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Temple of Tibidabo - Barcelona, Spain 

This Roman Catholic church is located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona. Built in various stages between 1902 and 1961, the bottom half of the church reflects a Romanesque fortress, while the top is neo-gothic in design, accessible by two grand stairways. . 

Stained glass windows adorn the Church, some of which are dedicated to Paul the Apostle, John Bosco and Pope Pius X. Sitting above the church like a crown, is a large bronze statue of Jesus. 


The Valencia Cathedral we see nowadays was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, with additions and paintings from the Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical periods.

The Catholic cathedral was built on top of a mosque, which had been built on top of a Visigoth church, which had been built on top of a Roman temple.


February 17th 1600: Giordano Bruno executed

On this day in 1600, the Italian friar, astronomer and philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy. Bruno’s ideas were controversial for his day, but are now hailed as precursory to modern scientific understanding. Bruno proposed the concept of an infinite universe populated by other intelligent life and rejected traditional geocentric astronomy. He agreed with Copernicus that the planets revolve around the Sun, but expanded on this by suggesting that the Sun is just another star. For these unorthodox views, which challenged traditional Christian ideas about the universe, Bruno was found guilty of heresy by the Roman Inquisition and burned at the stake. For his refusal to renounce his beliefs, Giordano Bruno is often remembered as a martyr for free thought.

“Perhaps your fear in passing judgment on me is greater than mine in receiving it”
- Giordano Bruno to the judges upon hearing his death sentence

Thomas Sanders (Written by Joan "@jonerstrokes")

source: Am I ORIGINAL? | Thomas Sanders

written by joan (@ jonerstrokes [tumblr and insta])
sung by thomas sanders (@ thatsthat24 [tumblr and insta])
rap track by chris shaw (@ czekiel [insta]; @ czekiel_ [twitter]; christian shaw [soundcloud])

credits taken from video description.

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