roman kidds

He’s hot

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And he’s hot

So is he

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Mmmm and him

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Oh! and him

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Let’s not forget him

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Also him

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And definitely him

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….Not that kind of HOT Kane.


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What If all the wrestlers shared the same locker room
  • Big Show : has anyone seen my bag?
  • Cesaro : I can't find my shirt
  • Daniel Bryan : can someone brush my beard?
  • Damien Mizdow : bitch I'm over here
  • Seth Rollins : ouch randy you stepped on my foot
  • Randy Orton : lol don't talk to me Seth
  • Roman Reigns : all of you stay away from me your sweat is getting in my hair
  • Brock lesnar : PAUL PAUL PAUL WHERE U AT
  • The Undertaker : *casually lies in coffin placed in the middle of the room*
  • Bray Wyatt : *evil laughs while staring at coffin*
  • Dean Ambrose : @ r truth pls give meh the IC title belt
  • R truth : @gene ambrose lol no
  • Renee young : *pops head in door* Actually it's Dean Ambrose
  • Tyson Kidd : Alright who stole my headphones
  • Bad news Barrett : *seductively stares at John Cena getting changed*
  • John Cena : *notices Barrett* *hides behind towel* U CANT SEE ME
  • And yeah.

You can dislike a WWE Superstar or Diva without being a dick about it.

That’s all we are trying to say.

You can boo a WWE Superstar or Diva without being an asshole about it.

That’s all we are trying to say.

Top 15 Hottest Wrestlers

You voted. Here are the top hotties.

15. King Barrett

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I’ll bow for you.

14. Tyler Breeze

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He’s not surprised.

13. Fandango

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His hips don’t lie…

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Calm down Curtis.

12. Prince Puma

You can do that flip into my bed.

11. Cesaro

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Heard he’s a swinger.

10. Tyson Kidd

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He’s hot. #fact

Sorry Nattie.

9. Cody Rhodes

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I’ll met him at the cross roads.

8. Dolph Ziggler

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One word. ZADDY.

7. Brad Maddox

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You got a big future behind you.

very BIG.

6. John Cena

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Good with snatch… bad with commitment.

5. Randy Orton

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He been hot.

4. Dean Ambrose

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Put me in your trunk and take me to your asylum.

3. Seth Rollins

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He has a big

EGO. Ya nasties.

2. Finn Balor

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So he’s a demon,

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and he likes playing with legos? That’s hot.

1. Roman Reigns

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He’s hotter

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WWE Fastlane 2015

Bae’s return

“YOU killed Cody Rhodes!”

“Our new Tag Team Champions!”

“And STILL our Divas’ Champion!”

Trips vs Sting confirmed for Wrestlemania

Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

“I am Bray Wyatt. The new face of fear! At Wrestlemania I claim the soul of The Undertaker!”

“And STILL our United States Champion…”

“You better Kick. His. Ass.”


… there still gonna be an Elimination Chamber or nah?