Cartoon Network's 'Adventure Time' Ending in 2018

“Cartoon Network just announced the impending series finale of Adventure Time, the sci-fi/fantasy post-apocalyptic musical fairy-tale rom-com coming-of-age sitcom epic starring Jake the Dog and Finn the Human.

In an official statement, Cartoon Network promised the final run of Adventure Time episodes will encompass ‘142 half-hours of content,’ which includes new episodes, miniseries, specials, and some mysterious “more.” (By comparison, the complete run of Game of Thrones so far only represents about 120 half-hours of content.)

Created by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time premiered in 2010 and became a hit for the network, drawing large audiences and earning a raft of awards. The show garnered critical praise and occupied a unique nexus between hip alt-comedy and Comic-Con friendly geekdom, with guest stars including Marc Maron and Ron Perlman.”

This was adorable and a bit sexy… The finger slide… *purrs*

anonymous asked:

How were your movies today?

Hey friend thanks for asking!

Bridget Jones’s Baby was surprisingly a whole lot of fun. I liked the first movie, but I really wasn’t expecting this super late in the day sequel to be any good, yet it brought back the charm of the character in full form, with a delightful little script, some wonderful performances from top to bottom (Sarah Solemani and, of course, Emma Thompson are total scene-stealers), and a refreshingly modern approach to the trite rom-com conflict at its center, where it only really instigates conflict between the two men because both of them WANT to be the father, rather than bearing any kind of judgment on Bridget for sleeping with both of them in a short period of time. Excellent soundtrack as well.

And Deepwater Horizon was also surprisingly quite good. The script isn’t anything to write home about, filled with cliches, and doesn’t really dig into the characters at all, but that’s not really what the movie is about. It’s all about the spectacle and the experience, which is absolutely gripping and SO intense. My muscles are still kind of sore from just how tight everything was for like the whole last hour. The sound work is UNREAL and the running time flies by. It actually managed to get some tears out of me by the end as well. John Malkovich’s cartoon character evil BP villain with the Foghorn Leghorn accent is a bit much, though.

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Do you happen to have a list of rom-com FitzSimmons AU fanfics? because they're my favorite!

well, I’m not sure if you mean of my fics specifically or just in general, so I’ll answer both. :-) (forgive me, it’s been a very long day, so if your ask is actually more clear than that and I’ve missed it - mea culpa! I will be going to bed very, very shortly, haha.)

I’ve actually written a fair number of rom-com AUs for FitzSimmons, lmao, so here they are, in order of publication:
Leopold Fitz’s Diary (in progress; Bridget Jones’s Diary AU)
Rosehill Cottage (The Holiday AU)
Bright (Stardust AU)
Drive Me Crazy (1999 movie-of-the-same-name AU)

(and I originally had another couple planned for FS, too, but had to jettison them. apparently I’m weak for rom-coms. womp.)

As for those by other people, I bizarrely cannot think - off the top of my head - of any completed FS fics that I’ve read that are rom-com AUs… but to be fair, as I always say to these kinds of asks, I’m a notoriously bad person to ask for this kind of question. I spend all of my free time writing fic rather than reading it, so I’m woefully behind on what’s being published in the fandom these days. (you should see my “marked for later” list, lol - it’s a bit frighteningly long.) 

Truly, you should seek out the advice of @fitzsimmonsfic - I couldn’t guess what their rom-com tag is (I tried both #romantic comedy and #rom com, to no avail, lmao), but I’m sure they have one! they’re very organized, and much more knowledgable about the FitzSimmons fic world than I am. :-)

Alternately, you could always go to AO3 and do a search for all of the “Romantic Comedy” works in the Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons tag - like this!

However - I have begun to read He’s All That by @eclecticmuses and Jemma by @msdevindanielle, each written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Rom-Com Challenge, and cannot wait until I have time to read the rest of both! So maybe give those a try. ;-) 

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over, buddy!

au idea: two extras have to sit across from each other and pretend to converse at a restaurant on the set of a movie. but the fake conversation turns to real conversation and they are really into each other and the director calls cut because they are distracting from the actual characters who are supposed to be the ones making eyes and looking like they’re falling in love, not a couple of random extras

new romantic comedy pitch: a young woman falls in love with two people at once: her best friend and a guy she met online dating.

PLOT TWIST: her best friend is a girl. she’s bi. she says the word bisexual in the script.

PLOT TWIST 2: she’s not forced to choose. it ends in polyamory. all three of them are in a healthy, open relationship where they all equally support each other physically and emotionally.


Dear everyone who told me to make my modern au kylux comic: here it is!!!

This took like all day, but I think it came out ok! The desks slayed my soul but we are all good right??

Anyhow I fiddled with Kylo’s (who will go by Ben) and Hux’s designs I hoPE THAT IS OK. Hux has glasses and a half fringe whilst Kylo hides his eyes and has short hair in the “Ben the padawan” style. They are both in college and the plot revolves around them being roommates & their apartment block (which features Rey, Phasma, Finn, etc.). 

I plan to make this a rom com because why not?