roman mithology


The Pantheon | Hermes, messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports.

Guide & Guardian.

Mercury, guide to the Underworld, keeper of boundaries, patron of commerce, the bringer of good luck, excellent in all the tricks.  

The sons of Venus were mischievous children. Cupid didn’t understand the concept of the bow, he shot three arrows up in the air. The arrow in the middle went so high up, it took many years to start falling. The other two arrows, however, hit a couple who fell madly in love and had a beautiful boy, destined to be a Monarch. The middle arrow, once it fell, struck the couple’s child: Oedipus.

(I just smoked pot)

proposition to change the names of the planets to their original Greek names

because their roman names suck, and the original greek names are not only good, they are cooler B)
Mercury to Hermes
Venus to Aphrodite
Earth to Gæa
Mars to Ares
Jupiter to Zeus
Saturn to Chronos
Uranus (the joke is the same)
Neptune to Poseidon
Pluto to Hades
Sedna (Inuit mythology is already cool)