franks, The Lombards, The Mongols, The Huns, The Saxons, The Vandals]

The Great Egyptians [King of the Pyramids, The Real Cleopatra, The Queen who would be King, The Rebel Pharaoh, Ramses the Great]

The Roman Empire [The Rise of the Roman Empire, Legions of Conquest, Seduction of Power, Grasp of an Empire, Cult of Order, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Letters from the Roman Front]

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World [Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, Pyramids of Egypt, Pompeii, Ancient Rome, Mayans and Aztecs, Carthage, Jerusalem, Ancient Greece, The Seven Wonders, Roman Empire in North Africa, Ancient China, Ancient India, Samurai Japan, The Celts, Dark Age, Empires in the Americas]

The Conquerors [William the ConquerorGeneral William HoweAndrew JacksonCortesJohn C. FreemontEl CidMarshal ZhukovSherman’s March to the SeaCromwellKing David]


The Secrets of Archaeology [Ancient Itinerary in Ionia, Visit of the Sanctuaries of Apollo, Cities of the Pharaohs, At the Court of the King of Kings, A Place Called Etruria, Egypt According to Cleopatra, Cities of Sea and Wind, Retracing the Tracks of Hannibal, The Roman Empire in Africa, Greek Cities in Italy, Pyramids of the Sun, Mycenaeans: The Civilization of Heroes,  Secrets of the Island of Minos, Athens: Western Splendor, Lost Cities of the Maya, Glorious Rome, Travels Through Greece, Pyramids Designed for Eternity, Sailing with the Phoenicians, The Roads to El Dorado, Roman Imprint on the West, Ancient Cities Bordering on Latium, The Fabulous Centers of Hellenism, The Ports of the Desert, The Forgotten Civilizations of Anatolia.]

Africa: A Voyage of Discovery [Different but Equal, Mastering a Continent, Caravans of Gold, The Bible and the Gun, Kings and Cities, This Magnificent African Cake, The Rise of Nationalism, The Legacy]

Secrets of Lost Empires [Stonehenge, The Obelisk, Colosseum, The Incas, Pyramids, Easter Island, China Bridge, Pharaoh’s Obelisk, Roman Baths, Medieval Siege]

Treasure Hunters [El Dorado, Golden Hell, Black King of Zimbabwe, Fire in the Stone, Rubies of the Golden Triangle, Doomsday in Port Royal, The Gold Fishers, Mussolini’s Gold, Diamonds of the Orange River, Mysery of the Old Slumach, Treasure of the Desert Fox]

Time Travelers [Death March of De Soto, Bells of the Bronze Age, Who Were the Israelites, Secrets of the Red City, Lost City of Zimbabwe, Clash of the Maya Kings, Fall of the Maya, Athens: Daughter of Egypt?, Women of Lesbos, Voyage of the Vikings, Search for Neanderthal, Myth of Masada, Last Days of the Philstines, Killer Quakes of the Bible, Death at Pompeii, Caesar’s Nightmare, The Apache, Return to Ground Zero, People of the Bog, The CSS Alabama]

Disclaimer: I have not watched many of these films in their entirety. I am sorry for any questionable content. If a link is broken please tell me. If you have questions about any of the above content, please let me know.


Today I learned that Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco, via the ancient city of Abyla or Ad Septem Fratres form which it is built upon, is actually home to what’s known as the only surviving Roman population of early Christian faith, or rather the only population from the Maghreb or Roman Africa where Roman heritage has continued, uninterrupted, onto present day.

Prior to muslim conquest, much of Roman north Africa had a population of latins and berbers. A pocket of Christian berbers lived in the outskirts of the city up until the time Septem (or Septa, as the Arabic transliteration went) was conquered by the Portuguese, and promptly renamed Ceuta in the 15th century.

The local Berbers have over time adopted the Spanish language but otherwise have been continuously christian for almost two millenia, giving them this distinction over that of the rest of North Africa.

This alters my perceptions of Spanish right to claim of Ceuta over that of Morocco.