roman emporers


This is how I got through latin


Okay since its pride month and I’m a huge mythology nerd, I thought I’d put together a list of LGBTQ+ Greek/ Roman gods and hero’s:

Achilles- he was probably gay or bi and it was said that his beat friend Patroclus was his lover

Alexander the great- incredibly bi and had several male and female lovers. His most famous lover is Hephaestion, and Alexander said he thought Hephaestion as not only his equil, but his husband. (Also note his other male lover Bagoas)

Elagabaulus- a roman emporer, trans woman!!! Was said to have prefers people calling her by feminine pronouns and was obsessed trying to find a doctor to give her female genitalia, prostituted herself to guys in the Pallas (and only like 15 or something)

Apollo- a god mostly associated with bisexuality, he has said to have both male and female lovers like Hycanthus and Icarus, and Daphne and Cassandra

Dionusus- a got most commonly known as “twice born” raised female, known to be androgynous and switching between genders when in human form, probably a gender fluid trans man!

Athena, Artemis, and Hestia are all ace!!!!!!!

Sapho- a lesbian icon

Okay so most of the gods are bi because most of them had male and female lovers so I’m not gonna list them all– please feel free to add on to this