roman hair

Roman Hairstyle Perfection modeled by a potential Bride. Recent archaeological discoveries may indicate they used needles and thread to achieve the complicated braiding and beading. The word acus was translated hairpin but Jane Stephens Baltimore, MD a hair archeologist & embroidery hobbyist questioned this. She postulated acus was being used in its original meaning “embroidery” to create the intricate hairstyles. This theory has gained credibility.


part 2 of The Military Ball (part 1 here)

and then they spend nearly 2 weeks being all weird about it instead of talking about their “””””””””feelings”””””””””””

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Ok but imagine WWE superstars as YouTubers:</b> <p/><b>Seth Rollins:</b> Crossfit workout videos/Heavy metal album reviews<p/><b>Roman Reigns:</b> Hair Care routines<p/><b>Chris jericho:</b> Vlogs of him and his band Fozzy on the road/calling random people on the streets "stupid idiots"/scarf tutorials<p/><b>Kevin Owens:</b> Videos of him criticizing trends in pop culture/roasting people on Twitter<p/><b>Wyatt Family:</b> Tutorials on how to do satanic rituals in a backwoods swamp<p/><b>Sheamus/Cesaro:</b> Couples Therapy<p/><b>Bayley:</b> Tutorials on how to be happy/give the best hugs<p/><b>The Miz/Maryse:</b> Get Ready With Me walking red carpets/doing the Today Show<p/><b>Carmella:</b> Tutorials on how to properly spill tea/how to moonwalk<p/><b>Brian Kendrick:</b> Where to get colorful wrestling tights/tutorial on how to look like a sexy pirate<p/><b>Becky Lynch:</b> Puns Tutorials/how to have a cute Irish accent<p/><b></b> Add your own, if you like<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
25 Things I'd rather see at WM 32 than Buff grandpa vs Meat head Lesnar
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> 1. Enzo amore and Chad gable in an intense staring contest.<p/><b></b> 2. Big cass and Jason jordan arm wrestling.<p/><b></b> 3. A random fan yelling 'cash me outside how bout dat?' for 10 minuets.<p/><b></b> 4. Neville yelling 'WHERES MY CROWN?'<p/><b></b> 5. The new day pour booty o's on people<p/><b></b> 6. Sheamus yelling 'FELLA!!!!!'<p/><b></b> 7. Nikki bella slap Natalya<p/><b></b> 8. Finn balor and Sami zayn throwing legos at people<p/><b></b> 9. Roman washing his hair<p/><b></b> 10. Tyler breeze and Fandango writing fans tickets for not wearing their shirt<p/><b></b> 11. Gillberg<p/><b></b> 12. Shawn micheals yelling 'SUCK IT'<p/><b></b> 13. Enzo running around saying 'is ya mad or nah!?!?'<p/><b></b> 14. Seth rollins and Roman reings in a video game tournament<p/><b></b> 15. Roman yelling 'AHHHH YESSIR'<p/><b></b> 16. Seth doing his waluigi laugh<p/><b></b> 17. Shesaro doing drunk karaoke<p/><b></b> 18. Braun strowman yelling 'BRAAUUUUUUUUNNN!'<p/><b></b> 19. Big show yelling 'weeeeeeelllllllll..'<p/><b></b> 20. Tj perkins dab for 30 minuets straight<p/><b></b> 21. Anything with Shinsuke Nakamura<p/><b></b> 22. Tyler getting cake on his face and Dango trying to lick it off<p/><b></b> 23. Randy Orton R.K.O people out of litterally fucking nowhere<p/><b></b> 24. Aj Styles flipping his hair yelling 'YIPPE KAI YAY MOTHERFUCKERS'<p/><b></b> 25. Chris jericho playing my heart will go on loudly still not over Kevin<p/></p><p/></p>