roman flint

Cleopatra's Serie by Jonathan E.Steinberg, Robert Levine & Dan Shotz : MY DREAM CAST

Jessica Parker Kennedy - Cleopatra (We all agree, right ?!).
Toby Stephens - Julius Caesar (Imagine Captain Flint as Roman Emperor … FUCK YES).
Luke Arnold or Zach McGowan - Mark Antony (Although I dream of seeing Zach as a gladiator … mhhhh).
Hannah New - Fulvia, first wife of Mark Antony, women of power. Or Servilia, lover of Caesar. Or Atia, niece of Caesar. Or Octavia, second wife of Mark Antony (In truth no matter what role of Roman powerwoman.)
Luke Roberts - Octave/Auguste (Sorry but he really has the head to play this dirty guy. Again lol).

Suggestions for Clara Paget, Toby Schmitz, Rupert Penry-Jones, Louise Barnes, Lisa Slabber, etc ? XD