Two white Guys with surfer accents just passed me and the guy in back was patting his friend on the back and going “summer 17 dude summer 17” and then laughing and I feel like I just witnessed an opening to a heterosexual high school rom com

Anne Hathaway has made many rom-coms in her career, but none that take a turn like the one in Colossal. She plays an alcoholic writer who returns to her small hometown, where she reconnects with a childhood friend played by Jason Sudeikis and discovers that she’s somehow linked to a Godzilla-like monster terrorizing South Korea. David Edelstein says

“What I like about Colossal is that the Spanish writer-director, Nacho Vigalondo, has an elastic notion of genre. This is a film that starts off as a giddy comedy before plunging into a grim psychodrama about a woman’s loss and recovery of power, over herself and abusive males—that also happens to feature goofy-looking giant monsters throwing each other around Korea.”

I want a rom com about two girls who’ve been in love for quite a while and are at that point where they wanna propose to each other. And they both try to keep it a secret from one another, planning their own proposals in parallel. And it becomes a little game, because they try to sabotage each other so they can propose first, but it all looks so innocent that they wonder if the other truly knows. And a lot of stuff starts happening, and there’s a snowball effect and they end up proposing to each other at the same time without realizing their proposals at the end complete one another. And the entire movie is their shenanigans plotting their plans to propose first, and the little pranks in between they keep throwing at each other to slow the other down. Give it to me, please

Interesting new bisexual Rom-Com

I’m…. cautiously optimistic about this book?  

Nick Fraser is a true romantic. He wants the guy instead of the girl, but other than that, he wants everything his favorite rom-coms depict: the courtship, the passionate first kiss, the fairy-tale wedding. But after breaking up with the love of his life, Nick wonders if anything fairy-tale will ever happen for him.

Then he meets Katie, who’s just like a rom-com heroine. She’s sharp, funny, sweet, and as into music and punk culture as Nick is. What’s more, he’s incredibly attracted to her—even though she’s a woman. Nick has never considered that he might be bisexual, but his feelings for Katie are definitely real.

When Katie reveals that she’s transgender, Nick starts to see how much he doesn’t understand about the world, queer identity, and himself. He is hopelessly in love with Katie, but this isn’t a fairy tale, and Nick’s friends and family may not accept his new relationship. If he wants it all, he has to have the courage to make his fantasy a reality.

Well…. So if they make it really clear that Katie is in fact a girl and don’t go with the transphobic “I like her because she’s really a dude” thing, then this could be good.  Usually Riptide is pretty good about these things so yeah…. cautiously optimistic.  

- Sarah 

No matter how long it’s been or how many times I’ve watched it, Will saying the words ‘Did you just smell me?’ in that sort of teasing disbelief that Doctor Lecter just-fucking-sniffed-him plus Hannibal’s genuine awkwardness as he tries in vain to excuse himself, will always make the clouds part, the sun come out, flowers bloom, and put a big goofy grin on my face.


“you love him, don’t you ?”

“ I..uh…”

Some more screenshots of Detective Conan movie 21: The Crimson Letter. As you can see, both characters for this scene are drawn by Gosho Aoyama himself and then animated by the movie team.

Detective Conan is property of Gosho Aoyama, Shogakukan, TMS, and Toho productions

holmes interacts with irene for a grand total of… maybe an hour? he helps her marry her husband, and he rests in her sitting room for a few minutes

that’s it. that’s the entirety of their “relationship”

and yet somehow, here we are, with 126 years’ worth of he loves her he loves her he loves her!