roman colonia


Silver Denarius of Augustus, Colonia Patricia(?) mint, c. 19 BC

The Temple of Jupiter Tonans shown on this coin was dedicated today (Sept. 1st) in 22 BC.

This denarius displays the bare head of Augustus facing left with his name inscribed CAESAR AVGVSTVS. On the reverse is the hexastyle (six-columned portico) Temple of Jupiter Tonans containing a statue of the god standing left, holding a thunderbolt and scepter; IOV TO[N] inscribed.

The Temple of Jupiter Tonans was promised by Augustus in 26 BC as gratitude for his narrow escape from lightening in the Cantabrian campaign. It was finally dedicated in 22 BC (Suetonius, Vita Augusti 29.91). The temple building was located near the Campus Maritus in Rome and was originally dedicated to Jupiter Fulgens. The statue of Jupiter Tonans shown inside the temple on this coin, was allegedly by the 4th century BC Greek sculptor, Leochares, according to Pliny (Hist. Nat. 39.79). The statue pictured above is a 1st century AD Roman copy of the original Greek.

Colonia Patricia (modern Córdoba) was a Roman military colony in Spain.