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Help pleasee

I made a bunch of new Fates sprite edits but I hate hateeee going through the process of importing them into the game.

Do any of you guys know how to import sprites into the game? 

I’ll actually pay whoever does this for me (that’s how tedious sprite importing is to me lol) AND give you the new arc tool that can rebuild sprites with more than 7 expressions.

I have a whole bunch I wanna import, basically these ones:

Camilla with lipstick and tiddie coverage

New and Improved Forrest sprite (hair has been fixed in this one)

Takumi with a 70% less poofy outfit and hair down

Pretty-fied Forrest crit cut in

Leokumi Forrest who inherited mom’s pineapple hair but is doing his best to make it work

Extremely simple Leokumi Kiragi who inherited dad’s ahoge/cowlick

Will love you long time and pay $$ for help with any of these, tyyy


Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (True Love Edition v1)

It’s finally here!  After months of tinkering, the first release of Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (True Love Edition) is done!  Time to save up for those blue feathers, because these gay little farmers are ready to fall in love!

Sunshine Islands is the second game in the series to get a True Love Edition. The True Love edition is a ROM Hack that swaps the boy and girl characters, allowing the player to choose their preferred gendered without locking themselves out of romancing their favorite character. This means that Chelsea (girl) can find love among the island’s pretty ladies, and Mark (boy) can pick between it’s rather… eccentric boys. Of course, this also opens up some rather strange doppelganger love connections…

This version contains only sprite swaps between the boy and girl characters.  Modification of the dialog to fix gendered pronouns and terms will be next, as well as ongoing bug fixes along the way.  This is the very first version, so be ready for plenty of bugs.

If you’re ready for an island romance made just for you, just click the link below!

Harvest Moon: True Love Edition


Officially on Archive. On, it’s still listed as being updated today so updating it now won’t release an alert, so it’ll be updated tomorrow first thing in the morning there. Or later this evening, if I’m awake long enough to see it listed as updated yesterday. 

If you guys don’t want to wait till tomorrow morning, or alter this evening, here’s TCaTD’s final update.

And, with TCaTD done, FM officially done outside the daily updates, I will now be working on Rise of Mariposa again. I’ll be going the simpler story, I’ll be rereading and editing RoM up. Some chapters may get taken down due to changes but this is more likely in the far later chapters than those earlier and in the middle. 

And of course with edits, likely there’ll be more added to chapters. If there are any major changes, I’ll let you guys know. 


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ROM #1 – “Earthfall Part 1”
IDW Publishing
Cover price $4.99
Written by Christos Gage and Chris Ryall
Art by David Messina with colour assists by Michele Pata

“We’ve been invaded and only a s pace knight can save us! First there was his epic return in this year’s FCBD #0, and now the ongoing tale of ROM begins in earnest! Christos Gage, Chris Ryall, and David Messina kick off the wildest new series of the year as Rom’s war with the DIRE WRAITHS hits close to home in “Earthfall, part 1!"”

ROM’s long awaited return is finally here. We got a brief glimpse of it in the ROM #0 FCBD edition, there’s nothing like holding a #1 in your hands!

The story opens with a fun homage to ROM’s original crash landing back in 1979. We get a good look at the functionality of ROM’s modern appearance and how his weapons and devices are now an extension of his armour. Just as ROM has received an upgrade, the Dire Wraiths’ get to level up as they’re able to use human lifeforce to shape change into monstrous hawk creatures.

After an initial encounter with the Dire Wraiths, ROM has to figure out how he’s going to approach dealing with their infiltrated brethren. He comes to the rescue of a young woman suffering from post-war PTSD and unaware that the Dire Wraiths have killed her entire family and replaced them. After an impressive battle sequence, ROM tries to settle down the devastated young woman, Darby, who’s in a state of shock.

Hats off to Chris Ryall and IDW Publishing for pursuing this character. Re-imagined for a whole new generation, with minor alterations to his armor and a new supporting cast, ROM is ready to continue his epic battle against the Dire Wraiths who have infiltrated human society. Thankfully, his supporting cast has been modernized as well, with stronger female protagonists that will have more of an active presence.

Messina’s art reminded me a lot of the work of Ian Akin & Brian Garvey from the 1980s. The panel layouts and the smooth flow and transition really brings the action to life.

I really liked the tip of the hat to Bill Mantlo, the Marvel Comics writer who pretty much created the ROM-verse, in naming the park in the story, Mantlo Park.

The only aspect that I wasn’t thrilled about was the upcoming crossover with the other IDW Hasbro properties. While my inner child is blow away at the thought of pitching his GI Joe action figures against ROM, the adult me has become wary of event driven storyline and was hoping for something a bit more focused and streamlined.

However, I’ll be there for the next issue to see where they take ROM, the Wraithslayer next! This first issue was worth the 30 year wait!