roman mithology


The Pantheon | Hermes, messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports.

Guide & Guardian.

Mercury, guide to the Underworld, keeper of boundaries, patron of commerce, the bringer of good luck, excellent in all the tricks.  

The sons of Venus were mischievous children. Cupid didn’t understand the concept of the bow, he shot three arrows up in the air. The arrow in the middle went so high up, it took many years to start falling. The other two arrows, however, hit a couple who fell madly in love and had a beautiful boy, destined to be a Monarch. The middle arrow, once it fell, struck the couple’s child: Oedipus.

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Ratto di Ganimede | Abduction of Ganimedes

Roman copy from late Hellenistic original sculpture, Palazzo Grimani (Venice, Italy)

This amazing sculpture represent a Greek myth: Ganimedes was an handsome young man and Zeus fell in love with him, so he abducted him and made him the cupbearer of the gods, giving Ganimedes eternal life.

This sculpture is located in Palazzo Grimani, in Venice, and after the building’s restoration was placed in its original position, in the Antiquarium room.