new romantic comedy pitch: a young woman falls in love with two people at once: her best friend and a guy she met online dating.

PLOT TWIST: her best friend is a girl. she’s bi. she says the word bisexual in the script.

PLOT TWIST 2: she’s not forced to choose. it ends in polyamory. all three of them are in a healthy, open relationship where they all equally support each other physically and emotionally.

“At some point in the picture, a kindly female friend of Laura, who knows the facts of life, removes her glasses. It turns out, suddenly, that she can see perfectly well without them, and our hero falls passionately in love with the now-beautiful Laura and there is a perfectly glorious finale.” - Isaac Asimov’s essay “The Cult of Ignorance”


EDIT: I found the full article for anyone who wants to read it. The “Girl With Glasses” trope is mostly contained to the photo above, though.


If The Walking Dead Were A Romantic Comedy