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Two Weeks: Day 3 (SETH ROLLINS)

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Y/N finished up most of her orange juice in one gulp, getting up from her half eaten plate of breakfast. “C'mon daddy.” She urged him as he took his time flipping through the pages of the morning’s newspaper. “I’m gonna be late for school.”

Y/N’s father chuckled when he saw she was now pouting. “Alright, alright. I’ll meet you in the car.”

After flashing her dad a smile Y/N before grabbing her backpack and iPhone, and leaving out seconds later but while out in the car, she noticed another car pull up behind her blocking her dad’s car.


“What the fuck are we doing in this neighborhood?” Roman asked looking over at Seth?

Dean leaned foward from the back seat. “And why did we stop? Dude we gonna be late for 1st period.”

“Like you actually care about being late for class.” Seth mumbled, honking his horn trying to get Y/N’s attention.

He could see her sitting in the passenger seat of her dad’s car.

“I do care.” Dean spoke again with a glare. “Especially now. Mom said if I don’t get my grades right she won’t let me go to that wrestling academy with you guys.”

Seth turned around in the driver’s seat to get a better view of Dean. “Dude don’t worry I’m–”

A loud knock on Seth’s car window cause all three if the boys to look up, and Seth to stop in mid sentence.

Y/N’s dad stood there in his uniform, gun and handcuffs visible through the tinted windows.

“Bro, you had us posted outside a cop’s house.” Roman, who was the older on of the three boys, and tougher looking to most, looked like he was about shit his pants any second.

“I don’t wanna go to jail.” Dean protested hiding his face in his hands.

Seth rolled his eyes, while also rolling down his window. “Um…” He started off trying to mask how intinidated he now was. “Good morning Sir.” He shook his head. “Um, officer.” He continued stuttering. “I was wondering if I could take Y/N to school.”

Dads never made Seth this nervous, usually.

But this one happen to be a cop, and even though he was sorta warned by Y/N’s dad, himself. Let’s just say he thought her dad was just trying to scare him but was actually a business man or something.

Her dad stood there for a minute or so with his eyebrows furrowed just looking at Seth as if he was trying to peer into his mind.

“I’ll go tell her you asked for her, and you can ask her yourself.” He finally said walking off from Seth’s car.

“Hold up, we here to get nerd girl?” Dean blurted out with a laugh causing Roman to do the same.

It only pissed Seth off through.

“Shut the fuck up and don’t say that shit around her. She’s cool.” He said talking fast.

He didn’t want to risk Y/N walking up and overhearing.


After giving her dad a questioning look, trying to figure out who the person was in the driveway, the only thing she could get out of him was “A few of your friends.”

That didn’t really sum anything up but she went to the car anyways, feeling a little courageous since her dad was only a few feet from her.

Before she could even knock Seth popped his head out, leaning over who she immediately recognised as Roman.

“I came to take you to school.” Seth smiled. “Get in?”

“I uh…” She started trying to find the right words to say.

She had started to warm up to Seth just from the two days they’ve been working on their project and last night was so much fun. She really enjoyed the conversations they had while working.

She liked that side of him, but did she really want to get in a car with him and his friends.

“Please.” She heard Seth’s voice break her out of her thoughts. “I have something to ask you.”

Y/N reluctantly agreed, waving bye to her dad.

What was the question though she wondered as she went to get into the back of Seth car.

“Hey no. Y/N sit up here with me.” He stopped her then looked at Roman. “Dude get out, and sit back with Dean.”

Roman let out a long sigh not even bothering to fight for his seat.


“Hi Roman.” Y/N greeted politely, mostly cause she felt bad he had to give up his seat for her.

“Hey Y/N.” He spoke back just as polite.

“So…” She said turning to Seth. “What did you want to ask me?”

As Seth was about to answer someone cleared their throat. “I don’t get a hi Dean. How are you?” Dean interrupted leaning in between Seth and Y/N.

“Oh, I didn’t see you Dean, but hey.” She smiled. “How are you?”

“I’m good. Thanks for asking.”

“Now that, that’s over.” Seth spoke up again. “So I was thinking. You should come to my house tonight. I’m having a party and it’ll be cool if you came.”

“I don’t know. I’m not really the party type.” She responded. “Besides. It’s a school night and we have a lot to finish on the project.” She said trying to make any excuse she can to get out of going.

“It’s Friday. We’ve got a lot done on the project so one night off won’t hurt.“ Seth smirked. "Please…?” He begged again, this time giving her the same tone she’d given him when she wanted him to put on his glasses. “…For me?”


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ROMA-The Forum of Emperor Augustus-The columns and stairway are what remains of the Temple of Mars Ultor. Centered is the famous “fire-wall” which protected the forum from fires that occurred frequently in Roman neighborhoods, one in which was situated immediately behind this wall.

Imagine Roman handling Neo’s first heartbreak. They’re outside at night time, strolling through some neighborhood when Roman says to her,
“I know this hurts a little buddy, but you’ll love again someday, because time will heal a broken heart, but not that bitch’s window.”
Then he throws a brick at the house of Neo’s ex. He then sprints away while shouting at Neo to run.