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Sidgeno Hades AU romcom tracklist - In which Geno is Hades, Sidney is a human, Janey is Sidney’s daughter, and Janey accidentally adopts Cerberus 

1. Cerberus Goes on a Walk 
2. Wet Puppy in a Box (Alternatively, Janey Finds the Dog)
2. Janey and Cerberus
3. Sidney
4. Geno Down Below
5. Have You Seen My Dog? 
6. Geno Meets Sidney
7. A Dinner and a Dance
8. Charming Sidney
9. Hades Makes Breakfast in Bed
10. Sidney in Love (up to 2:30)
11. How You Doin’ (Zeus’ Theme)
12. Miss Margaret Hanson (Hera’s Theme)
13. You Missed My Show
14. The Truth is I Miss You
15. Geno, Sidney, and Janey

yesanymorebrightideasgenius  asked:

Hey I saw your post about that ZoSan Doujinshi translation? Hisame no Yaiba? Amaitsumi does really great translations. Mostly Law/Kid doujins but she does requests. Maybe ask them?

Hi! I must say that I was thinking about that, but there are few things why I can’t ask Amai-san to translate this dj.

First, the doujinshi is REALLY long. It has 300 pages.

And second, the scan I have is low quality

(haha, sneak peak)

so unless somebody has the book and can scan it HD, I can’t ask for translations of this scan.

Tho, I can always ask Amai-san if she has the scans but I don’t think she works like that (most of the djs that are translated on that blog are from pixiv, if not all)


anonymous asked:

Are there any dougin's that you would recommend where there is no Zosan rape?????

Okay, after I took a long sigh to calm myself down, I may give you the answers.

This is the second time I repeat this matter, about the word “rape” - the fact that there’s nothing like “rape everywhere in ZoSanZo doujinshi”. To attack as a top isn’t the same as being a rapist. [Yes I admit there’re doujins that truly gave the rape scene but the amount of them isn’t  many]

So I will answer your question following the meaning of wanting to know a recommend doujin list which there’re not R18 scene or just slight R18. And since most of the dou I like (and remember) are ZoSanZo, I may not give you the list content other couple’s doujinshi.

These are just English scanlation.

Yamato & Haga Inochi (Circle Ichioku)

Nari [ROM-13]

[Hachimaru] Saruya Hachi’s


Leia a bíblia...

Quando estiver triste

Leia João 14; Salmo 46

Quando estiver preocupado

Leia Mateus 6:10-34

Quando estiver desanimado

Leia Salmo 91

Quando se sentir longe de Deus

Leia Salmo 139

Quando deseja paz e descanso

Leia Mateus 11:25-30

Quando estiver doente

Leia Tiago 5; Salmo 41

Quando estiver em perigo

Leia Lucas 8:22-25; Salmo 91

Quando os homens falham

Leia I Pedro 5:7; Salmo 23

Quando estiver com medo

Leia Mateus 6:25-34; 11: 28-30

Quando for tentado

Leia I Cor. 10:13; Isaías 40

Quando tiver cometido pecado

Leia I João 1:8-9; Hebreus 7:25

Quando se esquecer das bênçãos

Leia Salmo 103

Quando sua fé enfraquecer

Leia Hebreus 11

Quando precisar de coragem

Leia II Cor. 12-9

Quando deseja a felicidade

Leia Col. 3: 1-17

Quando sair para uma viagem

Leia Salmo 121

Quando sentir desejo de criticar

Leia I Cor. 13

Se ainda não é Salvo

Leia João 3:16; Mat. 10:32-33; 22:35-40; 25:31-46; Rom. 10:9-13; Efésios 2:8-9

reon28  asked:

Yuu-san, have you ever tried drawing ZoSan with Sanji being the top? Like, Zoro would get flustered and stuff even though his personality differs really high from Sanji? Could you please show an example even if you have or have not tried drawing them like that? ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

No I haven’t

the pattern above is just the very mighty bottom Sanji to me. When “thing” comes to the end Zoro will still be the top.

Long post below this cut.

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