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Tokyo Ghoul girls as commercials

Kirishima Touka - Come to Re coffeeshop! Have yourself the best coffee, and then…

Kosaka Yoriko - Make your way next door for the best baked goods you’ll ever taste. 

Kamishiro Rize - star of a new show, “Ghoul vs. Food.” 

Fueguchi Hinami - Child sponsorship. 

Irimi Kaya - Doberman adoption.

Nishino Kimi - she’s in two. An advertisement for the human-ghoul alliance, and an ad for Nishikimiazole, the treatment she developed for ghouls to eat normally. 

Itori - Come to the hottest bar around. Serving both humans and ghouls! Sometimes humans to ghouls (just kidding). 

Hoito Roma - Olay revitalizing cream. 

Yonebayashi Saiko - Comic-Con!!!

Hsaio Ching-Li - Martial arts center.

Yoshimura Eto - Ad for the news program she hosts, Ghouls Unmasked! with Eto Yoshimura. 

Kusakari Miza - Knife shop. 

Mado Akira - How to increase your workplace efficiency, even with a cat, PSA. 

Aura Kiyoko - Woman in the workplace PSA. 

Kanae Von Rosewald - Romantic drama.

Yasuhisa Kurona - Anti-psychotic medication. She tells her story of hearing her sister’s voice from her stomach. It’s all very moving.

Yumitsu Tomoe - Kick-ass action movie.  

Nico - Sephora.

Ihei Hairu - The best melon buns around!

Souza Rikai - Back to school.

Me: Shirazu is my favorite Quinx.

Ishida: That is cute.

Me: Eto is my most favorite female character.

Ishida: That is cute as well.

Me (After Tsukiyama family arc): Can’t wait for Tsukiyama and Kaneki to reunite and have discussion after everything that has happened.

Ishida: About that…

Me: Can’t wait for Tatara’s shining moment to see what he can do and to finally find out something more about what happened back then in China.

Ishida: Gotcha.

Me: . …Least Houji is still around. So there is still hope for “China Operation Arc” to happen and to find out more about Tatara trough Houji.

Ishida: (Lol)

Me: I know it is impossible but I would love for Shinohara and Juuzou to reunite once again.


Ishida: Your welcome by the way. 

Me: I would like for Rize’s return in :re and what her character shall bring. I seriously would love to see more of Rize’s development as character. 

Ishida: Ok.

Me: Well at least vodka aunt Itori is finally back.

Ishida: You said something?

Me: I’m starting to like Roma. She reminds me a little on Eto.

Ishida: !!! 


Me: That’s it. You can’t upset me anymore.

Ishida: Oooo is that a challenge I hear? 


In case you’re still struggling with the concept of “wow, what’s so bad about the crossover”

Earth-X is an alternative reality where the Nazis won. Earth-X is a place where all Jewish and Roma people have been murdered. All. This concept in itself is anti-Semitic and anti-Roma and it doesn’t fucking matter that “hey, it’s been comics canon for fourty years!!” bc hey, guess what! It was anti-Semitic and anti-Roma garbage even then.

The CW has already gotten criticism (probably much less than they deserved for it) for The Ray, a cartoon that’s going to be set on Earth-X and where iconic, beloved superheroes such as Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow are Nazis. (It’s good to take note that at least two of these characters are heavily Jewish-coded themselves.) These same villains will now be the source of conflict in the Arrowverse crossover and provide the antagonist for our heroes to defeat.

I suppose the producers’ reasoning for picking this storyline was 1) hey, nothing better than having people punch some Nazis, amiright! 2) let’s promo The Ray while we’re at it! The latter is despicable, the first would be passable, maybe, under the right circumstances. Using Nazified versions of our favorite superheroes as generic villains are not these circumstances. I very much doubt that the CW will address what the whole “Nazis won WW2″ scenario actually means even on The Ray, let alone in a crossover where they have a plot to burn through and a mash of four casts to utilize. This enraging for multiple reasons: because the CW already has an incredibly bad track record when it comes to their Jewish characters, because Nazi villains as some generic antagonist instead of addressing the weight of what it actually means for these people to support and to be an active, instrumental part of a genocidal regime is absolutely vile and I shouldn’t even be explaining this to everyone but above all, because by using their fan-favorite actors for the portrayals of this characters they are at risk of turning the fans of these actors into Nazi sympathizers and if you think I’m joking, then just try and look up how many people have posted (mainly on twitter) about how excited and thrilled they are to see Melissa Benoist as Overgirl or Grant Gustin as the Nazi Flash, apparently entirely unbothered by the fact that they are literally fangirling Nazi characters.

Don’t support this. Don’t watch this. Flame the CW and their producers on whichever platform you prefer.