Hey friends! PSA that if you want a nonbinary idol, look no further than Captain from Romantically Apocalyptic!

Captain’s gender (and appearance, for that matter) is intentionally kept hidden throughout the entire comic. They seem to self-identify (at times?) as a woman, and there are various clues that they were assigned female at birth, but other characters swap pronouns frequently, they themself never specify explicitly, and they are described as having a deep, booming voice (though it’s speculated to be a voice modulator).

But the best part is that Captain’s gender is literally incomprehensible. Here’s an excerpt from one of the panels:

“I looked at jubilant Captain and wondered whether the cubes would try to dissect h…. hi… he… What?
Annoyingly enough, even being dead and out of synch with the universe didn’t allow me to mentally focus on Captain’s gender. There is definitely something wrong with Captain. Perhaps it is something awful that is not meant to be discovered? Or…? Damn it!
The harder I tried to ponder on what exactly the Captain was, the more my mind burned with confusion.
I felt a presence of unnatural apathy settling over me. I mentally fought against it and discovered a great sense of DOOM flooding into my head, telling me not to inquire further, lest the Universe fold in on itself.”

What better role model than a strange unknowable entity?

Anyway, besides that, the world building is rather nice and the art is absolutely flooring. In short, I highly recommend this comic.


Romantically Apocalyptic background stories: Charles Snippy

Today I had a strange encounter on the elevator. When I got on, there was someone else inside: a trench-coat-wearing individual with a military cap and gaskmask on. I only saw their back and instantly felt the oddest sense of tingling familiarity towards this person.
“Do we know each other?” I asked.
The trenchcoat waved me off: “Not yet” and marched out of the other side of the elevator with the doors sliding shut before I could ask anything else.

How many days, how many years or months has it been? I’m afraid to look at the calendar. I’ve been in this bunker far too long, and I’m beginning to lose track of time, and of myself.
I am so alone, and so it should be, for I’ve committed the worst crime, the extermination of billions. I try to convince myself that they were already brain-dead when I ordered the nuclear launch, and it helps just a little.


Romantically Apocalyptic background stories: Christophorus Pi Hatchenson

I downloaded the report into my mind and reviewed the video of the “coffee” flood.
A most obtuse terror plot unfolded before my eyes. The Unscannable pretended to bumble around, as if he had nothing to do with the entire thing as Cube 15 went to hell in a matter of minutes.
Pipes do not explode on their own. Mobile satellite super-weapon apps do not activate themselves.
The ion beam interrupted the video by shutting down the all the electronics. They found him, alive in the ruins, his DNA crawling with tachyons.

All you ever do is run away. Well, you can’t run away from a Dex. We are designed to never stop.