romain laurent

Loop #51 

This one is another version of the 3rd loop I did a year back, in honor of Trevor Dickson, the wonderful human being who is posing here and who just became a dad. Congrats dude !

I haven’t been very active on the #gif front lately, that’s about to change!
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This loop is my contribution to MNSTR Agency’s “La Joie” (happiness in French) AR exhibition and book. The exhibition is currently displayed at the Art by Friends gallery in Annecy (my hometown!) during the Animation Film Festival and in Paris later this month. Swing by if you’re around! Check out this link for more info on the app, the exhibition and how to purchase the book:

Your New York Fashion Week Tumblrs, Fall 2015 Edition

Every six months, we put together a crew of bloggers, gather them up in New York City, and send them off to the runways and parties and backstage shenanigans of Fashion Week. From now until the 19th, their blogs (and the #nyfw tag) will be filled with clothes from the near-future. Enjoy.

Joel Castillo (whatdoiwear)
Proprietor of What Do I Wear and creator of extremely useful runway GIFs.

Remington Guest (cheapbesthidden)
A canny food blogger with a sharp socks-and-sandals game.

Kat Irlin (katinnyc)
Globetrotting photographer-at-large.

Mario Kroes (mariokroes)
German-born. Picture-taker. Bi-coastal. Black-and-white. Beautiful.

Romain Laurent (romainlaurent)
Surrational GIF'er of loops.

Meagan Morrison (travelwritedraw)
Young Canadian watercolor whiz.

Ryan Plett (youbroketheinternet)
Delightfully scruffy camera genius.

All images via their respective blogs. See you at #nyfw